John D. Berry

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(Are you looking for John Berry, the UK fan and member of Irish Fandom?)

John D. Berry is a Seattle fanzine fan. His first contact with fandom was in the 1960s. He was a founder of PenSFA and one of the founding members of the Vanguard party in Seattle. He was formerly a Fanoclasts member.

He edited Ave Caesar, Egoboo, Foolscap, Four Musketeers in Search of a Fan Fund, Gasworks, Hitchhike, Hot Shit (with Calvin Demmon), one issue of Ted White's Letters from Prison, Maverick, Satyr, Thirsty Boots, Unexploded Ordnance, Wing Window, Yankee's Revenge. He was one of the editors of The Gafiate's Intelligencer and of Void #29. He wrote the Club House column of fanzine review in Amazing from 1969-1972.

Along with Loren MacGregor, he edited and published the Pacific Northwest Review of Books in the late 70s.

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