Jessica Amanda Salmonson

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(b. 1950)

Jessica Amanda Salmonson (né Amos Salmonson) is a fan poet, editor, and author of fantasy and horror fiction.

She published Mom's Home Made Apple Fanzine and Windhaven. She was an editor of Fantasy Macabre.

She is the author of the Tomoe Gozen trilogy, a fantasy version of the tale of the historical female samurai Tomoe Gozen. Her other novels include The Swordswoman; Ou Lu Khen and the Beautiful Madwoman; and a modern horror novel, Anthony Shriek, or Lovers of Another Realm.

She edited The Literary Magazine of Fantasy and Terror as Amos Salmonson. She also edited Windhaven.

Her short story collections include A Silver Thread of Madness; Mystic Women; John Collier and Fredric Brown Went Quarreling Through My Head; The Deep Museum: Ghost Stories of a Melancholic; and The Dark Tales.

Poetry collections include Horn of Tara and The Ghost Garden.

Her genre awards include a World Fantasy Award for Amazons! (best collection), 1980; a Lambda Literary Award for What Did Miss Darrington See? (lesbian SF/fantasy), 1989; and a Readercon Small Press Award (anthology) for What Did Miss Darrington See? (anthology), 1990.

In the 1970s, Jessica was active in fandom as Amos Salmonson, and wrote many locs to fanzines full of explicit details of her transgender process. She was one of the first transgender fans to come out publicly.

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