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Total names: 19,280; Personal pages: 3,607; Linked names: 13,364; Just mentioned: 5,916;  Redirected names: 1,466


Calvin Aaargh; Science-Fiction Five-Yearly
Madeline M. Aalto; SFRA Conference
Bob Aarghbergh; AAA Aargh
Ben Aaronovitch; Australian Natcon
Tom Abba; ReConvene
Brooke Abbey *; ConCertino
Lynn Abbey; 1980 Campbell Award
Dave Abbott; Sfinx
John Abbott; Nazgul
Michael Abbott; 1995 FAAN Awards
Richard Abbott; ISFCC
Paul K. Abelkis; Aquacon
Hawthorne Abendsen; Man in the High Castle, The
Joe Abercrombie; 2008 Campbell Award
Carleton Abernathy; Aubrey MacDermott on the Origins of Fandom
Carlton Abernathy; Allen Glasser's History of The Scienceers
Dan Abnett; Conflux
Daniel Abraham; 2008 Best Novelette Hugo
Alyson Abramowitz; Fellowship of the Future
J. J. Abrams; 2005 Best Dramatic Presentation Short Form Hugo
Pete Abrams; Astronomical ConFusion; Peter Abrams
Peter Abrams; Lunacon; Pete Abrams
Arnold Abramson; UPD
David Abzug; Capricon
Mario Acevedo; ArmadilloCon
Chris Achilleos; Albacon
Brett Achorn; Raiders of the Lost La-La Con
Brad Ackerman; How to Start a Worldcon Bid in 24 Hours or Less
Eve Ackerman; Fan Portrait Gallery
Forrest J Ackerman *; 1932
Forrrest J. Ackerman; Nycon Membership List
Forry J. Ackerman; 1968 Hugo Ceremony Transcript
Henry A. Ackerman; Imagi-Music
Henry J. Ackerman *; Scientifiction Association for Boys
Wendayne Ackerman *; Ackermans, The
Henry Ackermann *; Baltimore SFL; Henry Andrew Ackermann
Henry Andrew Ackermann *; Spacewarp; Henry Ackermann
Julian Ackermann; Swancon
Sue Ackermann *; Australian Natcon
Justin Ackroyd; 1984
Christopher Smith Adair; NecronomiCon Providence 2017
Gerry Adair; Tropicon
Robert Adair; STF League of Indiana
Raphaëlle B. Adam; Boréal 2018
Alexander James Adams; Rustycon 31
Andrew A. Adams *; 2Kon
Bob Adams; Charles Fort Never Mentioned Wombats; Robert Adams
Dana Adams; New Orleans Area Fen
Danny Adams; Some Fantastic
Douglas Adams; 1979 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo; Douglas Noel Adams
Douglas Noel Adams; Douglas Adams
Eddie Adams Jr; New Orleans Area Fen
Franklin Robert Adams; Robert Adams
Gail Adams; Australian Science Fiction Media Awards
George B. Adams; Gorgon, The
Gordon H. Adams; Journal of the Royal Thaumaturgical Society
Jae Leslie Adams; 1998 FAAN Awards
James R. Adams; Charles Fort Never Mentioned Wombats
Jeff Adams; Crackercon
Jill Adams; Doc Weir Award
John Joseph Adams; 2011 Best Editor Short Form Hugo
Jonathan Adams; Carol Kennedy
Lynn Adams; Potlatch 8
Neal Adams; Julie Award
Pamela Adams; LibertyCon
Patricia K. Adams; Terra
R. Stephen Adams; Rustycon; Richard Adams; Robert Adams
Richard Adams; 1979 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo; R. Stephen Adams
Robert Adams; Chattacon; Bob Adams; R. Stephen Adams
Samuel Hopkins Adams; Courtney's Boat
Scott Adams; Tropicon IV
Sue Adams; Lazlar Lyricon
Terry Adams; COSine 2010
T. Adamski; Winnie the POO
Andrew Adamson; 2002 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
J. J. Adamson; Syndicated Images
