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The listed names have been checked against the Fancy 3 or Fanac preferred names lists have been replaced by a preferred name when appropriate. Redirected names will be indicated by an asterisk (*).

The Fancy 3 preferred name list is populated by compiling the redirect entries on the site.

Each name will include a link to either the first page that linked to it or the first page that mentions that name.

The name(s) to the right of the first hit page may be other versions of the person's name and that name should be considered for a redirect. There are currently 1,471 such names.

Total names: 11,365; Personal pages: 1,380; Linked names: 9,620; Just mentioned: 1,745;  Redirected names: 751


Cat Faber; Capricon 27
Stephen Fabian *; 1970 Best Fan Artist Hugo
Marty Coady Fabish; Capricon 4
Tony Fabris; DucKon 18
Don Fabun; Rhodomagnetic Digest
Connie Faddis; Spanish Inquisition; Connie Reich Faddis
Connie Reich Faddis; Energumen; Connie Faddis
Scott Fader; Boxboro Fandom Writeup
Clifton Fadiman; John Collier
Matt Faezell; No Sex
Tom Fagan; Xero
William Fagan; Riverside Quarterly
Danny Fahey; Dragonfall Press
Steve Fahnestalk; Orycon '81; Steve U. Fahnestalk
Steve U. Fahnestalk; Rustycon 2; Steve Fahnestalk
Kenneth Faig; FAPA; Kenneth W. Faig Jr.
Kenneth W. Faig Jr.; Nyctalops; Kenneth Faig
Djinn Faine; Gordon R. Dickson
Simon Fairbourn; Quinze Filk Festival
Paul W. Fairman; Amazing Stories
Tina Fairman; InCon '90
Nicholas Falasca; Sam Moskowitz's Clevention Reminiscence; Nick Falasca
Nick Falasca; Cleveland in '55; Nicholas Falasca
Nora Falasca; Midwestcon 8
Dan Falk; SFContario
Louis Fallert *; Blue's Apa
Jennifer Fallon; Conflux
Michael Fallon; 1995 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Hampton Fancher; 1983 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Jane Fancher; Incon
Bibliographica Futurica Fantastica
Premios Gilgames de Narrativa Fantastica; Gilgames Award
Lionel Fanthorpe; ArmadaCon
R. Lionel Fanthorpe; 1959 Hugo Results; Robert Lionel Fanthorpe
Robert Lionel Fanthorpe; Orycon; R. Lionel Fanthorpe
Gary Farber; Corflu 5
Sharon N. Farber; 1994 Best Fan Writer Hugo
Nic Farey; All Jacq'd Up
Ralph Milne Farley; Argosy
Dale Farmer; Noreascon 3 Committee
Graeme Farmer; Continuum 2
Nancy Farmer; Ambulatory ConFusion
Philip José Farmer *; 1953 Best New SF Author or Artist Hugo
Tessa Farmer; World Fantasy Convention 2013
Harold S. Farness; Fantasy Fan, The
Bob Farnham; Chigger Patch of Fandom, The
Bruce Farr; 17th World Fantasy Convention
Kim Farr; TusCon
Lea Farr; Bruce Farr
Russell B. Farr; A. Bertram Chandler Award
Randy Farran; ConCertino
Tish Farrell; DucKon 16
Mike Farren
John Farris; 1992 World Fantasy Convention
Larry Farsace *; Golden Atom
Larry Farsaci *; Falling Petals
Howard Fast; Julius Fast; Howard Melvin Fast
Howard Melvin Fast; Howard Fast
Julius Fast; Howard Fast
Steve Fastner; Arcana 36
Lolita Fatjo; Con-Dor 5
Richard Faulder; Enigma
Rory Faulkner; Knights of St Fantony
Doug Faunt; Noreascon 3 Committee
Valerie Fausone; St Petersburg Gazette and Dawson's Landing Herald
Frederick Faust; A. Merritt's Fantasy Magazine
Jack Faust; 1998 Best Novel Hugo
Jon Favreau; 2009 Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Hugo
Richard Fawcet; Fantasy Macabre
Bill Fawcett *; Capricon 26
Wilford Fawcett; Minnesota Fantasy Award
Shannon Fay; James White Award
Jules Remedios Faye; Fantasy Macabre
John Russell Fearn; Mancon 1
Daniel Fears; InCon 2000
Theresa Fears; InCon '95
Jocelyn Feaster; No Sex
Moshe Feder; 2011 Best Editor Long Form Hugo
Ferdinand Feghoot; ConJose
Gerald Feinberg; Lunacon
Jessica Feinberg; TusCon
David Feintuch; 1995 Campbell Award
Raymond Feist; DeepSouthCon; Raymond E. Feist
Raymond E. Feist; 16th World Fantasy Convention; Raymond Feist
B. Joseph Fekete; Cleveland in '66; B. Joseph Fekete Jr.
B. Joseph Fekete Jr.; Cult, The; B. Joseph Fekete
Harold Feld; Contata 2005
Gary Feldbaum; Noreascon 3 Committee; Gary Keith Feldbaum
Gary Keith Feldbaum; Gary Feldbaum
Carrie Feldhaus; MidSouthCon 29
Bruce Feldman; Tropicon VI
Scott Feldman; QSFL
Cynthia Felice; 1979 Campbell Award
Chris Felknor; ConQuesT
Laurie Felknor; ConQuesT
Frederick Fell; Hydracon
Anita Feller; Con*Stellation
Tom Feller; Big D in '73
Jaine Fenn; Bristol-Con
Arnie Fenner *; 1995 Best Non Fiction Book Hugo
Cathy Fenner; 1998 Best Non Fiction Book Hugo; Cathy Burnett Fenner
Cathy Burnett Fenner; ; Cathy Fenner
George Fergus; Mythologies
Mark Fergus; 2007 Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Hugo
Clay Ferguson Jr; Fantasy Fan, The
Larry Ferguson; 1993 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Marianne Ferguson; Fantasy Fan, The
Roy Ferguson; Swancon
Tom Ferguson; TommyWorld
Tommy Ferguson; Götterdämmerung
Edward Ferman; Edward L. Ferman; Edward Lewis Ferman
Edward L. Ferman *; 1967 Best Professional Magazine Hugo; Edward Ferman
Edward Lewis Ferman; Edward L. Ferman; Edward Ferman
Joseph Ferman; Edward L. Ferman; Joseph W. Ferman
Joseph W. Ferman; 1966 Best Professional Magazine Hugo; Joseph Ferman
John Russell Fern; Light
Mike Fern; Report to Science Fiction Fandom: The Cosmic Circle
John Ferrari; Stranger Club, The
Mark Ferrari; Bubonicon; Mark J. Ferrari
Mark J. Ferrari; Dreamcon 4; Mark Ferrari
John Ferraro; DucKon VII
Rich Ferree; Noreascon 3 Committee
Jose Ferrer; Cry of the Nameless
Bill The Galactic Fesselmeyer *; Brass Cannon, The
Sherry Fesselmeyer; Bill "The Galactic" Fesselmeyer
William Henry Fesselmeyer; Bill "The Galactic" Fesselmeyer
Steve Fetheroff; Disclave 36
Richard Feynman; Minicon 23
Jasper Fforde; ArmadaCon
Leslie Fiedler; Philip Jose Farmer
Gans T. Field; Manly Wade Wellman
Karen Lee Field; Kayelle Press
George W. Fields *; Walt Willis
Peter Allan Fields; 1993 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Luc Fierens; Farrago
Payne Fifeild; Rustycon 18
Craig Figley; Rustycon 15
Katie Filipowicz; Noreascon 3 Committee
Van der Filk; British Filk Convention
Andrew Finch; 2012 Best Fancast Hugo
Brian Finch; Riverina Conference
Sheila Finch; Balticon
Shelia Finch; Balticon 26
David Fincher; 1993 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Jan Howard Finder; 1969 Conference on Middle Earth
Colin Fine; Faircon '82
Mark Fingerman; Hank Reinhardt Fan Award
Carl Fink; LI-CON 1
Sally C. Fink; Johnstown in 1983
Beth Finkbiner; Incon
Mike Finkbiner; MisCon
Ed Finkelstein; Loscon 3
Charles Coleman Finlay; 2003 Best Novella Hugo
Lail Finlay; 2014 World Fantasy Convention
Virgil Finlay *; 1939 Retro Hugo Results
Charles G. Finney; 1965 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Jack Finney; 1979 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Konrad Fiolkowsky; SfanCon
Eva Firestone; Kaymar Award
Chuck Firment; ConFusion (Ann Arbor)
Bill Fischer; Askance
Dennis Fischer; To The Stars
Harry Otto Fischer; Fafhrd
Scott M. Fischer; Gaughan Award
Laura Jean Fish; Minicon 37
Leslie Fish; Albacon 2003
Bill Fisher; Noreascon 3 Committee
Catherine Fisher; FantasyCon
Jason E. Fisher; Ray Fisher
Joyce M. Fisher *; Odd
Lloyd Fisher; Canberra Science Fiction Conference
Naomi Fisher; 2001
Ray Fisher *; 1968 Best Fanzine Hugo
Terence Fisher; 1959 Best SF or Fantasy Movie Hugo
Elizabeth Fishman; 1971 Best Fan Writer Hugo
J. Fiske; Yngvi
Don Fitch; Best Lines
Peter Fitting; Secondary Universe IV
Elizabeth Fitzgerald; CSFG Publishing
F. Scott Fitzgerald; Arcana 41
Francis James Fitzgerald; Warren Fitzgerald
James Fitzgerald; Carl Brandon Society
Marijke Fitzgerald; Under Magellanic Clouds
Warren Fitzgerald; Allen Glasser's History of The Scienceers; Warren Scott Fitzgerald
Warren Scott Fitzgerald; Warren Fitzgerald
Jim Fitzpatrick; FantasyCon
K. T. FitzSimmons; Noreascon 3 Committee
Grant Fjermedal; Fantasy Macabre
Francis Flagg; Fantasy Publishing Company, Inc.
