Karl Kofoed

(1942 —)

Kofoed is a genre illustrator and novelist, who sometimes works as Karl B Kofoed, probably best known for his Galactic Geographic series.

He received his formal art training at the Philadelphia College of Art, thereafter working as a technical illustrator for the aerospace industry before entering a career that embraced television (art director and scenic designer for two local stations), marketing, poster design, and promotional art direction.

His first cover for Asimov's Science Fiction came in June 1979; he has done several since, as well as some interior illustration.

In 1982 he illustrated the children's book Mr. Bill in Space (1982) by Walter Williams.

Of more direct relevance to the genre was his set of illustrations for S P Somtow's The Ultimate Mallworld (2000).

As a novelist, he has published Deep Ice (2003), Joko (2006) and Jupiter's Reef (2011).

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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