Charles Addams; 1992 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Linda Addison; Necon 25; Linda D. Addison
Linda D. Addison; Necon 33; Linda Addison
Chris Addotta-Smith; RavenCon
Melyssa Ade; Ad Astra
Bruce Adelsohn; Contata 3
Dan Adkins *; Amra
Pat Adkins; DeepSouthCon 6
Patrick Adkins; Nolazine; Patrick H. Adkins
Patrick H. Adkins *; Nolazine: A Retrospective; Patrick Adkins
Teri Adkins; Darrell Awards
Cathleen Adkison; Incon
Peter Adkison; Incon
Adina Adler; Fellow of NESFA
Betty Adorno; DeepSouthCon 44
Tim Adye; Sfinx
David Affler; Concord in '80
James Agee; Mount to the Stars
Jack Agnew; 1938 Philadelphia Conference
Greg Agostini; NecronomiCon, 4th Edition
Simon Agree; Abba Zaba
Ann Aguirre; Keycon
Joe Ahearne; 2006 Best Dramatic Presentation Short Form Hugo
Jason Ahlquist; 2005 ConFusion One-Shot
Sven Ahlstrom; Myriad
Saladin Ahmed; 2010 Campbell Award
Saladin Ahmedl; Wiscon
Joan Aiken; 1997 World Fantasy Convention
Robert Aikman; FantasyCon
Dr. Timo Airaksinen; NecronomiCon, 4th Edition
George Airey; 1937 Leeds Convention
Jean Airey; Columbus in 1985
Chloie Airoldi; Con*Stellation
Anders Akerland; Skandinavisk Fanzine Forening
Alan Burt Akers; Dray Prescott
Arnold Akien; Seacon '84
Roger Akner; Purple Dawn, The
Louise Alain; Boréal 2004
Todd Alan; Musicon 4
Timothy Albee; ConClave XXXI
D. Alberti; Nycon Membership List
Frances Alberti; Nycon Membership List
Rose Alberti; Nycon Membership List
Steve Albini; Julian Warner
Donn Albright; Sam Moskowitz Archive Award
Félix Enríquez Alcalá; 2008 Best Dramatic Presentation Short Form Hugo
Phil Alcock; Pegasus Award
Barry Alder; Science Fiction Model Builders' Association Newsletter
Sheila Alder; Science Fiction Model Builders' Association Newsletter
Dan Alderson; CAPA-alpha
John Alderson; 1979 GUFF Results; John J. Alderson
John J. Alderson; John Alderson
Brian W. Aldiss *; 1959 Best New Author of 1958 Hugo
Arthur Aldridge; 2000 FAAN Awards
Ray Aldridge; Necronomicon
Buzz Aldrin; Jordin Kare
Edwin E. Aldrin; 1969 Hugo Results
Lourence Aler; Aubrey MacDermott on the Origins of Fandom
Charlene Ales; Knights
Jim Aletaster; Flagpole
Al Alexander; Transuranic
Alma Alexander; St Petersburg Gazette and Dawson's Landing Herald
Barb Alexander; Columbus in 1985
Donald Alexander; ARRA Publishers
Goldie Alexander; Celapene Press
Heather Alexander *; Alexander James (Heather) Alexander
Jesse Alexander; 2008 Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Hugo
Karl Alexander; 1980 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Lloyd Alexander; Conflux
Rob Alexander; Dreamcon
Thea Alexander; TusCon IV
Tristan Alexander; Arisia
A. Alfonso; Barbarian Scroll
Martin Alger; AHMF____
Lucy Alibar; Ray Bradbury Award For Outstanding Dramatic Presentation
Más Allá; Mas Alla Award
David Allan; Christmas Press
Jim Allan; Mythcon
Nina Allan; BSFA Award
George Allanson; Halcon Science Fiction Society
John Allardice; Albacon II
Lissa Allcock; Beccon Publications
Phil Allcock *; British Filk Convention
Dan Alldredge; ConTact
Butch Allen; Liberated Quark, The
Corey Allen; 1988 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Dale Allen; Knights
Danielle Allen; Albacon 1998