Graeme Flanagan; Cinecon
Gus Flassig; General Technics
Johan-Martijn Flaton; BeneluxCon
Beth Fleischer; Windycon XVI
Halla Fleischer; Balticon
Richard Fleischer; 1967 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Martin Fleischman; Cult, The
Paul Fleishman; DucKon 1
Hugh Fleming; Obies
Stuart Fleming; Damon Knight
Thomas Fleming; Trinoc*coN; Tom Fleming
Tom Fleming; DeepSouthCon; Thomas Fleming
Ron Fleshman; Eshm
Jo Fletcher; 14th World Fantasy Convention
Ken Fletcher; 1979
Paul Fleur; Frederik Pohl
Lynn Flewelling; Australian Natcon
Dick Flinchbaugh; Granfalloon; Richard Flinchbaugh
Richard Flinchbaugh; Yandro; Dick Flinchbaugh
Homer Eon Flindt; Homer Eon Flint
Denny Martin Flinn; 1992 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
John Flinn; 1996 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Eric Flint; 1632 Minicon
Homer Eon Flint; Austin Hall
Dirk Flinthart; Agog! Press
Les Flood; Fantasy Book Centre
Leslie Flood; International Fantasy Award
George Florance-Guthridge; 1982 Best Short Story Hugo
Art Flores; No Sex
Barbara Floyd; Riverside Quarterly
Ralph Fluette; Fanzine
C. T. Fluhr; ISFiC Writers Contest
Danny Flynn; Concourse
George Flynn; APA:NESFA
John L. Flynn; 2002 Best Fan Writer Hugo
Michael F. Flynn *; 1987 Best Novella Hugo
Carol Flynt; DucKon III
Clif Flynt; Bill Roper; Cliff Flynt
Cliff Flynt; ChambanaCon; Clif Flynt
Kaja Foglio *; 2011 Best Graphic Story Hugo
Kaya Foglio; WindyCon 36
Otlie Foglio; Capricon 3
Phil Foglio; 1976 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
David Foley; Metrocon 1
Jerry Foley; No Sex
Betty Gough Folsom; Nelson Bond
Edmund Fong; 2002 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Terry Fong; DUFF
Karen Wynn Fonstad; Cartographic Romance
D. C. Fontana; 1988 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Oz Fontecchio; Albacon 2003
Charles L. Fontenay *; 24 and Moore
Mirta Forato; LASFS
Bob Forbes; 1951 International
Carl Ford; Icarus Award
Charles Ford; Mount to the Stars
Christopher J. Ford; Albacon 2002
Don Ford *; 1949 Site Selection Results
Donald Ford; Cincy Report, The
Franklin Ford; Feuds
Garrett Ford; Fantasy Publishing Company, Inc.
Gerald Ford; Fred Pohl's Midamericon Reminiscence
Jeffrey Ford; 2003 Best Short Story Hugo
John B. Ford; E'ch Pi El
John M. Ford; 25th World Fantasy Convention
Margaret Ford; Juanita Coulson's Reminiscence of Fandom in 1953
Nancy Ford; World Fantasy Convention 1996
Paul F. Ford; Mythopoeic Awards
Phil Ford; 2010 Best Dramatic Presentation Short Form Hugo
Pat Forde; 2003 Best Novella Hugo
Flavor Forecast; Leah Zeldes Smith
Michael Foreman; 14th World Fantasy Convention
Myrtle Forest; Mirta Forsto
Sean Forestal; 1971 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Lee Forgue; Westerchron
Aileen Forman; Corflu 21
Ken Forman; APA-V
Wolf Forrest; TusCon
Jörgen Forsberg; Imagicon 2
William Forstchen; Tropicon VI
Mirta Forsto; Ackermanese
Kate Forsyth; Conflux
Ted Forsyth; Topee or Not Topee
Charles Fort; Basic Stfantasy Library
Charles L. Fortenay *; DucKon VI
Joe J. Fortier *; 1942 Site Selection Results
Joseph J. Fortier; Timebinder, The
Ron Fortier; Diversifier
Steve Forty; Orycon
Dr. Robert Forward; Orycon; Robert L. Forward
Robert L. Forward *; 1981 Campbell Award; Dr. Robert Forward
Chris Foss; Loncon 3
Jace Foss; Noreascon 3 Committee
Richard Foss; Loscon Sixteen
Rick Foss; Noreascon 3 Committee
Wolf Foss; Richard Foss
Alan Dean Foster; 1980 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Allan Dean Foster; Minicon 9
Bob Foster; Sludge; Robert Foster
Brad Foster *; 1984 Best Fan Artist Hugo
Cindy Foster; TAFF
Dan Foster; Tropicon XVI
David Foster; TusCon
Ed Foster; Portland Science Fiction Society
Eugie Foster; 2010 Best Novelette Hugo
George Foster; Granfalloon
Hal Foster; Sam Moskowitz' Pittcon Reminiscence
John R. Foster; Westercon 48
M. A. Foster; 1976 Campbell Award; Michael Foster
Michael Foster; Dragonfall Press; M. A. Foster
Robert Foster; Mirage Press; Bob Foster
Tom Foster; Boonfark
Amanda Foubister; Ad Astra 2004
Mitch Foust; MidSouthCon 7
Chris Fowler; Nexus
Christopher Fowler; FantasyCon
Karen Joy Fowler; 1986 Campbell Award
Terry Fowler; Westercon 44
Tom Fowler; CAN*CON 2012
Greg Fowlkes; Resurrected Press
Alex Fox; ArmadaCon
Dave Fox; Khorlia
Susan Fox-Davis; Susan Fox
Diana Fox; DucKon 18
Elizabeth Fox; Intercourse
George R. Fox; Philcon I Membership List
Janet Fox; Energumen
Randy Fox; History of Concave
Rose Fox; Some Fantastic
Stephen Fox; No Sex; Steve Fox
Steve Fox; 1985 Best Fan Artist Hugo; Stephen Fox
Steven Fox; No Sex
Susan Fox; Aquacon
John Foyster; 1979
Barbara Fradkin; When Words Collide 2013
Leanne Frahm; Australian Natcon
Jonathan Frakes; 1997 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Anne Francis; Minicon 7
Bill Francis; DSC 34
Cheryl Francis; Stringworld
John Francis; Nepenthe
Steve Francis; 2008
Sue Francis; 2008
Jeff Frane; 7th World Fantasy Convention
Howard Frank; Frank Collection
Jane Frank; 2002 Best Related Book Hugo
Jann Frank; Ash-Wing
Mike Frank; Evans Freehafer Trophy
Richard Frank; Philcon I Membership List
Scott Frank; 2003 Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Hugo
Herbert Franke; Elliot Shorter; Herbert W. Franke
Herbert W. Franke; Heicon '70; Herbert Franke
Jackie Franke; ChambanaCon 5
W. Franke; BeneluxCon
John Frankenheimer; 1960 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Ellen Franklin; B'Austin Art Show
H. Bruce Franklin; Pilgrim Award; Howard Bruce Franklin
Howard Bruce Franklin; H. Bruce Franklin
Michael Franklin; 1983 Best Non Fiction Book Hugo
Leo Frankowski; 1987 Campbell Award
Robert Franks; Disused Yeti, The
Leander Frankus; Gorgon, The
Donald Franson *; Bibliography; Donald R. Franson
Donald R. Franson; Hugo, Nebula and World Fantasy Awards, The; Donald Franson
Robert W. Franson; Franson's
J. P. Frantz; 2012 Best Fancast Hugo
Hugh Fraser; Ann von Rabe
