Laurie Mann

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Laurie has been part of online fandom since 1988 so she isn't afraid to use a kill file…

She's been in SF fandom since 1974, and is a con-running fan — she started working on cons in 1975. She's run small cons (Chococon, 1994, 14 people), chaired Smofcon 30 and Boskone 25, and worked on Worldcons and all sizes of cons in between, most frequently Boskone and Confluence. Currently, she's the Program division head for Sasquan, a job she also held (with her husband, Jim Mann) for Millennium Philcon. She was one of the editors of Mad 3 Party and organized FanHistoriCon 8. She is a member of NESFA, MCFI, FANAC, and PARSEC. On the darker side, at Nolacon II, she was responsible for the tradition that the upcoming Worldcon host the Hugo Loser's Party.

She maintains Awardweb, a listing of science fiction award nominees and winners and the Dead People Server, a database of death dates.

Fanzines, APAs and apazines include: Proper Boskonian (two issues), Stratus SF SIG NewsAPA NESFA, APALoosa, APA-Q, Minneapa, and SCAPA-FLOW.

She is married to fellow fan, Jim Mann.

See the article she wrote about Monty Wells and the NESFA Clubhouse: Everything I Learned About Buying and Renovating Buildings, I Learned from Monty Wells (IA) Website

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