John Trimble

Nicknamed Bjohn and husband of Bjo Trimble, John has helped her in almost all of her SF activities, including Project Art Show.

He is a member of SRPL, LASFS (and has served in offices), ISL, The Petards, the N3F, and the SCA. He chaired Westercon 23 and co-chaired Westercon 18. He helped found the Trans Oceanic Fan Fund, was a member of the PanPacificon Worldcon bid, and lived in the Fan Hilton. He worked on Equicon, chairing one.

He co-founded the LASFS clubzine, De Profundis and was one of the editors of Shangri-L'Affaires. He also edited To the Stars.

He published Procrastinator for OMPA and A Fanzine for FAPA, Amblesnyde & Tiddleycover R. R. Gazette, Amis, Melange, //The Newhon Review, Shipside, and Where Are All the Red Hot Shutter Bugs? for FAPA.

Other publications (some as co-editor) include The Caid Newsletter, Equal Time, Green and Golden Gryphon, Last of a Series Loyal Opposition, Psychopath, Slime, Space Write Now!, Where No Fan Has Gone Before.

Bruce Pelz published A Fanzine for Bjohn in his honor when he married Bjo.

Awards, Honors and GoHships: