Jerry Pournelle

(b. 1933)

A fan and pro writer, and computer journalist with a PhD in political science. It his early years he worked in the aerospace industry before turning to writing SF and for the computer industry (he was a popular regular columnist for Byte). His many collaborations with Larry Niven, including such books as The Mote in God's Eye and Footfall may be his most enduring work. He is a long-time member of LASFS, was a regular contributor to Amra, and co-authored the fannish novel Fallen Angels with Larry Niven and Michael F. Flynn.

He won the 1973 Campbell Award, the first time it was awarded, beating out such tough competitors as George Alec Effinger and George R. R. Martin.

He has been nominated for seven Hugos: the 1973 Best Novella Hugo, the 1974 Best Novelette Hugo, the 1975 Best Novelette Hugo, the 1975 Best Novel Hugo, the 1976 Best Novelette Hugo, the 1978 Best Novel Hugo, and the 1986 Best Novel Hugo.

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