David Allen; Noreascon 3 Committee
Don Allen; Dizzy
Elivo Allen; Cosmos
Guy Allen; Cosmos
James Allen; ANZAPA
Jennifer Allen; DucKon
Jimmie Allen; Radiohero
John Allen; Sfinx
Kevin Allen; Albacon 1997
Lee B. Allen; New Orleans Area Fen
Mike Allen; Mythic Delirium Books
Paul C. Allen; Barsoomian, The
Randolph Allen; New Orleans Fan Groups / Clubs
Roger MacBride Allen *; Arisia
Steph Allen; Grangecon
Susan Allen; Coveted Balrog Award
Tim Allen; Capricon
Woody Allen; 1974 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Roger Allers; 1992 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Scott Allie; OryCon
Michael Allin; 1981 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Catherine Allison; TASFIC Program
Susan Allison; 16th World Fantasy Convention
Katherine Allred; Darrell Awards
Laura Allred; 2010 Best Graphic Story Hugo
Michael Allred; 2010 Best Graphic Story Hugo; Mike Allred
Mike Allred; Life, the Universe, & Everything; Michael Allred
Rebecca Allred; NecronomiCon Providence 2017
Geoff Allshorn; Melbourne Science Fiction Club
Aaron Allston; Ad Astra
Harry Alm; Coastcon
Marilyn Alm; Coastcon
Anthony Alongi; CopperCon
Lloyd Alpaugh; Alpaugh Is Ghod
Renee Alper; American Hobbit Association
Adrian Alphona; 2010 Best Graphic Story Hugo
Rayna Alsberg; Elanor
H. Alsdort; Philcon I Membership List
John P. Altgeld; Northern Illinois University
Harry Altshuler; Agent
Sid Altus; Alex Berman
Beattie Alvarez; Christmas Press
Liv Margareth Alver; Norcon
Iselin B. Alvestad; Norcon
Prentice Alvin; 1990 Best Novel Hugo
Bob Alvis; Ah, Wilderness: Forty Years of Colorado Fandom
Phyllis Alvis; Ah, Wilderness: Forty Years of Colorado Fandom
Theophillis Alvor; Redd Boggs
Theophilus Alvor; Gorgon, The
Emily Alward; Once Upon a World
Peter Alway; Contata
Yoshitaka Amano; 15th World Fantasy Convention
Meri Amber; Conflux
Mark C. Ambrogio; SideTrekked
Dick Ambrose; DeepSouthCon 1
Michael Ambrose; Argonaut
Caroline Ambrus; irrePRESSible Press
Tony Amendola; Coastcon
Bodine Amerikah; Terror Australis
Brian Ameringen; BECCON '87
Beverly Amers *; Buck Coulson
Linda Amery; Scrambled Eggs Benedict
Gypsy Ames; Archon
Chris Amies; Vector
Kingsley Amis; Cypher; Sir Kingsley William Amis
Martin Amis; Kingsley Amis; Martin Louis Amis
Martin Louis Amis; Martin Amis
Sir Kingsley William Amis; Kingsley Amis
Dorothy Amlin; Philadelphia in '86
Lyle Amlin; OMPA
Cliff Amos; Bob Roehm's 20th Anniversary History of Rivercon
Ken Amos; Steve & Sue Francis Memoir of NorthAmericon
Clifton Amsbury; 2007
Shirlene Ananayo *; Tropicon
George Ancona; DucKon III
Andy Anda; Demolishisms
Michael Andaluz; ConFusion
Charlie Jane Anders; 2012 Best Novelette Hugo
Kenneth Anders; Balticon 48
Lou Anders; 2007 Best Editor, Long Form Hugo
Rolf Andersen; Algernon. Organ for Aniara
Thom Andersen *; Empiricon
Sylvana Andershon-Gish; LepreCon
Allen Anderson; Consenting Adults of Darkover
Andy Anderson; Centaur
Ange Anderson; DemiCon
Belinda Anderson; MidSouthCon
Brian Anderson; DemiCon
Chester Anderson; 1968 Best Novel Hugo
Claire Anderson; 2018
Craig Anderson; Diversifier
Dana Anderson; New York in '77
