LASFS Newsletter

The LASFS Newsletter was started by Bjo Trimble in 1960, and she edited it (with help from a couple of co-editors) through issue 10 in 1962. Not long after, Dian Girard took over through issue 17 in mid-1963. Redd Boggs then picked it up after a short hiatus and published three issues. Finally, Bill Blackbeard and then Ted Johnstone edited the last seven issues ending publication in 1965 when De Profundis replaced it.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 1960 editor is Bjo Trimble with co-editors
10 1962 Final Bjo Trimble-edited issue
17 mid-1973 Final Dian-Girard-edited issue
19 August 1963
21b December 1963
22 February 1964
23 April 1964
23a June 1964
24 July 1964
24a August 1964
V? #1 October 1964
V13 #7 October 1964
V5 #2 December 1964
V5 #3 February 1965

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