The 2005 Worldcon held August 4-8 at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC), the Glasgow Moat House Hotel, and the Hilton Glasgow. GoHs: Christopher Priest, Robert Sheckley, Jane Yolen. Robert Sheckley was unable to attend. FGoHs: Greg Pickersgill and Lars-Olov Strandberg. Co-chairmen: Vincent Docherty and Colin Harris.

Interaction was also the 2005 Eurocon. Initially Vince Docherty was Chairman with Colin Harris and Paul Treadaway as co-Vice Chairmen. Subsequently, Harris moved to Co-Chairman, and Treadaway moved to Deputy Chairman. KIM Campbell was Board convenor of Interaction until her death in Nov 2003.

YAFA run by James Shields and James Bacon was especially innovative.

Bidders: Glasgow in 2005. See 2005 Site Selection results.

2005 Hugo results (There was no Site Selection conducted by Interaction because of the change from a 3-year lead time to a 2-year lead time.)

Also known as Interthingy 2.

See also British Worldcons,

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