Vaughn Fraser; V-Con 8
D. Douglas Fratz; 1980 Best Fanzine Hugo; Doug Fratz
Doug Fratz; Crifanac; D. Douglas Fratz
James Frawley; 1980 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Tim Frayser; Conestoga 8
Frank Frazetta; 1964 Best Professional Artist Hugo
Robert Frazier; Fantastic Universe Science Fiction
Frank Kelly Freas *; 13th World Fantasy Convention
Laura Freas; Frank Kelly Freas; Laura Brodian Freas
Laura Brodian Freas; Balticon; Laura Freas
Polly Freas; Capture, The
Poly Freas; Frank Kelly Freas
Stan Freberg; Propeller Beanie
Guy Frechette; Balticon 26
Daron Fredericks; InCon '94
Deby Fredericks; Rustycon 21
Scott Fredericks; Redemption
Fred Frederickson; Canberra Science Fiction Conference
Carl Fredrick; Eeriecon
Carlton Fredrick; Engram
Bruce A. Fredstrom; Dreegh
Alison Freebairn; FAAN Awards
Paul Freehafer; Evans Freehafer Trophy
Colin Freeman; Scribble
Jay Freeman; Titanicon in 2012
Keith Freeman; Knights of St Fantony; Keith H. Freeman
Keith H. Freeman; Doc Weir Award; Keith Freeman
Nancy Freeman; LepreCon; Nancy Louise Freeman
Nancy Louise Freeman; ConCertino; Nancy Freeman
Richard Freeman; ArmadaCon
William L. Freeman; Inside
Dave Freer; 2012 Site Selection Results
Giovanna Fregni; Noreascon 3 Committee
Fred Freiberger; 1954 Best Dramatic Presentation Short Form Retro Hugo
Lisa C. Freitag; Contact
Yves Frémion; SfanCon
Pam Fremon; Boskone 39
Jackie French; Conflux
Jim French; Disclave 22
Paul French; Pen Name
James Frenkel; Conflux; Jim Frenkel
Jim Frenkel; Joan D. Vinge; James Frenkel
Charles Freudenthal; Journal of Science Fiction, The
Cynthia Williams Freund; Breckenridge in '85
Jim Freund; Breckenridge in '85
Dale Frey; Movies
J. M. Frey; CAN*CON 2011
Warren Frey; Westercon 66
Erick Freyor; Pen Name
Doug Friauf; Minicon 41
Chuck Friedenthal; Colorado Fantasy Society
Beth Friedman; Filksong Books
C. S. Friedman; 1988 Campbell Award
Dean Friedman; Lunacon
Philip R. Friedman
Richard Friedman; APA-NYU
Ronald Friedman; Universal Musketeers
Stanton Friedman; MidSouthCon 27
Meade Frierson; Atention 77; Meade Frierson II
Meade Frierson II; Balticon 11; Meade Frierson
Penny Frierson; Brian Bond
Esther Friesner *; 1996 Best Short Story Hugo
Ingrid Fritsch; Musquite Kid Rides Again, The
Ingrid Fritzach; Purple Pastures, The
Phil Froeder; Philcon I Membership List
Anne Froelick; 1939 Retro Hugo Results
Danny Frolich; DeepSouthCon 37
Dany Frolich; No Con
Nils Helmer Frome; Fanzine Fanac Awards Society
Abigail Frost *; 1993
Abigale Frost; Chicken Bones
Gregory Frost; 2003 Best Novelette Hugo
Terry Frost; 1988
Brian Froud; 1983 Best Non Fiction Book Hugo
Toby Froud; Convolution
Wendy Froud; Convolution
Alderson Fry; Roger Sims' Aussiecon Reminiscence
Susan Fry; 2001 Best Semiprozine Hugo
Jim Fuerstenberg; General Technics
James Fulbright; Singularity Effect, The
Tera Fulbright; Singularity Effect, The
Nancy Fulda; 2012 Best Short Story Hugo
James Fulkerson; Nashville, TN
Jude Fulkerson; Diversifier
Bryan Fuller; 2008 Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Hugo
Curtis Fuller; Fate Magazine
Frederick Fuller; Noreascon 3 Committee
Page Fuller; Orycon 16
Richard Fuller; Some Fantastic
Thomas Fuller; Hank Reinhardt Fan Award
Deb Fulton; Pulp Vault
Ben Fulves; Looking Glass, The
William Fulwiler; No Sex
Bill Funk; Cinvention Committee
A. L. Furman; John Collier
Stephen Furst; LepreCon



Diana Gabaldon; Conestoga
Helmut Gabriel; Stucon 1
Sayata Gabriel; VConversation
Christine Gaca; Elanor
Gwen Gades; Dragon Moon Press
Leah Dillon Gadzikowski
Paul Gadzikowski; Leah Dillon Gadzikowski
Timothy Gaffney; DucKon VI
Sam Gafford; Strange Lands: A Guide to The Worlds of H. P. Lovecraft
Yuri Gagarin; 1961
William Gagliani; Darrell Awards
Dean Gahlon; WOOF
Gil Gaier; Guying Gyre
Otto Willi Gail; Emblems
Neil Gaiman; 1993 World Fantasy Convention
Betty Gaines
Bob Gaines; Cosign
Wm Gaines; Mad
Chris Gajewski; Ookla the Mok
Bob Gale; 1986 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Colin Gale; Alien Profile
Scovil Chichak Galen; Shawna McCarthy
Steve A. Gallacci *; Dreamcon 9
Diana G. Gallagher; GAFilk
Fred Gallagher; Australian Natcon
Stephen Gallagher; FantasyCon
Dave Gallaher; ; David Gallaher
David Gallaher; World Fantasy Convention 2009; Dave Gallaher
Randy Gallegos; Lunacon 2014
Georges Gallet; Big Heart Award
Irene Gallo; Boskone 46
Joan Galloway; TASFIC Program
Raymond Z. Gallun; Conrad H. Ruppert
Raymond Zinke Gallun; Raymond Z. Gallun
Daniel F. Galouye *; 1962 Best Novel Hugo
Ed Galvin; Boston Science Fiction Society
Paul Galvin; Boskone 4
Jackie Gamber; Darrell Awards
W. Paul Ganley; Eerie Country
Charles E. Gannon; Balticon
Lois Gantschar; Decomposers, The
Gordon Garb; Bubonicon 16
Rich Garber; Con*Stellation V: Andromeda
Greta Garbo; Fanotchka
Ray Garcia-Capella; Amra
Christopher J. Garcia *; 2007 Best Fan Writer Hugo
Dave Garcia; No Sex
Luis Garcia; Ookla the Mok
Mike Garcia; Nyctalops
A. W. Gardner; Midvention
Bruce Gardner; FOSFAX
Craig Shaw Gardner; Chattacon
Dr. Tom Gardner; Hydracon; Thomas S. Gardner; Thomas Gardner; Tom Gardner
Erle Stanley Gardner; Argosy
James Alan Gardner; 1998 Best Novelette Hugo
Stan Gardner; Coveted Balrog Award
Thomas Gardner; Philcon I Program; Dr. Tom Gardner; Thomas S. Gardner
Thomas S. Gardner; 1938 Philadelphia Conference; Dr. Tom Gardner; Thomas Gardner
Thos. S. Gardner; ESFA
Tom Gardner; Stranger Club, The; Dr. Tom Gardner; Thomas S. Gardner; Thomas Gardner
Terry A. Garey; Windycon V
Richard Garfinkle; 1997 Campbell Award
Catherine Wilson Gargill; Noreascon 3 Committee
Cathy Gargill; Noreascon 3 Committee
Jonathan Gargill; Noreascon 3 Committee
Shaenon K. Garity; Capricon 25
Alex Garland; 2004 Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Hugo
Linda Garland; ArmadaCon
Roger Garland; ArmadaCon
Alan Garner; 7th World Fantasy Convention
Denise Garner; Demicon
John Garner; Demicon
Louis E. Garner; Quanta; Louis E. Garner Jr.
