Ken Cheslin

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(October 21, 1936 — August 4, 2000)

Ken M. P. Cheslin was a British fan who was a member of the Stourbridge Circle, BSFA, and The Fellowship of the Ring. He was on the Brumcon committee and was a member of the Birmingham Science Fiction Group. He was made a Knight of St. Fantony at Loncon II.

He published The Adventures of Hemlock Soames (and Flotsam), ATom 2000, Childs Garden of Olaf, Les Spinge, Olaf Alternative, Outhouse, and Sally-Port. With John Berry, he published Fables of Irish Fandom. He published Envoy (for OMPA) and the first British Tolkien fanzine, Nazgul's Bane. He republished Vince Clarke's ATom: A Tribute, and also collected the Goon Defective Agency tales — by John Berry, Atom and others — in several volumes as The Bleary Eyes.

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