June Moffatt

June Konigsberg Moffatt is a LA-area fan who was the wife of Len Moffatt (married December 10, 1966) and with him was TAFF winner in 1973. Most of their offices, publications and accomplishments were joint.

She is a member of First Fandom. She has been on numerous LA-area convention committees. She is a member of LASFS and has been an officer, including president. She has been a member of SCIFI, The Petards, the DREGS of L.A. Fandom, the Burroughs Bibliophiles, the Blustering Gales of the SW and the Curious Collectors of Baker St. She was one of the founders of Bouchercon and chaired three of them.

She is also one of the current five members of CAPA — along with John L. Coker III, Barbara Harmon, Jon D. Swartz, and Ray Faraday Nelson — and contributes to CAPA's monthly 5X5 (June's Notes).

She co-edited The Moffatt House Abroad and The JDM Bibliophile and Moonshine with Len Moffatt. She is a member of FAPA (Moonshine), CAPA (June's Notes), APA-L (De Jueves), Spiane (with Len Moffatt and Rick Sneary), and DAPA-EM (Flash of Blue). She published JDM Bibliophile, JDM Master Checklist, Button-Tack -- the Rick Sneary Memorial Fanzine, and Edward D. Hoch Bibliography.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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