Darla K. Anderson; 2002 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Darrel Anderson; Everyman Comics
Dave Anderson; Boskone 26; David Lee Anderson; David Lewis Anderson; David Anderson
David Anderson; MileHiCon 10; Dave Anderson; David Lee Anderson; David Lewis Anderson
David-Glenn Anderson; Rustycon
David Lee Anderson; AggieCon; Dave Anderson; David Anderson
David Lewis Anderson; Atlantykron; Dave Anderson; David Anderson
Dean J. Anderson; Clan Destine Press
Don Anderson; Moose Reducks
Donald W. Anderson; RAILS
Douglas A. Anderson; Esoteric Order of Dagon, The
Dr. Arley Anderson; Picocon
Dr. Arly Anderson; Picocon 12
Fiona Anderson; Another Fine Nessie
Gary Anderson; Chris Weber
Gerry Anderson; Eurocon
Gordon Anderson; El Conquistador
Howard Anderson; Noreascon 3 Committee
James Anderson; NecronomiCon, 3rd Edition; James Mark Anderson; Jim Anderson
James Mark Anderson; Proper Boskonian; James Anderson; Jim Anderson
Jamie Anderson; V-Con / VCON
Janet Wilson Anderson; Archon
Jim Anderson; Necon 14; James Mark Anderson; James Anderson
Joan Anderson; DucKon III
K. J. Anderson; Kevin J. Anderson; Kathryn Anderson; Ken Anderson
Karen G. Anderson; Site Members
Karen Kruse Anderson *; 2018
Kari Ann Anderson; Keycon
Kathryn Anderson; Enarraré; K. J. Anderson
Ken Anderson; 1951 Best Dramatic Presentation Retro Hugo; K. J. Anderson
Kevin J. Anderson *; Ad Astra; K. J. Anderson
Kevin James Anderson; Kevin J. Anderson
Larry Anderson; Cult, The
Leif Anderson; Stockholm in 1976
Lester Anderson; Aubrey MacDermott on the Origins of Fandom
Lorne Anderson; CAN*CON '96
M. T. Anderson; DucKon 12; Margo Anderson; Melody Anderson; Michael Anderson; Murphy Anderson
Margo Anderson; Trinoc*coN 2005; M. T. Anderson
Melody Anderson; Archon; M. T. Anderson
Michael Anderson; 1977 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo; M. T. Anderson
Murphy Anderson; Pulpcon 14; M. T. Anderson
Patricia Anderson; Enchiridion
Patty Anderson; Necon 16
Paul Anderson; Adelaide in '83
Philip Anderson; Elbereth Gilthoniel!, A
Poul Anderson; 1951 Best Novelette Retro Hugo
R. J. Anderson; Continuum; Richard Anderson
Rebecca Moesta Anderson
Richard Anderson; Boskone; R. J. Anderson
Scott Anderson; Corflu 25
Stephanie Anderson; Franson Award, The
Sue Anderson; Apaloosa
Susan Janice Anderson; Vonda N. McIntyre
Sylvia Anderson; Con Fusion '94
Thom Anderson; 2nd World Fantasy Convention
Virginia Anderson; Light
C. Dean Andersson; MileHiCon
Erik Andersson; Bob Weber
Gloria Andersson; TusCon IV
J. L. Andersson; Bob Weber
Jan Lennart Andersson; Bob Weber
Leif Andersson; TusCon IV
Martin Andersson; Esoteric Order of Dagon, The
Jo Anderton; FableCroft Publishing; Joanne Anderton
Joanne Anderton; FableCroft Publishing; Jo Anderton
Frank S. Andrasovsky; Clevention
Martin Andreasson; Imagicon
J. P. Andrevon; SfanCon; Jean-Pierre Andrevon
Jean-Pierre Andrevon; Boréal '82; J. P. Andrevon
Doug Andrew; Noreascon 3 Committee
Jason Andrew; OryCon
Al Andrews; Abimelech
Alfred McCoy Andrews; Al Andrews
Andrew Andrews; Ogre; Andy Andrews
Andy Andrews; InConJunction XI; Andrew Andrews
Arlan Andrews; Pulsar!; Arlan K. Andrews Sr; Arlan Andrews Sr.
