Loncon II

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Loncon II was the 1965 Worldcon in London held August 27-30 at the Mount Royal Hotel. GoH: Brian W. Aldiss. Tom Boardman was toastmaster. It was chaired by Ella Parker.

1965 Hugo results, 1966 Site Selection results.

At the banquet, toastmaster Tom Boardman began proceedings by announcing successful splashdown of Gemini 5, to great applause. A St. Fantony ceremony was held and Harry Nadler, Tom Schlueck, Ted Carnell, Ken Bulmer, Ethel Lindsay, Tony Walsh, Ken Cheslin, Dick Eney, and Phil Rogers were inducted.

The bid was London in '65 (opposition was the Virgincon in '65 hoax bid and Syracuse in '65) which was selected at Pacificon in 1964. See 1965 Site Selection results

Read Fred Pohl's reminiscence of Loncon II and Rob Hansen's web page of Loncon II materials. See also a convention report in the September 1965 issue of Science-Fiction Times.

Video of GoH and Banquet speeches

See also British Worldcons.

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