Leslie Turek

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(1946 —)

Leslie Turek discovered fandom in 1964 through MITSFS when she was at Radcliffe (her roommate was Cory Seidman, later Cory Panshin) and is primarily a convention and club fan, having been chairman of Noreascon Two and Boskone 6, was on the Chairman's Staff at Noreascon 3, and ran First Night at Noreascon 4.

She was Fan Guest of Honor at Sasquan, the 2015 Worldcon.

She won the Hugo for Best Fanzine in 1990 for The Mad 3 Party and was nominated for the Best Fan Writer Hugo, in 1988 and 1990.

She was also Art Show Director, for Boskone 10-12; Part of the Boston Massaquerade at Iguanacon II, headed the B'Austin Art Show at LoneStarCon 1. She typed the stencils for the first trial issue of Locus.

She was co-editor of The Twilight Zine 1966-67, editor of The Mad 3 Party (the planning fanzine for Noreascon 3 which won the 1990 Best Fanzine Hugo), 1987-89, editor of The Noreascon Proceedings in 1976 and editor of If I Ran the Zoo... Con, the Smofcon 3 game in 1987. She published the apazine Apical Dominance for The Secret Garden.

She was a founding member of NESFA and MCFI and a past member of MITSFS. She was a member of the NESFA Cavalry.


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Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to http://fancyclopedia.org