Arlan K. Andrews; InConJunction XXXV; Arlan K. Andrews Sr; Arlan Andrews
Arlan K. Andrews Sr *; Arlan K. Andrews, Sr; Arlan Andrews
Arlan Andrews Sr.; Bubonicon 23; Arlan Andrews
Chris Andrews; CSFG Publishing
Elton V. Andrews; Frederik Pohl
George Andrews; Star Wars Roots
Ilona Andrews; ArmadilloCon
John Andrews; ; John W. Andrews
John W. Andrews; Kaymar Award; John Andrews
Scott H. Andrews; 2013 Best Semiprozine Hugo
Stuart Andrews; Eastcon
Harry Andrischak; FAPA
Frank Androsovsky; Cleveland in '66
Reed Andrus; Laughing Osiris
Harry Andruschack; 1998 FAAN Awards
Andy Andruschak; LAPA
Harry Andruschak *; APA 45
John Anealio; Capricon
Melissa Anelli; InConJunction
Helen Angel; Ah, Wilderness: Forty Years of Colorado Fandom
Paul Angel; Ah, Wilderness: Forty Years of Colorado Fandom
Fred Anger; Aubrey MacDermott on the Origins of Fandom
Ron Anger; Ottawa Science Fiction Society
Tom Angleberger; MystiCon
Johan Anglemark; 2007 GUFF Losers' Fanzine, The
Mark Shainblum Angloman; Con*Cept '98
Neville J. Angove; Cygnus Chronicler, The
Louise Angrilli; Ethel the Aardvark
Scott David Aniolowski; NecronomiCon, 1st Edition
David Annandale; 2014 Best Fancast Hugo
Carol Anndy; Minicon 15
Paul Annis; Yorcon III
Theresa Anns; Swancon
Robin Ansell; Fantasy Macabre
Dee Anstell; Leprecon 45
Kimm Antell; ArmadilloCon 26
Don Anthony; Cleveland in '55
Mark Anthony; Whatever
Patricia Anthony; Disclave
Paula-Ann Anthony; Whatever
Piers Anthony; 13th World Fantasy Convention
Keith Antill; Norstrilia Press
Laura Antoniou; HELIOsphere
John Antrobus; 1970 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Sanya Anwar; Keycon
Pat Apodaca; MisCon
Jeffrey N. Appelbaum *; Jibara
Erik Appelhof; Conglomeration
Evan Appelman; STF Broadcasts Again!
Alvar Appeltofft; Alvar Appeltofft Memorial Award
Katherine Applegate; DucKon VII
Susan Applegate; Washington in '77
Evan H. Appleman; Laurel Leaf, The
Matthew Appleton; Some Fantastic
Michael Appleton; Argentus
Jean-Pierre April; Boréal '82
Michael A. Aquino; Nyctalops
Sergio Aragones; Fantasy Symposium, The
David Arata; 2007 Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Hugo
Jakub Arbes; Sam Moskowitz' Pacificon II Reminiscence
David Arblaster; Rosie's Tavern
Michael Arcana; Conclave
Dirce Archer; Convention; Dirce Simons Archer; Dirce S. Archer
Dirce S. Archer; ; Dirce Archer
Dirce Simons Archer; Dirce S. Archer; Dirce Archer
Michael Archer; Zencon II
Nathan Archer; Lawrence Watt-Evans
Timothy Archer; Geoff Ryman
Samuel Archibald; Boréal 2014
Charles Ardai; 2004 Best Related Book Hugo
Kenneth Ardens; Balticon
Heinrich Arenz; Another One
Jon Arfstrom; Arcana 25
Albert Aribaud; Paris in 2023
Allan Arkush; 2008 Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Hugo
Luther Arkwright; Bryan Talbot
Bobbi Armbruster; Chicon 7
Tom Armistead; APA-F
Louis Armour; Just Imagicon
G. Armstrong; Obies; Gary Armstrong; Gene Armstrong
Gary Armstrong; Who-Do 84; G. Armstrong
Gene Armstrong; ConComCon 24; G. Armstrong
Jon Armstrong; 2008 Campbell Award
Kelley Armstrong; Ad Astra
Kelly Armstrong; MileHiCon
Michael Armstrong; Kevin O'Donnell, Jr. Service to SFWA Award
Neil Armstrong; 1969 Hugo Results
Adam Armus; 2008 Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Hugo
Eleanor Arnason; 2000 Best Novelette Hugo; Eleanor Atwood Arnason
Eleanor Atwood Arnason; Eleanor Arnason
Michael Arndt; 2011 Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Hugo
Iris J. Arnesen; Opera Glass, The
Dave Arneson; Coastcon
Eleanor Arneson; Diversicon
Dale Arnold; Balticon 32
F. Arnold; London SF Con; F. E. Arnold; Francis Arnold; Frank Edward Arnold; Frank Arnold
F. E. Arnold; Festivention; F. Arnold; Francis Arnold; Frank Arnold
Francis Arnold; Frank Edward Arnold; F. E. Arnold; F. Arnold
Frank Arnold; Bombcon; F. E. Arnold; F. Arnold; Frank Edward Arnold
