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(Did you mean a New Zealand NatCon, British Unicon or a Maryland relaxicon)

Lexicon (so-called because it was first held in Lexington, MA) was NESFA's summer relaxacon started in 1972. (See Codclave for NESFA's winter relaxacon.) It was basically a weekend-long con suite held somewhere somewhat interesting. After NESFA bought a clubhouse and started meeting more frequently, interest in the summer outing waned.

# Dates Location "Compiler" Attendance
1 August 4-6, 1972 Sheraton Motor Inn, Lexington, MA Richard Harter 100
2 July 27-29, 1973 Yankee Drummer, Auburn, MA Steve Raskind 56
3 July 26-28, 1974 Holiday Inn, Framingham, MA John Houghton 46
4 August 29-32, 1975 Sheraton Springfield-West, Springfield, MA Mary Cole 44
5 July 30-32, 1976 Sheraton Springfield-West, Springfield, MA Kath Horne, Bill Carton 50
6 July 29-31, 1977 Treadway Inn, Chicopee, MA Kath Horne, Bill Carton 40
7 July 28-20, 1978 Radisson Ferncroft, Danvers, MA Chip Hitchcock 30-40
8 July 13-15, 1979 Colonial Inn, Northampton, MA Rick Katze 45?
9 July 17-19, 1981 Sheraton Rolling Green, Andover, MA Mike DiGenio 60
10 July 23-25, 1982 Marriott, Worcester, MA Skip Morris 108
11 July 15-17 1983 Marriott, Worcester, MA Sue Hammond 70
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Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to http://fancyclopedia.org