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Fancy 3 Preferred Names's will be listed in bold font.

When a preferred name is the same in Fancy 3 and Fanac it will be displayed in bold green font.

When Fanac's preferred name does not match Fancy 3's choice Fanac's will be displayed in red font. Fancy 3's choice will be used for the preferred name.

When Fanac's preferred name does not match Fancy 3's choice because of an un-hyphenated multi-word surname, a hyphenated name, or unusual punctuation or capitalization it will be displayed in bold orange font. In this case Fanac's choice will be used for the preferred name.

Note that un-hyphenated multi-word surnames that start with Van, Von, De, La, etc., with or without capitals, will be handled by the program and do not need enties in Fanac's list.

This index is generated in part by the same programs that are used to maintain the Names Cross Reference at the Fanac Fan History Project website. For that reason it is not practical for this index to be updated on-line using the usual WikiDot procedure. You can do it but your changes will be overwritten at the next update. Changes caused by revisions to existing Fancyclopedia redirects or the addition of new redirects will be migrated to this index in the normal course of events. Comments about this index should be sent to:

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Abbey, Brooke; Brooke Lunderville

Ackerman, Forrest J.; Ackerman, Forrest J; Efjay The Terrible, F. J. Ackerman, Forrest Ackerman, Mr. Science Fiction, The J.

Ackerman, Henry Andrew; Henry A. Ackerman

Ackerman, Wendayne; Wendy Ackerman

Ackermann, Henry Andrew; Henry A. Ackermann, Henry Ackerman, Henry Ackermann, Henry J. Ackerman

Ackermann, Sue; Susan Ackermann

Adams, Andrew A.; Andrew Adams

Adkins, Dan; Art Lee

Adkins, Patrick H.; Patrick Adkins

Alderson, John; John J. Alderson

Aldiss, Brian W.; Brian Aldiss

Alexander, Heather; Alexander James Adams

Allcock, Phil; Philip Allcock

Allen, Deb; Deb Atwood Allen

Allen, James; James Arthur "Jocko" Allen

Amers, Beverly; Beverly J. Amers

Ananayo, Shirlene; Ananayo-Rawlik, Shirlene; Shirlene Ananayo Rawlik

Anda, Andy; &y &a

Andersen, Thom; Thom Anderson

Anderson, Karen Kruse; Karen Anderson

Anderson, Kevin J.; Kevin Anderson

Andrews, Arlan K. Sr; Arlan Andrews, Arlan Andrews Sr, Arlan K. Andrews

Andruschak, Harry; Harry Andrushak

Appelbaum, Jeffrey N.; Jan Appelbaum, Jeff Appelbaum

Arseneau, Keith; Keith Gary Arseneau

Arthurs, Bruce D.; Bruce Arthurs

Ashby, Christine Mcgowan; Christine Ashby, Christine McGowan

Ashley, Al; Allen Ashley

Ashley, Mike; Ashley, Michael; Michael Ashley

Asimov, Isaac; Isaac Asimov's

Asimov, Janet; J. O. Jeppson, Janet Jeppson

Asprin, Robert; Bob Asprin, Robert L. Asprin, Robert Lynn Asprin, Yang The Nauseating

Attanasio, A. A.; A. A. Al Attanasio

Austin, Bill; William Austin, William N. Austin

Avery, Shirley; B. Shirley Avery


Baden, Chaz Boston; Boston Baden, Chaz; Chaz "Hazel" Boston Baden

Baen, Jim; James Baen, James P. Baen, James Patrick Baen

Baer, Marla; Marla S. Baer

Bailes, Lenny; Len Bailes

Bails, Jerry G.; Jerry Bails

Baker, Erik A.; Erik Baker

Balazs, Frank; Frank Balaszs, Frank Balaz

Baldwin, Franklin Lee; F. Lee Baldwin

Baltadonis, John V.; John Baltadonis, John Baltidonis, John V. Baltidonis

Banks, Iain M.; Iain Banks

Barnett, Paul; John Grant

Barrett, Doc; C. I. Barrett, C. I. Barrett M. D., C. L. Barrett, C. L. Barrett M. D., C. L. Barrett MD, Dr C. L. Barrett

Barry, Max; Maxx Barry

Basham, Sam Jr; Sam Basham

Batty, Ward O.; Ward Batty

Bayley, Barrington J.; Barrington Bayley

Beagle, Peter S.; Peter Beagle

Bear, Astrid; Astrid Anderson

Beaumont, Charles; Charles McNutt

Beck, Calvin Thomas; Calvin T. Beck

Beck, Claire P.; Claire P. Bock

Beck, Hank; Henry Cabot Beck Sr.

