Joan Lindsay

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(1896 — 1984)

Lady Joan à Beckett Lindsay was an Australian novelist, playwright, essayist, and artist.

Trained in her youth as a painter, Lindsay published her first literary work in 1936 under a pseudonym, a satirical novel titled Through Darkest Pondelayo.

In 1967, Lindsay published her most celebrated work, Picnic at Hanging Rock, a historical Gothic novel detailing the vanishing of three schoolgirls and their teacher at the site of a monolith. A film version was released in 1975.

The final chapter of this novel was removed prior to publication in accordance with the wishes of her editor. The Secret of Hanging Rock (1987), which published the final chapter of the original novel for the first time, includes commentary by Yvonne Rousseau, whose The Murders at Hanging Rock (1980) had offered several alternative and deliberately contradictory explanations of the mystery.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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