Louis E. Garner Jr.; Bob Briggs; Louis E. Garner
David S. Garnett; 1987 Best Short Story Hugo
Jon Garrad; ArmadaCon
Michael Garrells; Westercon 38
Michael Garrels; Westercon 34
Alison Garrett; Baycon
Randall Garrett *; 1960 Best Novel Hugo
Joan Garrison; Diversifier
Lisa Garrison-Ragsdale; ConFusion (Ann Arbor)
Richard Garrison; DeepSouthCon 16
Shaenon K. Garrity *; MileHiCon 35
Elizabeth Garrott; 1996 Best Fanzine Hugo
Lee Garvin; RavenCon
Terry Gary; Mainstream
Marc Gascoigne; Australian Natcon
Jane Gaskell; Beccon
Kyle Gass; Marcon 47
Kylie Gass; Marcon
Sam Gastfriend; DeepSouthCon 12
Bill Gates; Josepha Sherman
Tim Gatewood; Kaymar Award
Mark Gatiss; FantasyCon
Jack Gaughan; 1951 Best Fan Artist Retro Hugo
Jackie Gaughan; Corflu 12
Jack Gaughn; Kubla-Khan / Parthecon
Bob Gaulin; Philcon I Membership List
Anne Gay; Hypotheticon
John F. Gay; Philcon I Membership List
Melissa Gay; Con*Stellation
Bobby Gear; 1986 Best Fanzine Hugo
Marty Gear; Balticon
Michael Gear; Chattacon
Barry Gehm; DucKon II
Earl Geier; No Sex
Richard E. Geis *; 1927
Deb Geisler; Boskone 36
Janice Gelb; 1999
Jerry Gelb; ConQuesT 40
Van Gelder; Edward L. Ferman
Larry Gelfand; Noreascon 3 Committee
Randy Gellegos; Lunacon
Stephen Geller; 1973 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Rick Gellman; Imagination Unlimited
Woody Gelman; 1997 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Mark Gelotte; Nyctalops
Peggy Gemignani; Tropicon V
Peggy Gemingnani; Tropicon VI
David Gemmell; Novacon 26
Ron Gemmell; Eat That Duck
Bill Gemmil; Alberta Science Fiction Society
Jonathan Gems; 1997 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Morgan Gendel; 1993 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Kitty Genovese; Subway Incident
Megan Gentry; Noreascon 3 Committee
David George; V-Con III
King George; Convention
L. T. George; Purple Dawn, The
Peter George; 1965 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Michael Georges; MileHiCon
Steve Geppi; Balticon 45
Bill Geradts; New Zealand NatCon
Mark Geraghty; Captain's Log, The
Gil Gerard; WindyCon 32
Barbara Geraud; Johnstown in 1983
Les Gerber; Cry of the Nameless
Robert Gerber; New York in 1989
Nan Gerding; Blitzkrieg
Thomas Gerding; Nandu
Eric Gerds; ConChord 1
John L. Gergen *; MFS
Judy Gerjuoy
Steve Gerlach; Tasmaniac Publications
Stephen Germaine; Superman
Ann Germann; Riverside Quarterly
Hugo Gernsback; 1929
Martin Gero; 2007 Best Dramatic Presentation Short Form Hugo
Clyde Geronimi; 1951 Best Dramatic Presentation Retro Hugo
Rob Gerrand; Norstrilia Press
David Gerrold; 1968 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Dan Gerson; 2002 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Sydney Gerson; ISA
Virginia Doris Gerstenfeld; Virginia Heinlein
Lisa Getto; MidSouthCon 18
David Getz; DucKon VII
Nick Gevers; Christopher Priest
Joe Giacoio; Contata
Bob Giadrosich; Con*Stellation
Donato Giancola; 1999 Best Professional Artist Hugo
Gary Gianni; World Fantasy Convention 2006
H. Gibbens; Australian Science Fiction Media Awards
Dave Gibbons; 1988 Best Other Forms Hugo
Clifton E. Gibbs; DeepSouthCon
David Gibbs; ConFusion (Ann Arbor)
Pat Gibbs; DeepSouthCon 51
Albert J. Gibner; Argosy
Bill Gibson; Amor; William Ford Gibson; William Gibson
Bob Gibson; Alberta Science Fiction Society; Robert W. Gibson
Carol Gibson; Noreascon 3 Committee
Charles Dana Gibson; Robert W Chambers
Dave Gibson; Fantasy Centre
Graeme Gibson; Margaret Atwood
Jay Gibson; Snapzines
Joe Gibson; 1946 Best Fan Artist Retro Hugo
Robert W. Gibson; Light; Bob Gibson
Roberta Gibson; G2
Walter Gibson; Classicon
William Gibson; 1985 Best Novel Hugo; Bill Gibson; William Ford Gibson
William Ford Gibson; William Gibson; Bill Gibson
Nelson Gidding; 1972 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Nancy Giese; Greyhaven
Jerry Gieseke; SWOC
J. U. Giesy; Fantastic Novels
James Gifford; 2001 Best Related Book Hugo
H. R. Giger; Frank Collection
Hans Ruedi Giger; H R Giger
Georges Giguère; VCON 11
Wim Gijssen; BeneluxCon
Joe Gilbert; Columbia Camp
Joseph Gilbert; FAPA
Michael Gilbert *; 1971 Best Fan Artist Hugo
Robert Gilbert; Yandro; Robert E. Gilbert
Robert E. Gilbert; Beabohema; Robert Gilbert
Roger Gilbert; BSFA
Sheila Gilbert; 2013 Best Editor Long Form Hugo
Tom Gilbert; Westercon 19
Yvonne Gilbert; Ad Astra
Steven Gilberts; DeepSouthCon; Steven C. Gilberts
Steven C. Gilberts; MidSouthCon 30; Steven Gilberts
Allan Gilbreath; Darrell Awards
Allen Gilbreath; MidSouthCon 30
Wade Gilbreath; Anvil
Jeremy Gilchrist; Sfinx
David Giler; 1987 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Geoffrey Giles; Walter Gillings
Loralie Giles; Riverina Conference
Danny Gill; Chattacon
Peter Gill; Fan Fair II
Sheldon Gill; Piffle
Bruce Gillespie; 1972 Best Fanzine Hugo
Jack Gillespie; Convention
Lois Gillespie; Exclusion Act
Peggy Gillespie; Hoaxes
Kerry Gilley; Xanadu V
Richard Gilliam; 1992 World Fantasy Convention
Terry Gilliam; 1976 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Pete Gilligan; Spock in Manacles
Alexis Gilliland; 1978 Best Fan Artist Hugo
Charles Gilliland; Star Wars Roots
Doll Gilliland *; Alexis Gilliland
Lee Gilliland; Alexis Gilliland
Walter H. Gillings *; Cosmos
Zita Gillis; Larry Tucker
Carolyn Ives Gilman; 2012 Best Novella Hugo
Chris Gilman; Rustycon XXX
Felix Gilman; 2009 Campbell Award
Greer Gilman; Readercon; Greer Ilene Gilman
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MaryAnn Harris; Swancon
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Lesley Hatch
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J. C. Hendee; Figment
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Squiggledy Hoy
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Dean Charles Ing; Dean Ing
