Julia Ecklar

A fan, filker, and professional writer who became active about 1980. Much of her singing was released by Off Centaur.

Julia wrote or co-authored many Star Trek novels. She and her co-authors wrote under the pseudonym L.A. Graf. Julia won the 1991 Campbell Award for Best New Writer.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

As a filk musician, she has won the following Pegasus Awards:

  • 1984 — Best Female Filker
  • 1987 — Best Performer
  • 1990 — Best Writer/Composer
  • 1990 — Best Literature Song, "Daddy's Little Girl"
  • 1991 — Best War/Vengeance Song, "Temper of Revenge"
  • 1992 — Best Filk Song, "God Lives on Terra"
  • 1997 — Best Sorcery Song, "The Dark is Rising" (with lyricist Susan Cooper)
  • 2004 — Best Classic Filk Song, "Ladyhawke!"
  • 2011 — Best Classic Filk Song, "The Phoenix"
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