Joe L. Hensley

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(1926—August 27, 2007)

Honest Joe was active in fandom from the 1930s, he published SF and mysteries under his own name and as Louis J. A. Adams. His first published novel was The Color of Hate, in 1960. Hensley was also a First Fandom Dinosaur and he received the First Fandom Hall of Fame Award in 2006. He published the fanzine Apollo in the mid-40s and attended Michicon 4.

In mundane life he was a lawyer, prosecuting attorney, member of the Indiana General Assembly, and circuit court judge. He was a long-time resident of Madison, Indiana, and died there of complications of leukemia. Because his probity was widely respected, he was chosen as the custodian of the Worldcon Emergency Fund when it was created in 1969.

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