John Nielsen-Hall

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He says of himself on

"First made contact with Fandom via the BSFA and esp. Archie Mercer as a teenager in the 1960’s . Produced first fanzine Zine, in late sixties - two issues. More famously, hooked up with Roy Kettle and Greg Pickersgill and became part of Ratfandom. Made numerous appearances in various fanzines of the period, such as Fouler, Maya, Zimri. Was a dweller in the John Brunner’s commune of ill assorted folks in Hampstead, later married Julia Stone, a fan since the sixties with Mary Reed etc. Somewhere in this period also produced a fanzine called Legends, which may only have gone out on apa’s [it went out in ROMPA — can't remember anything about it. Fanac stopped by around 78, though remained in touch with Brunners, Mercers, Mary etc. Searched out by Greg Pickersgill in early 1990’s and joined fannish e-lists Wegenheim and InTheBar. Resumed Fanac in earnest after meeting many old timers at John Brosnan’s far-from-funereal drink up, May 2005."

He also published the perzine The Other Side of the Wood. He was chosen by acclamation at Corflu 31 to be Past President of the fwa.

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