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George Inzer
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Mike Jelenski
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Bob Kanefsky
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Ben Keifer
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Joanie Knappenberger; Big Heart Award
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Mike KNowlton; No Sex
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Irv Koch; Arlington in 1995
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Geoorge Kochell; No Sex
George Kochell; No Sex
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Cyril M. Kornbluth; Cyril Judd; C. M. Kornbluth
Mary Kornbluth; C. M. Kornbluth
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Erle Melvin Koshak; Erle Korshak
Deb Kosiba; Capricon 22
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Norman Kossuth; Blue Auraed Fan
Chris Kostanick; Noreascon 3 Committee
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Allen Koszowski; Albacon 2003
Vance Kovacs; Orycon
James Koval; Beabohema
Rick Kovalcik; Boskone 50
John Kovalic; MileHiCon
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Lew Kovner; Westercon 8
Mary Robinette Kowal; 2008 Campbell Award
David Anthony Kraft; Oak Leaves
Richard Kraft; Nepenthe
Laurel Krahn; Minicon 34
Mike Krahulik; Foolscap
Ed Kramer; Atlanta Nasfic in '95; Edward E. Kramer; Edward Kramer
Edward Kramer; 1992 World Fantasy Convention; Ed Kramer; Edward E. Kramer
Edward E. Kramer; Ed Kramer; Edward Kramer
Mat Kramer; No Sex
Sidney B. Kramer; Bantam Books
Jodi Krangle; Concerto
Ellen Kranzer; ConCertino '95
Alisa Krasnostein; 2012 Best Fancast Hugo
Daniel Kraus; Tuesday Funk
Paul Kraus; Albacon 1999
Dina Krause; Capricon 18
Sydney Krause; Filk
George H. Krauter; 1996 Best Original Artwork Hugo
Linda Krawecke; Corflu 27
Karl Kreder; Corflu 21
Melvin Krehbiel; Orycon 30
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Roy G. Krenkel *; 1963 Best Professional Artist Hugo
Roy Gerald Krenkel Jr.; Roy G. Krenkel
Nancy Kress; 1990 Best Novelette Hugo
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Peter Krikes; 1987 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
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Tim Kring; 2008 Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Hugo
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Chris Krolczyk; ISFiC Writers Contest
Bill Kroll; Fantasy Artisans
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Kenneth J. Krueger; Spacetrails
Marj Krueger; New Orleans Science Fiction & Fantasy Festival
Grant Kruger; Con*Stellation
Ken Kruger; Discon 1 Guide: Two More Facets
Nikita Kruschev; Klaatu borada nikto
Karen Kruse; Poul Anderson
Andy Kubert; 2010 Best Graphic Story Hugo
Michael Kubiak; BeneluxCon
Walter Kubilius *; Fletcher Pratt
Stanley Kubrick; 1965 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Stanley Kubrik; Swancon
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Richard Kuhn; Eclipse; Dick Kuhn
Jan J. B. Kuipers; BeneluxCon
Gordon Kull; Gorgon, The; Gordon M. Kull
Gordon M. Kull; Philcon I Membership List; Gordon Kull
Alfred Kummer Jr.; Baltimore SFL
Frederic Arnold Kummer Jr.; Harry Dockweiler
Frederic Kummer Jr.; Uncanny Stories
Frederick Arnold Kummer Jr; Hack
Fredk A. Kummer Jr.; Costume Party
Waldemar Kumming; BeneluxCon
Bill Kunkel; Energumen
Laurie Kunkel; Bed & Bored
A. Ross Kuntz; 1940 Yearbook of Science, Fantasy & Weird Fiction
Helen Kunzler; George O. Smith
Arthur R. Kurtz; Thomas N. Scortia
Gary Kurtz; 1983 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
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Katherine Irene Kurtz; Katherine Kurtz
Alex Kurtzman; 2010 Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Hugo
David Kushner; Noreascon 3 Committee
Ellen Kushner; Capricon 11
Gertrude Kuslan; Cosmic Tales
La Kuslan; Stranger Club, The
Louis Kuslan; Cosmic Tales
Trudy Kuslan; Kuslans, The
Ed Kuss; Midwestcon 1
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John F. Kusske; Mythologies; John Kusske
Earl Kussman; Lamont Award
Zita Kutkus; ConFusion 14
Henry Kuttner; 1946 Best Novelette Retro Hugo
Monroe Kuttner; Philcon I Membership List
Neil Kvern; Cascade Regional Amateur Press Association
Ambelin Kwaymullina; Australian Natcon
Tim Kyger; 110 Degrees in the Shade Con
David A. Kyle *; 11th Worldcon (Philcon II)
David Ackerman Kyle; David A. Kyle
Richard Kyle; Fred Patten
Ruth Kyle *; 2011
Steve Kyte; ArmadaCon



Madeline L'Engle; Lunacon
Richard Labonte; Amor
Suzanne Labonville; Noreascon 3 Committee
Gary Labowitz; Cult, The; Gary H. Labowitz
Gary H. Labowitz; Canticles from Labowitz; Gary Labowitz
Mary Lou Lacefield; Blind Fandom
Diane Lacey; 2010
Erika Maria Lacey; ANZAPA
Mercedes Lackey; Ad Astra
Bob Ladd; Empirecon
Maria Ladd; MileHiCon 16
Mur Lafferty; 2012 Campbell Award
R. A. Lafferty; 1969 Best Novel Hugo
Raphael Aloysius Lafferty; R. A. Lafferty
Janet Lafler; Potlatch 10
Albert Lafreniere II; ConDiego
Stephanie Lai; Continuum
Marc Laidlaw; 1996 Best Original Artwork Hugo
Christina Lake; 1988
David Lake; Cory and Collins
Jay Lake; 2004 Best Novelette Hugo
Ken Lake; Empties
R. D. Lakin; Wild Fennel
George Laking; Nyctalops
Cele Goldsmith Lalli; Cele Goldsmith
Dave Lally; Doc Weir Award
Mike Lalor; History of Concave
Dave Lamb
Harold Lamb; Alicia Austin
Hugh Lamb; FantasyCon
Janie Lamb; Alien Science-Fantasy Club
Jean Lamb; Franson Award, The
Norman V. Lamb; Light
Dean R. Lambe; Michael A. Banks
Dean Rodney Lambe; Dean R. Lambe
Arthur Lambert; Nepenthe
Kim Lambert; Syncon '82
Nancy Lambert; Granfalloon
Verity Lambert; Verity!
