L.A.Con II

The 1984 Worldcon and fourth in L.A., L.A. Con II was held August 30 to September 3 at the Anaheim Hilton and Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. GoH: Gordon R. Dickson, FGoH: Dick Eney. The Toastmaster and MC positions were essentially equivalent, with Robert Bloch (Toastmaster) officiating at the Hugo Ceremony and Jerry Pournelle (Master of Ceremonies) at the Guest of Honor Speeches and Other Awards Ceremony. Co-chairmen: Craig Miller and Milt Stevens. As of 2010, LACon II was the largest Worldcon that has been held, having had almost 8400 members.

Bidders: LA in 1984, DC in '84, Kent in 1984, Ingolstadt in 1984. See 1984 Site Selection results.

1984 Hugo Results, 1986 Site Selection results.

One of the ironies of the convention was Registration. The convention advertised "No Lines — unless you really want them!" LAcon's registration was famously bad with lines which were not exceeded until ConFrancisco, a decade later.

Read Greg Thokar's L.A. Con II reminiscence.

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