Janice Gelb

US fan now living in Australia. Her first contact with fandom was at Suncon, the 1977 Worldcon. She was a member of ASFiC, helped found the Israel Science Fiction Association, was a founding member of the Filk Foundation, was a member of LASFS, and is a member of MCFI.

Her convention work is mostly in program-related areas, including Program Ops (which she has run for eight Worldcons) and the Hugo Ceremony (which she ran for LAcon IV). She is professionally a technical editor, and has also served as proofreader and copy editor for many convention publications.

She was the 1999 DUFF winner, publishing Janice's Adventures in Down-Underland as her trip report.

She is a self-proclaimed apahack, having published Neo, and Verities and Balderdash for Myriad, Wide-Eyed in Babylon for APA-69, The Transplanted Atlantan, Calculated Tedium, and Calculated Tedium II for LASFAPA, Vu Ja De for FAPA, and The Bronze Armadillo Alarm Clock, Winter Wanderings, and Trivial Pursuits for SFPA (ongoing).

She has grew up in Miami Beach and has lived in Atlanta, Israel, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay Area, and now lives in Melbourne with her husband, Stephen Boucher.


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