Melissa Lamberton; TusCon 35
Cheralyn Lambeth; DeepSouthCon
Paul Lambo; Lan's Lantern 16
Brandon Lamont; Westercon 20
Gil Lamont; 1988 Best Other Forms Hugo
Doug Lampert; Con*Stellation XXIX: Leo
Mary Lampert; Con*Stellation XXIX: Leo
L. Jagi Lamplighter; DeepSouthCon
Hubert Lampo; BeneluxCon
Paul Lampril; Syzygy
Margo Lanagan; 2006 Best Short Story Hugo
James Lanctot; Cult, The
Jim Landau; Decomposers, The
Richard H. Landau; 1980 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Ju Landéesse; 2007
Geoffrey A. Landis *; 1985 Best Novella Hugo
Bridget Landry; Norwescon XXXV
Andy Lane; ArmadaCon
Charles Lane; Chicon III Program
George Lane; No Sex
Joel Lane; Fantasy Macabre
John Lane; 1946 Best Novel Retro Hugo
Lois Lane; Superman
Steven Lane; DucKon XI
Tim Lane; Stringworld
Timothy Lane; 1988 Best Fanzine Hugo
Alvin A. Laney; Gorgon, The
F. T. Laney; Claude Degler
F. Towner Laney *; 1946 Best Fan Writer Retro Hugo
Allan Lang; Nepenthe
Andrew Lang; Jane Yolen
Charles J. Lang *; Albacon 1997
Eric Lang; 2BeContinued 4
Fritz Lang; Count-Down
Val Lang; Cleveland in '55
Wendy Snow Lang; Balticon
Ben Langdon; Kalamity Press
Kevin Langdon; Cult, The
George Langelaan; 1959 Best SF or Fantasy Movie Hugo
Sears Langell; Pen Name
David Langford *; 1979 Best Fan Writer Hugo
Hazel Langford; Dave Langford
Phread Langford; ChambanaCon 30
Deborah Langsam; Star Trek Conventions
Devra Langsam; Brookcon
Samuel Lann; Slan
Kathinka Lannoy; SfanCon
Joe Lansdale *; AggieCon; Joe Richard Lansdale
Joe Richard Lansdale; Joe R. Lansdale; Joe Lansdale
Green Lantern; Guy Lillian
Barbara Lantry-Miller; Disclave 26
Colin Lanzl; Noreascon 3 Committee
Jerry Lapidus; Disclave 15
Warren Lapine; 2002 Best Semiprozine Hugo
Justine Larbalestier; 2003 Best Related Book Hugo
Glenda Larke; Australian Natcon
David Larkin; 1984 Best Non Fiction Book Hugo
Gordon Larkin; Bulletin/The British Fantasy Society Newsletter, The
S. L. Larnach; Futurian Press
Eric Larsen; In the Shadow of the Monolith
Lance Larsen; Boxboro Fandom Writeup
Durlyn Larson; Rustycon 14
Randall Larson; Ash-Wing; Randall D. Larson
Randall D. Larson; Fandom Unlimited; Randall Larson
Rich Larson; Arcana 36
Stieg Larsson; John-Henri Holmberg
Candy LaRue; Noreascon 3 Committee
Lawrence Lasker; 1984 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
George (Lan) Laskowski *; Appreciation Zine
David Lasser; Allen Glasser's History of The Scienceers
John Lasseter; 1996 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Kurd Laßwitz; Kurd Lasswitz Preis
Don Latimer; Canberra Science Fiction Conference
Alex Latzko; Noreascon 3 Committee
Bill Laubenheimer; LepreCon
Charles Laughton; Philip Wylie
Frank Laumer; Keith Laumer
John Keith Laumer; Keith Laumer
Keith Laumer; 1971 Best Short Story Hugo
Bob Laurent; ConCertino
Owen K. Laurion; Kaymar Award
Peter Lauritson; 1993 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Martin Lavelle; ArmadaCon
Dede Lavender; Roger Sims' Aussiecon Reminiscence
Roy Lavender; CFG
Donald Laverty; Damon Knight
Mark LaVille; ArmadaCon
Christine Lavin; Contata 5
Stephen Lawhead; FantasyCon
Bill Lawhorn; Capclave 2009
Joann Lawler; Noreascon 3 Committee
Carl Lawrence; Spacewarp
Don Lawrence; Contrivance
Gerald Lawrence; Faancon 1
Judy Lawrence; James Blish
L. Stern Lawrence; Destiny
Paul Lawrence; MisCon
William Lawrence; Lloyd A. Eshbach's Chicon II Reminiscence
Alice Lawson; ConRunner 2
Chris Lawson; Borderlands
James Lawson; Nyctalops
Mark Lawson; Rocky
Philip Lawson; Michael Bishop
Steve Lawson; Doc Weir Award
Joe Laybourn; Norwescon XIV
Camara Laye; Brian Bond
Richard Laymon; World Fantasy Convention 1998
Alexis Layton; Games
Jules Lazar; Stranger Club, The
Cindy Lazzaro; Noreascon 3 Committee
Alain Le Bussy; Alain Le Bussy
Roy St John Le Claire; Pen Name
Harold Le Doux; 1968 Southwestercon
Ursula K. Le Guin *; 1970 Best Novel Hugo
Susan Leabhart; Icon (Iowa)
Joseph Leach; Omicron
Linda Leach; Chattacon
Russell A. Leadabrand; Unique
David Lean; 1946 Best Dramatic Presentation Retro Hugo
James Charles Leary; AggieCon; Jim Leary
Jim Leary; Alien Culture; James Charles Leary
Wyane LeBaud; Nebula Awards Banquet
Tim Lebbon; FantasyCon 2012
Jack Lechner; Washington Science Fiction Association
Ann Leckie; Best Novel
Paul LeCoq; Incon
Joy Marie Ledet; Bubonicon
Al Lee; Cytricon; Alan Lee
Alan Lee; ArmadaCon; Al Lee
Ang Lee; 2001 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
April Lee; ConStellation
Christopher Lee; Rod Serling
Denise Lee; 2001 Best Semiprozine Hugo
Dennis Lee; 1987 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Ella Lee; Postwarp
Jody Lee; Albacon 2012
Samantha Lee; Fantasycon XI
Sharon Lee; Albacon 2002
Stan Lee; 2003 Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Hugo
Tanith Lee; 1976 Campbell Award
Teri Lee; Jordin Kare; Teri V. Lee
Teri V. Lee; Off-Centaur Publications; Teri Lee
Walt Lee; 1975 Hugo Results; Walter Lee Jr.
Walter Lee Jr.; Destiny; Walt Lee
Wayne Lee; Wild Fennel
Evelyn Leeper *; 1990 Best Fan Writer Hugo
Mark R. Leeper *; Evelyn Leeper
Earl D. Leeth; Philcon I Membership List
Matt Leger; Conjecture
Glenn Legge; Sidrat
Ursula K. LeGuin; 15th World Fantasy Convention
Paul Lehr; 1980 Best Professional Artist Hugo
Barry Lehrman; Noreascon 3 Committee
Bill Lehrman; Noreascon 3 Committee
Julie Lehrman; Noreascon 3 Committee
Jari Lehtinen; Finncon
Steve Leialoha; 2009 Best Graphic Story Hugo
Fritz Leiber; 1946 Best Novel Retro Hugo; Fritz Leiber Jr.
Fritz Leiber Jr.; Unknown Worlds; Fritz Leiber
Justin Leiber; Cepheid Variable
Hope Leibowitz; Contact
David Leiby; George Slusser
Stina Leicht; 2012 Campbell Award
Bob Leigh; ConCertino
Denise Leigh; Graymalkin
Stephen Leigh; Bubonicon
Murray Leinster *; Dave Kyle's Discon Reminiscence
John Leland; Elanor
Stanislaw Lem; Readercon
Bob Leman; Discon 1 Guide: The Costume Ball
Karl Lembke; Evans Freehafer Trophy
Paul Lemman; Cascade Regional Amateur Press Association
David Lenander; Arcana 37
Andrew Lenard; National Extraction
Robert Lence; 1992 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Cary Lenehan; Australia in '83
Sheila Lenkman; Demicon
Andrew Lennard; Fans Outside Angloparlantia
Alonzo Leonard; Fantasy Fan, The
Ef Leonard; BeneluxCon
Harry F. Leonard; Noreascon 3 Committee
Robert Lepine; Falcon
Dr. Bradley Lepper; Marcon
Frederick Andrew Lerner *; Annotated Checklist of Science Fiction Bibliographical Works, An
Tom Leshendok; Binghamton Fandom
Mark Leslie; When Words Collide 2014
Steve Lesnik; Noreascon 3 Committee
David Lesser; Wonder Stories Quarterly
Milton Lesser; Imagination
Rebecca Lesses; OASIS
Doris Lessing; Conspiracy '87
Joel Lessinger; Minicon 6
Margie Lessinger; Minicon 11
Chris Lester; Orycon
Irvin Lester; Fletcher Pratt
Richard Lester; 1970 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Dorothy LesTina; Frederik Pohl
Robert George Leth; Circle of Lassitude
Jonathan Lethem; 1995 Best Original Artwork Hugo
Daniel J. H. Levack; Frank Herbert
Herbert Levantman; John B. Michel
Herman Leventman; Futurians
Ira Levin; 1969 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Sol Levin; Philcon I Membership List
Solomon Levin; Philcon I Report -- Margaret Trebing
Arthur Levine; Philcon I Membership List; Arthur A. Levine
Arthur A. Levine; 2008 Best Related Book Hugo; Arthur Levine
Dave LeVine; Noreascon 3 Committee
David Levine; Bento; David D. Levine
David D. Levine; 2003 Campbell Award; David Levine
Rennie Levine; Conterpoint Too!
Elise Levinson; Decomposers, The
Paul Levinson; 1998 Best Novella Hugo
Fred A Levy Haskell *; Beautiful Friend
Ronald B. Levy; Futurian Observer
Susan Levy; Corflu 6
Oscar Lewenstein; 1970 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Albert Lewin; 1946 Best Dramatic Presentation Retro Hugo
Al Lewis *; Bibliography; Alan J. Lewis
Alan J. Lewis *; Bruce Pelz; Al Lewis
Albert J. Lewis *; 1963 Best Fanzine Hugo
Alice Lewis; Noreascon 3 Committee
Anthony R. Lewis *; 1976 Campbell Award
C. S. Lewis; 1946 Best Novel Retro Hugo
Clive Staples Lewis; C. S. Lewis
D. F. Lewis; Fantasy Macabre
Hershell Gordon Lewis; Tropicon IV
Martin Lewis; Vector
Maurice Lewis; Nashville, TN
Paula Lewis; Disclave 38
Phil Lewis; Dreamcon 6
Rick Lewis; Dreamcon 8
Sinclair Lewis; James Branch Cabell
Sue Lewis; 7 in '77
Suford Lewis; Anthony R. Lewis
Tawna Lewis; Fat Cat Books
David Lewton; Yandro
Val Lewton; 1946 Best Dramatic Presentation Retro Hugo
Jack Vance Lexicon; Jack Vance
Olga Ley; Juanita Coulson's Reminiscence of Fandom in 1953
Willy Ley; 11th Worldcon (Philcon II)
Janice Liang; CONtraflow
Mabel Liang; ConCertino
Jacqueline Lichtenberg; 1974 Best Fan Writer Hugo
Jaqueline Lichtenberg; Tropicon I
Robert Lichtman *; 100% Whole Wheat
Ruth Lichtward; Kansas City 2016
Ruth Lichtwardt; MidAmeriCon II
Bob Lidral; Noreascon 3 Committee
Jeffrey Lieber; 2005 Best Dramatic Presentation Short Form Hugo
Larry Lieber; 2009 Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Hugo
Sy Liebergot; Chicon 7
Danny Lieberman; Ingolstadt in 1984
Paula Lieberman; Noreascon 3 Committee
Walt Liebscher; 1942 Michiconference
Rick Lieder; ConFusion (Ann Arbor)
Denny Lien; All Lies and Jests
Lyn Lifshin; Riverside Quarterly
Sheila Lightsey; FAAN Awards
Thomas Ligotti; Crypt of Cthulhu
Sharyn Lilley; Eneit Press
Guy Lillian *; 2003; Guy H. Lillian II
Guy H. Lillian II; 1988 Best Fan Writer Hugo; Guy Lillian
Rose Marie Lillian; Guy Lillian
Rosy Lillian; 2003
Kevin Lima; 2008 Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Hugo
Jean Linard; Cartoons
Brad Linaweaver; DeepSouthCon 30
Faith Lincoln; Beabohema
Ron Lindahn; 13th World Fantasy Convention
Val Lakey Lindahn *; 13th World Fantasy Convention
Wendy Lindboe; Noreascon 3 Committee
Damon Lindelof; 2005 Best Dramatic Presentation Short Form Hugo
Mats Linder; John-Henri Holmberg
Megan Lindholm; 1990 Best Novella Hugo
John Ajvide Lindqvist; Swecon
David Lindsay; Brian Bond
Eric Lindsay; 2001
Ethel Lindsay; 1962
Ethyl Lindsay; FAPA
Nigel Lindsay; BFS/BFL
Tamar Lindsay; Preface to the Web Edition of Fancyclopedia II
Jane Lindskold; Bubonicon
Katherine Lindskoog; Mythcon
Tammy Lindsley; Orycon 32
Marissa Lingen; Tired Tapir Press
Adam Link; Eando Binder
Christian Link; MileHiCon 32
Danielle Link; MileHiCon 33
Kelly Link; 2005 Best Novelette Hugo
Richard Linklater; 2007 Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Hugo
Mark Linneman; Concave XXXIII
Karen Linsley; SFContario
Jim Linwood; Fifty-Second Street
Gordon Linzner; Diversifier
Rebecca Linzner; Space and Time
Gary Lippincott *; 1996 Best Original Artwork Hugo
J. B. Lippincott; 1961 Best Novel Hugo
Holly Lisle; 1993 Campbell Award
David Liss; AggieCon
John Litchen; Australia in '75
Elan Litt *; ChambanaCon
Stephen Litten; 2010
Lynn Litterer; Minicon 26
Therese Littleton; China Mieville
Francis J. Litz; Scenes of Fantasy
Ken Liu; 2012 Best Novella Hugo
Earl Livings; Wanderings of El'Khestor, The
Martin Livings; Dark Prints Press
David Livingston; 1996 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Harold Livingston; 1980 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Lesley Livingston; Ad Astra
Monika Livingston; Dreamcon 3
Monika Livingstone; Rustycon 16
Tommy Ljungberg; Worldcon Scandinavia in 1983
J. J. Llewellyn; 1983 Best Non Fiction Book Hugo
Richard Llewellyn; Cullowhee Comments
Robert Llewellyn; Multiverse
David Lloyd; 2007 Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Hugo
Miriam Lloyd; Miriam Carr
Roy Loan; Quanta; Roy Loan Jr.
Roy Loan Jr.; Disclave 2; Roy Loan
Glen Loates; Ad Astra
Pat LoBrutto; Balticon 19
Dave Locke; Awry
George Locke; OMPA
John Locke; Lamont Award
Kelly Lockhart; DeepSouthCon 46
Ross Lockhart; MidSouthCon 31
Seth Lockwood; Give Dog Boiled Yak
Todd Lockwood; DeepSouthCon; Todd Wills Lockwood
Todd Wills Lockwood; Todd Lockwood
Martin Lodewijk; BeneluxCon
Jeph Loeb; 2008 Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Hugo
Mindred Loeb; Mindret Lord
Jim Loehr; 1998 Best Non Fiction Book Hugo
Jom Loer; KC in '76
Kevin Loftus; Falcon
Anne Laurie Logan; Harlot
AnnLaurie Logan; Tweek
John Logan; 2012 Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Hugo
Myrna Logan; Demicon
Kathei Logue; Noreascon 3 Committee
George Lohneis; Philcon I Membership List
Michael Lolngcor; Astronomicon
Brian Lombard; dLUMPS
Damian London; Redemption
Laddie London; Starlight
Brendan Lonehawk; DucKon XV
Vera Lonergan; Australia in '83
Mark Loney; DUFF
A. R. Long; Amelia Reynolds Long; Amelia R. Long
Amelia R. Long; Amelia Reynolds Long; A. R. Long
Amelia Reynolds Long; William Crawford
Frank Belknap Long *; 1st World Fantasy Convention
Huey Long; Dr David H. Keller
Margaret Long; Hugh B. Cave
Russell K. Long; Sam Moskowitz's Nolacon I Reminiscence
Sam Long; Mythologies
Steve Long; DeepSouthCon
Wesley Edward Long; George O. Smith
Michael Longcor; 2BeContinued 1
H. P. Longhammer; Purple Dawn, The
Barry B. Longyear *; 1979 Campbell Award
Allison Lonsdale; Lunacon
Noel Loomis; Faunch
Al F. Lopez; Purple Dawn, The
Tom Lopez; Minicon 32
Richard Lopoff; GalaxyCon
John Lorentz; Conolulu
Ralph D. Lorenz; ConFusion (Ann Arbor)
Jean Lorrah; Pandora
Lilith Lorraine; Cosmology
Peter Lorre; Curt Siodmak
Victor Lorthos; Darrell Awards
Adrienne Losin; Doctor Who Club Of Victoria
Annette Lotz; Constantinople International Fannish Cookbook, The
Lee Loughridge; 2009 Best Graphic Story Hugo
Gary Louie; Evans Freehafer Trophy
Linda Lounsbury; 1979
Loren Lounsbury; Minneapa
Ricardo Loureiro; Hyperdrivezine
Eugène Lourié; 1954 Best Dramatic Presentation Short Form Retro Hugo
Edith Eri Louw; BeneluxCon
Charles Lovecraft; P'rea Press
H. P. Lovecraft; 1969 Open ESFA; Howard P. Lovecraft
Howard P. Lovecraft; August Derleth Award; H. P. Lovecraft
Howard Philips Lovecraft; Bill Evans
Howard Phillips Lovecraft; Brian Bond
Bob Lovell; Ann Arbor, MI; Robert G. Lovell Jr.
Jim Lovell; 1996 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Robert G. Lovell Jr.; Bob Lovell
Toots Lovell; Bob Lovell
Sam Loveman; Philcon I Membership List
Doug Lovenstein; 1969 Best Fan Artist Hugo
A. Lovett; Festivention
Richard A. Lovett; MidSouthCon 31
Selina Lovett; Noreascon 3 Committee
Gary Lovisi; Other Worlds
A. M. Low; Eastercon 1944
Danny Low; Noreascon 3 Committee
Karin Lowachee; 2003 Campbell Award
Robert W. Lowdnes; Riverside Quarterly
Brian Lowe; Noreascon 3 Committee
Edward T. Lowe Jr.; 1946 Best Dramatic Presentation Retro Hugo
Helen Lowe; New Zealand NatCon
Kathleen Lowe; Bubonicon
Laszlo Lowenstein; Peter Lorre
Doc Lowndes *; 1998
Michael J. "Orange Mike" Lowrey *; Vojo de Vivo; Mike Lowrey
Mike Lowrey; TAFF; Michael J. "Orange Mike" Lowrey
Dr Roy Lowry; ArmadaCon
Lois Lowry; DucKon III
David R. Loxton; 1981 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Wang Du Lu; 2001 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Samuel Lubell; Capclave 2003
Ernst Lubitscha; Fanotchka
Charles Lucas; Philcon I Membership List
George Lucas; 1972 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo; George Walton Lucas Jr.
George Walton Lucas Jr.; George Lucas
Chris Luchini; Capricon 20
Alan Luck; Nashville, TN
Dave Luckett; Borderlands
Tom Ludowitz; Space Tales
Edward Ludwig; Nekromantikon, The; Edward W. Ludwig
Edward W. Ludwig; Fantastic Worlds; Edward Ludwig
Bela Lugosi; Croutch Magazine Mart News
Jan Luke; Intergalactic Krewe Of Chewbacchus, The
Jan Luke-Mule; In For A Penny V
Brian Lumley; ArmadaCon
William Lumley; Fantasy Fan, The
Robert E. Lumpkin; Fantasy Fan, The
P. M. Lunch; Minicon 4
Njarne Lund-Jensen; Worldcon Scandinavia in 1983
David Lunde; Riverside Quarterly
Brooke Lunderville; ConCertino
Carl Lundgren; 1982 Best Professional Artist Hugo
Chad Lundgren; Bubonicon 34
Don Lundry; 7 in '77
Grace Lundry; Roger Sims' Aussiecon Reminiscence
Sam Lundwall; SF Expo; Sam J. Lundwall
Sam J. Lundwall; SfanCon; Sam Lundwall
Frank Lunney; 1970 Best Fanzine Hugo
Tracy Lunquist; 2BeContinued 2
Sandra Luperti; Noreascon 3 Committee
Pat Lupoff; 1963 Best Fanzine Hugo
Patricia Enid Loring Lupoff; Pat Lupoff
Richard Lupoff *; 1963 Best Fanzine Hugo
Frank Lurz; Orycon
Hamilton Luske; 1951 Best Dramatic Presentation Retro Hugo
Rick Lutes; CAN*CON 2013
Hank Luttrell; 1975 Best Fanzine Hugo
Lesleigh Luttrell; 1972
Diane Luty; Riverside Quarterly
Ro Lutz-Nage; Ad Astra II
Ro Lutz-Nagey; Ad Astra
Bradford M. Lyau; George Slusser
Graham Lyell; Canberra Science Fiction Conference
Alex Lyman; Tropicon XVI
Euros Lyn; 2007 Best Dramatic Presentation Short Form Hugo
Barry Lyn-Waitsman; WindyCon XXV
Marcy Lyn-Waitsman; Windycon VII
Andrew Lynch; Time Talk
David Lynch; 1985 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Dennis Lynch; Demicon
Denny Lynch; ICON (Iowa) 36
Hal Lynch; Cry of the Nameless
Nicki Lynch; 1991 Best Fanzine Hugo
Nikki Lynch; 1991 Hugo Results
Rich Lynch; 2002 Best Fanzine Hugo; Richard W. Lynch
Richard W. Lynch *; 1991 Best Fanzine Hugo; Rich Lynch
Scott Lynch; 2007 Campbell Award
Barré Lyndon; 1954 Best Dramatic Presentation Short Form Retro Hugo
Elizabeth Lynn; Disclave 26; Elizabeth A. Lynn
Elizabeth A. Lynn; 1978 Campbell Award; Elizabeth Lynn
Lizzy Lynn; Skiffy
Andy Lyon; Fandemonium
Michelle Lyon; Corflu 8
Pete Lyon; Albacon III
Shaun Lyon; Loscon 19
Howard Lyons; Derelicts
Michelle Lyons; Ditto: a Series of Conventions
P. Howard Lyons; Cult, The

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