Frank Edward Arnold; Ansible Editions; F. Arnold; Frank Arnold
Herb Arnold; Nyctalops
Jack Arnold; 1954 Best Dramatic Presentation Short Form Retro Hugo
Jim Arnold; Chattacon
Kenneth Arnold; Fate Magazine; Kenneth A. Arnold
Kenneth A. Arnold; Kenneth Arnold
M. Arnold; Sfinx
Richard Arnold; ConVerge 2
Tommy Arnold; Gaughan Award
Margaret J. Arnott; Anarkali
Eleanor Arnson; Minnesota Fantasy Award
Eemeli Aro; Helsinki in 2015
Saija Aro; Worldcon 75 in Helsinki
Lou Aronica; Shawna McCarthy
David Aronovittz; Sam Moskowitz Archive Award
David Aronovitz
Lynne Aronson; ISFiC
Mark Aronson; ISFiC
Gary Arseneau; Ad Astra
Keith Arseneau; Ad Astra
Claudie Arseneault; Boréal 2017
Inanna Arthen; NecronomiCon Providence 2017
Eric Arthur; Fantasy Centre
Jerry Arthur; Cult, The
Keri Arthur; Australian Natcon
Robert Arthur; A. Merritt's Fantasy Magazine
Bruce D. Arthurs *; Art of Making Enemies in Fandom, The
Douglas Arthurs; Con*Cept 2004
M. Aruguete; ISFiC Writers Contest
Catherine Asaro; 1996 Campbell Award
Catherine Asarp; JordanCon
Keith Asay; FOSFAX
Christine Asby; Hag and the Hungry Goblin, The
Derrick Asby; Hag and the Hungry Goblin, The
Frank Asch; DucKon V
Stan Aschmeier; Carl H. Claudy
Abraham Ash; Tardis Log
Paul Ash; 1959 Best New Author of 1958 Hugo
Sarah Ash; Write Fantastic, The
Dennis Ashbaugh; William Gibson
William Ashbless; James P. Blaylock
Christine Ashby; Derek Ashby; Christine McGowan Ashby
Christine McGowan Ashby *; DUFF; Christine Ashby
Derek Ashby; ANZAPA
Derrick Ashby; 1982 DUFF Results
Don Ashby; Aussiecon Memory Book
Madeline Ashby; ConFuse
R. J. Ashby; Dragonfall Press
Christina Ashcroft; List of Australian Authors (part 6)
David Ashcroft; Rustycon 23
Ann Ashe; James Ashe
James Ashe; Fantasy Times / Science Fiction Times; Jim Ashe
Jim Ashe; Cinder; James Ashe
Stuart Ashen; Picocon
Ellen Asher; Boskone
Allen Asherman; Star Trek Conventions
Norm Ashfield; TAFF
Norman Ashfield; Purple Dawn, The
Abby Lu Ashley; Al Ashley
Al Ashley *; 1943 Michiconference
Michael Ashley *; Complete Index to Astounding/Analog, The; Michael Raymond Donald Ashley; Mike Ashley
Michael Raymond Donald Ashley; Mike Ashley; Michael Ashley
Mike Ashley *; 1993 TAFF Results; Michael Raymond Donald Ashley; Michael Ashley
Milton Ashley; Michicon 4
Howard Ashman; 1987 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Clark Ashton; Fantasmagoria
David Ashton; Gallifreyan Graffiti
Lambert Ashton; Portland Science-Fantasy Society
Lisa Ashton; Albacon
Pauline Ashwell; 1959 Best New Author of 1958 Hugo
Hazel Ashworth; Blip
Mal Ashworth; 1960 TAFF Results
Malcolm Ashworth; Mal Ashworth
David Asimov; Boskone 1 Convention Report
Isaac Asimov *; 1946 Best Novel Retro Hugo
Janet Asimov *; I-CON
Norman Askfield; Alembic
Mark Askwith; Ad Astra
Warner Aspect; 2001 Best Novel Hugo
Joseph Aspler; Noreascon 3 Committee
Melody Asplund-Faith; ConFusion
Randy Asplund-Faith; ConFusion
Robert Asprin *; AggieCon
Milton Asquith; 1938 Philadelphia Conference
Frank Assante; Honolulu Science Fiction Society
Dee Astell; Conalope
Hal Astell; Arizona Fandom
R. J. Astruc; Dragonfall Press
Larry Atchley Jr.; AggieCon
Matthew Atchley; Coastcon
Dave Atell; WindyCon XXVIII
Richard Atha-Nicholls; North American Discworld Convention 2017
William Atheling Jr; Advent:Publishers
Debbie Atherton; Western Pennsylvania SF Association
Nancy Atherton; Concourse
Alonzo P. Atkins; Just Imagicon
Alonzon P. Atkins; Imagicon
Dawn Atkins; Catnip
Kathy Atkins; Potato Peelings
Lon Atkins; APA-F
Pat Atkins; Edgar Rice Burroughs Amateur Press Association
Peter Atkins; NecronomiCon, 2nd Edition
Bob Atkinson; Halcon
Chris Atkinson; BECCON
D. Atkinson; Aubrey MacDermott on the Origins of Fandom
Toren Atkinson; NecronomiCon, 3rd Edition
Sandy Atlas; Comm'l
Clement Atlee; Frank Gruber
Brian Attebery; Mythcon
Paolo Attivissimo; Deepcon
Berta Attiya; Philadelphia in '86
Yoel Attiya; Noreascon 3 Committee
Bonnie Atwood; Albacon
Deb Atwood; Albacon 2000
Margaret Atwood; Arthur C. Clarke Award; Margaret Eleanor Atwood
Margaret Eleanor Atwood; Margaret Atwood
Ted Atwood; Albacon
Horace Au; Demolishisms
Sébastien Aubry; Boréal 2011
W. H. Auden; Tolkien Society of America
Emma Audsley; Crystal Lake Publishing
Thea Molly Auer; Tony Lewis's Heicon '70 Reminiscence
Marc Auger; Boréal 2005
John August; Futurian Society of Sydney
K. S. Augustin; List of Australian Authors (part 2)
Molly Auler; Knights of St Fantony
Russ Ault; Lee Billings
Matt Austern; Potlatch 18
Alicia Austin; 1970 Best Fan Artist Hugo
Bill Austin *; Bibliography; William N. Austin
Delcie Austin; Duo
Greg Austin; Mountain Mist Productions
Kevin Austin; Minicon 45
Margaret Austin; Eastercon
Phil Austin; Firesign Theatre
Stephen Austin; 2BeContinued
Terry Austin; 1976 FAAN Awards
William N. Austin; Royal Drummond; Bill Austin
Dr. Anne Autor; Science of Murder, The
Gene Autrey; List of Denvention Members
Ben Avery; InConJunction XXVIII
Jack Avery; From Alien Shores
Jim Avery; Barbarian Invasion; Jim S. Avery
Jim S. Avery; Jim Avery
Red Avery; Errr!
Shirley Avery *; Balticon
Claude Pierre Marie Avice; Pierre Barbet
Morrow AvoNova; 1994 Best Novel Hugo
Mary Axford; DeepSouthCon 23
Lacey Axmaker; Orycon 24
Gilbert Ayale; Rick Sneary
Stuart Ayers; Lewiston SFL
Dan Aykroyd; 1985 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
John Ayotte; Columbus in 1985
David Ayres; LepreCon
Donald E. Ayres; Chimaeran Review
Joe Ayres; Cytricon
Woody Ayres; AFSF
Al Azif; Owlswick Press



Carrie Ann Baade; MileHiCon
Sam Baardman; 1812Tone
Sandy Baardman; GAFilk
Gary W. Babb; TusCon 33
Al Babcock; 2018
Renee Babcock; ArmadilloCon 23
Sharon Babcock; ChambanaCon 8
Karen Babich; Capricon 14
Michael Bacall; 2011 Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Hugo
Cristina Bacchilega; ICFA 37
Scratch Bacharach; Philadelphia in 1977
Stan Bachrach; Andromeda II
Steve Bacic; Con*Cept
Paolo Bacigalupi; 2005 Best Novelette Hugo; Paolo Tadini Bacigalupi
Paolo Tadini Bacigalupi; Paolo Bacigalupi
Stan Backrack; Softball Game
Lars G. Backstrom; NecronomiCon Providence 2015; Lars G. E. Backstrom
Lars G. E. Backstrom; NecronomiCon Providence 2013; Lars G. Backstrom
James Bacon; 2003 FAAN Awards
Jonathan Bacon; Chronicler of Cross Plains
Camille Bacon-Smith; 1993 Best Non Fiction Book Hugo
John Badham; 1984 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
James Baen; Destinies; James P. Baen; Jim Baen
James P. Baen; 1975 Best Professional Editor Hugo; James Baen; Jim Baen
Jim Baen *; 1977 Best Professional Editor Hugo; James P. Baen; James Baen
Freddie Baer; 1999 Best Fan Artist Hugo
Freddy Baer; 2005 FAAN Awards
Marla Baer *; Rustycon
Will Christopher Baer; Stephen Graham Jones
Joan Baez; I've Had No Sleep and I Must Giggle
Larry Bagby; Coastcon
Ross Bagby; Ash-Wing
Bilbo Baggins; Columbia University Science Fiction Society
S. J. Bagley; NecronomiCon Providence 2015
Tim Bagnell; StellarCon 30
Margene Bahm; Archon
Robert Bahr; Pen Name
Lenny Bailes *; 2000 FAAN Awards
Jerry G. Bails *; CAPA-alpha
Jerry Gwin Bails; Jerry G. Bails
Don Bain; Anomaly
William Bains; Sfinx
Clif Baird; LepreCon 11; Cliff Baird
Cliff Baird; CopperCon 3; Clif Baird
Edwin Baird; Farnsworth Wright
Robert L. Baird; 2002 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Denis Bajram; Prix Utopiales
Amanda Baker; ABV
Anton Lee Baker; 1959 Best Short Story Hugo
Bob Baker; 2006 Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form Hugo
Bonnie Baker; Norwescon XVI
Chris Baker; Easter Wine
Colin Baker; ArmadaCon
Debbie Baker; Conterpoint
Debra Fran Baker; Contata 2005
Douglas Baker; Northern Illinois University
Ed Baker; Cult, The
Erik A. Baker *; Minicon 33
Graham Baker; 1989 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo
Jonathan Baker; Conterpoint
Joseph B. Baker; Gorgon, The
Kage Baker; 1999 Campbell Award
Kate Baker; 2011 Best Semiprozine Hugo
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Cathy Ball
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Robert P. Barger; Robert Barger
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Mervyn R. Barrett; Mervyn Barrett
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Doris Marie Clair Baumgardt; Doris Baumgardt
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Tori Baur; Capricon
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Deve Beaumont; Revelation
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Denis Beauvais; Con*Cept '90
Ray Beauvais; MisCon
Margaret Bechard; DucKon V
Jack Bechdolt; Prime Press
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Alan Bechtold; Captain Farley's Ragweed Review
Allan Bechtold; Coveted Balrog Award
Alan F. Beck; 2009 Best Fan Artist Hugo
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Tom Becker; ArmadilloCon
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Scott Beckstead; Baycon
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Jeanne Beckwith; DeepSouthCon 44
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Burton Beerman; Dementia Praecox
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Doris Beetem; Ah, Wilderness: Forty Years of Colorado Fandom; Doris D. Beetem
Doris D. Beetem; MileHiCon 9; Doris Beetem
Rose Beetem; Ah, Wilderness: Forty Years of Colorado Fandom
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Rudolph Belarski; MagiCon Art Retrospective
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Charles A. Beling; Fan-Atic
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Sv Bell; Con*Cept '97
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Andres Bellis; GAPA
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Imants Belogrïvs; Fantasticon
Neil Belsky; Hexacon 4
Lia Belt; Best Novelette Hugo Category
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Robert Beltran; Vul-Con
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Cathy Bence; Noreascon 3 Committee
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Mike Beneveniste; Pro Photo Gallery
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Fort Benning; Susan R Matthews
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John Benson; APA-F
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Joe Bergeron; APA:Bingy
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Earle K. Bergey; 1946 Best Professional Artist Retro Hugo; Earle Bergey
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Edward P. Berglund; 1977 FAAN Awards; E. P. Berglund
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Elaine Bergstrom; Consanguinity
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John Conrad Berkey; John Berkey
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Ruth A. Berman; Ruth Berman
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Séléna Bernard; Boréal 2018
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Mark Bernstien; ConFusion
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Curtis Berry; Conestoga
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Charles H. Bert; Phoxphyre; Charles Bert
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Craig Bezant; Dark Prints Press
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Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce; Ambrose Bierce
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John Byrne; AggieCon
Lavinia Byrne; Red Squadron Dispatches
Monica Byrne; James Tiptree, Jr. Memorial Award

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