Jeff Duntemann

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(1952 —)

Duntemann is an American SF fan and author who began to publish genre work with the story, "Our Lady of the Endless Sky", in Nova 4 (1974), edited by Harry Harrison.

He was one of the organizers of General Technics in 1975 at Windycon II and was the first editor of its fanzine, PyroTechnics.

His Drumlin series, comprising "Drumlin Boiler (April, 2002, in Asimov's), "Drumlin Circus" (2011) and "On Gossamer Wings" (2011), follows the lives of several hundred passengers and the crew of a broken-down interstellar cruiser, which has been forced to land on an uninhabited planet. "Drumlin Circus" describes the life and crises of a traveling circus; in "On Gossamer Wings", a young girl has a talent for intuiting the inner processes of alien.

"The Cunning Blood" (2005) focuses on the uses to which Nanotechnology can be put by the Libertarian inmates of a prison planet.

His sister is SF fan Gretchen Roper.

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