John Purcell

(b. 1954)

John Anthony Purcell is a fanzine and convention fan originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. After discovering fandom at Minicon 7 in 1973, he became active in Minn-stf (the Minnesota Science Fiction Society, Inc.) and began publishing fanzines in 1976 with This House. Eventually he began writing for other fanzines, notably Rune, the Minn-stf clubzine, and This House ran for 15 issues, eventually ending in 1988 as part of an Ace-Doubled fanzine with his personal-zine, Bangweulu #6. Life basically derailed his fan career as of 1992: this is what happens sometimes when a fan gets married and has children. "A very dangerous situation," John noted in a LiveJournal entry in 2007.

Still, since 2003, he began publishing online fanzines, hosted at, with the key titles of In a Prior Lifetime (2003-2007), ...and Furthermore (2006-2007), and the current fanzine, Askance (since 2007), which has reached 34 issues as of November, 2015. A paper-only personalzine Askew was begun in early 2013 and is continuing publication.

A regular attendee at Minicon from 1973-1992, Purcell only managed to get to two World SF Conventions - MidAmeriCon (1976) and Iguanacon (1978) - before hosting the Fanzine Lounge at LoneStarCon 3, the 71st World SF Convention held in San Antonio, Texas on August 29-September2, 2013. This was his first WorldCon in 35 years (that's not too many), even though in 2006, he went to his first convention in 14 years, Aggiecon 36, the student-run sf convention held on the campus of Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, where John has lived since the summer of 2001. Married for 26 years to Valerie Purcell (nee Prochaska), they have three children and one grand-child.

He is the 2017 TAFF winner, travelling to Helsinki.