Kteic Magazine

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Kteic Magazine was a fanzine and fapazine published by Bill Rotsler. It lasted until the early 80s, at least.

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Issue Date Pages Notes
13 April 1955 4
14 May 1955 12
27 September 1955
29 October 1955
30 1955 18
32 January 1956 10
33 1956 14 Single-sided
34 19 Single-sided
35 September 1957
100 October 1960 14 In FAPA 94
117 August 1964 Written in 1962, but not published until the ASugust 1964 FAPA mailing
118 June 1962
141 12
November 1975
October 1976
November 1976
May 1977
June 1977
January 1978
December 1978
April 1979
February 1980
March 1980
May 1981
July 1981
August 1981
November 1982
December 1982

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from Fancyclopedia 2 ca. 1959
(Rotsler) A letter-substitute patterned after the WO3W and various chain letters. First a multi-carboned read-and-pass-on job, later mimeoed. Burbee coined the expression "short-shot" to define it and separate it from the one-shot, but the imitations it provoked were more usually called letter-substitutes, and were circulated by people whose correspondence ran away from them. Kteic was thought a hoax by many — it was sent to a very limited and select group, Rotsler explains — and the cryptic comments of the Kteic Society (:all the people who received KM; "generally the BNFs and the more interesting fans:", says WR) built this mystification up. The title is from the greek kteis, the female equivalent of phallus.

Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to http://fancyclopedia.org