Lan's Lantern 16

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Lan's Lantern #16 was published by George Laskowski in August 1984.


from The Jargoon Pard Erin McKee front cover
Index of Artists 2
Table of contents 3
For Andre…from Lan George Laskowsky 4
Letter to Andre Norton from Joan D. Vinge Joan D. Vinge
Andre's Animals Rick Brooks 8
Letter Allen Trimpi 9
An Andre Norton Trivia Quiz David M. Shea 7
Andre Norton: Updates, additions and Corrections to Andre Norton: A Primary and Secondary Bibliography by Roger C. Schlobin Roger C. Schlobin 12
Bruno Bettelheim and Year of the Unicorn Rick Brooks 17
The Calendar and Chronology of Witch World David M. Shea 18
Andre Nortonā€˜s Word Spell Sally A. Syrjala 20
Growing in Wonder Sandra Miesel 21
Andre Norton: A Remarkable Writer David Palter 27
Andre Norton: Short Story Writer Don D'Ammassa 28
A Review of 'Ware Hawk Greg Hills 30
Andre Norton's Daybreak: 2250 A.D. in Perspective: A Novel of Doom and Disaster John Thiel 32
On Andre Norton Margaret Middleton 33
An ad for Rostirasa 33
The "Coming of Age" Theme in Selected Works of Andre Norton Carol Yoder 34
Andre Norton Bibliography Mark Owing 36
Blank page 40
Shadow Hawk Jon Pryor
"Thank You, Andre" Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Lee Pelton, Steve Bridge, Sandra Miesel, Roland Green, Frieda Murray 45
Back Cover from Plague Ship Paul Lambo 48

Paul Lambo: p.23, From The Crossroads of Time
back cover—from Plague Ship
Erin McKee: front cover: from Jargoon Pard
p. 11, from Moon of Three Rings
Sylvus Tarn: pp. 7, 16, 18, 27, 30, 43, from the Witch World series
John Thiel: p.32, from Daybreak: 2250 A.D.
R. Laurraine Tutihasi: p.39, from the Witch World Series
Mel White: p.4, Andre Norton herself p.28-~from "The Toads of Grimmerdale"

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