Jon D. Swartz

(b: December 28, 1934)

A member of First Fandom, Jon David Swartz was president of the N3F in 2010 and 2011 and as of 2013 was the N3F Historian and serves on its Directorate. From 2003 until 2011 he was Book Review Editor for The National Fantasy Fan. He also serves (since 2002) as special features editor of First Fandom's publication Scientifiction: The First Fandom Report. He and John L. Coker, III, current president of First Fandom, edited the 2015 and 2016 First Fandom Membership Directories. Swartz edited the expanded 2017 Membership Directory. In addition, he and Coker wrote a series of biographies of original members of First Fandom for Scientifiction and a First Fandom Annual for 2016. First Fandom Annual 2017 currently is in the works.

His fanzine, The Ultraverse, has been longtime a member of the Carboniferous Amateur Press Alliance, (CAPA). His The E-Ultraverse e-zine appeared in the N'APA mailings from 2008 until 2011. When writing on psychological topics, he calls his fanzine Cognitive Dissonance. He was named to the Fan Contact position for the revived fanzine, Ionisphere (edited by John Thiel for N3F), in 2016. In 2018 N3F president George Phillies appointed him to the club's new 3-person Information Technology Committee, along with David Speakman and Jefferson Swycaffer.

His academic and non-fiction publications number more than 500, including 40+ books and monographs. His popular culture publications also number more than 500, giving him 1,000+ signed publications in his career. He has published three books on old-time radio (OTR), and several short stories featuring OTR characters.

His genre publications include Pseudonyms of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Authors, 2010 (N3F Fandbook No. 5); The Hugo Awards for Best Novel, 2013 (N3F Fandbook No. 6); The Nebula Awards for Best Novel, 2016 (N3F Fandbook No. 7); The Buck Rogers Big Little Books and Other Collectibles, 2013. He is a regular contributor of articles on science fiction and fantasy topics to The Big Little Times and Paperback Parade. He and Jim Harmon co-authored "On the Trail of Professor Proteus," a science fiction story set during World War II, in It's That Time Again 3 (2006), edited by Harmon. He and Harmon had corresponded since 1964, when both of them were named Charter Members of the Executive Board of the Academy of Comic-Book Fans and Collectors by Jerry Bails. When active in comic book fandom, Jon sometimes used the pseudonyms of A. Reader and David Black.

He has attended many local SF conventions/meetings; and he and his son Eric attended the 1997 Worldcon (LoneStarCon2) in San Antonio, Texas.

Genre Awards: Franson Award, 2004, 2007, 2017; Kaymar Award, 2010; First Fandom Sam Moskowitz Archive Award, 2017.

In addition, he wrote a profile of Sam Moskowitz that was included in the second edition of Hal Hall's bibliography/guide of the work of Moskowitz, published in 2017.

He got his Ph.D. in 1969 from the University of Texas at Austin and was Chief of Psychological Services at Central Counties Center for Mental Health-Mental Retardation until his retirement in 1999. Previously, he was Associate Dean for Libraries and Learning Resources at Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas, where he was also Brown Professor of Psychology and Education.

When he was on the faculty at The University of Texas, he was friends with Chad Oliver, who was on the faculty at the same time. He and Oliver were active at the time in the University's science fiction club, and arranged for science fiction writers such as Walter M. Miller, Jr., and Randall Garrett to speak to club members. Jon wrote an article about Oliver that was published in Paperback Parade #66 (September 2006 issue). Other articles for Paperback Parade have been on the works of such SF authors as Wilson (Bob) Tucker, George O. Smith, E. E. (Doc) Smith, Jim Harmon, Ron Goulart, Rog Phillips, and Neal Barrett, Jr.

He is currently writing a series of articles on "neglected" genre authors for The National Fantasy Fan. Authors remembered so far include E. F. Benson, Robert W. Chambers, Marjorie Bowen, D. K. Broster, Miles J. Breuer, Thorp McClusky, A. Clark Russell, J. D. Beresford, F. Marion Crawford, Don Wilcox, and David H. Keller, M.D. In preparation are articles on E. Hoffmann Price, Amelia Reynolds Long, and others.

A brief biography of Swartz appears in Scientifiction (New Series #53, 3rd Quarter, 2017), which also announces he is recipient of the 2017 Sam Moskowitz Archive Award.

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