It's Eney's Fault!

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(1) A Catchphrase

Dick Eney himself says in Fancyclopedia 2:

from Fancyclopedia 2 ca. 1959
Masthead-notation of Operation Crifanac publications, adopted in reaction against fans who urged everyone to identify himself in his fanzine with name rank and serial number and address in full. Bloch has protested the phrase as incorrect, offering a more truthful form: "It's Eney's Parents' Fault."

(Operation Crifanac was Eney's own publishing house.)

But other people report that "It's Eney's Fault!" referred to Fancy 2 itself — in spite of its excellence (or perhaps because of it), fans found fault with what was said or unsaid, included or left out. The only answer was "It's Eney's Fault!"

(2) A Fapazine by Dick Eney.

A fapazine published by Dick Eney.

Issue Date FAPA mailing Pages Notes
Q1 2004 266

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