BeLlavia, Rand; Rand Belavia

Benders, Krissy; Donna Christine Benders

Benford, Gregory; Dr Gregory Benford, Greg Benford

Benson, Gordon Jr; Gordon Benson

Berry, John; Goon Bleary

Biggle, Lloyd Jr; Lloyd Biggle

Binder, Otto; Otto Oscar Binder

Binns, Merv; Mervyn Binns, Mervyn R. Binns, Mervyn Russell Binns

Bishop, Gerald; Ye Gerbish

Black, Gordon; Gordon L. Black

Blackbeard, Bill; William Blackbeard

Blackman, Mark; Mark L. Blackman

Blackwood, Diane Miller; Diane Miller

Blaylock, James P.; James Blaylock

Bleiler, Everett F.; E. F. Bleiler, Everett Bleiler

Blish, James; Jim Blish

Bloch, Robert; Bob Bloch, Mr Bloch

Boak, Graham; Gray Boak

Boardman, Karina; Karina Siclari

Boardman, Perdita; Perdita Lilly, Perdita Nelson, Perdita Nelson Boardman

Boggs, Redd; Theophilus Alvor

Bohnhoff, Jeff; Jeff Bonhoff

Bohnhoff, Maya; Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

Bolgeo, Timothy; Tim Bolego, Tim Bolgeo, Timothy Bolego, Uncle Timmy Bolego, Uncle Timmy Bolgeo

Bond, Nelson; Bond, Nelson S.; Nelson S. Bond

Boniece, Mark; Mark Boneice

Bouchard, Alexander J. L.; Alexander Bouchard

Boucher, Anthony; H. H. Holmes, Tony Boucher, William Anthony Parker White

Bowen, Velma; Velma "Vijay" DeDelby Bowen, Velma Vjay Bowen, Vijay Bowen

Brackney, Manse; Manson Brackney

Bradley, Marion Zimmer; Marion Bradley, Marion E. Zimmer, Marion Z. Bradley

Bradshaw, Bridget; Hardcastle, Bridget (Bridget Bradshaw); Bridget (Bridget Bradshaw) Hardcastle, Bridget Hardcastle

Brandon, Carl Jr; Carl J. Brandon Jr

Brandon, Carl; Brandon, Carl Joshua; Brandon Hoax, Carl Joshua Brandon

Bray, Courtenay (Fran); Courtenay Bray

Bray, Fran; Courtenay Fran Bray

Brazier, Donn P.; Don Brazier, Donn Brazier

Breidbart, Seth; Seth Briedbart

Breiding, Bill; William Breiding

Bretnor, Reginald; Grendel Briarton

Briggs, Bob; Robert Briggs

Briney, Bob; Robert Briney, Robert E. Briney

Bristol, John A.; Speer, Jack; Jack Speer, John Bristol

Bronson, Phil; Philip Bronson

Brooks, Ned; Cuyler W. "Ned" Brooks, Cuyler Warnell Ned Brooks

Broomhead, Ann; Ann Mccutcheon

Brown, Charlie; Brown, Charles N.; Charles Brown, Charles N. Brown

Brown, Dena; Dena Benatan

Brown, Fredric; Frederic Brown

Brown, Kim Marks; Kim Brown, Kimberlee Marks Brown

Brown, Rosel G.; Rosel George Brown

Browne, Norman G.; Norm Brown, Norm Browne

Broyles, Lloyd D.; L. D. Broyles

Brundage, Margaret; M. Brundage

Brust, Steven; Steven K. Z. Brust, Steven K. Zoltan Brust

Bryant, Ed; Edward Bryant

Buckell, Tobias S.; Tobias Buckell

Budrys, Algis; A. J. Budrys, Algis J. Budrys

Bujold, Lois McMaster; Lois McMaster

Bulmer, Kenneth; H. Kenneth Bulmer, Ken Bulmer, Kenneth H. Bulmer

Bulmer, Pamela; Pam Bulmer

Burbee, Charles; Charles e. Burbee

Burdge, Anthony S.; Anthony Burdge

Burley, Sherna; Sherna Comerford

Burnick, Gale; Gail Burnick

Burns, Mary; Mary J. Ensley

Burroughs, Edgar Rice; E. R. Burroughs

Busby, F. M.; Buz Busby

Bush, Shelby; Shelby Bush III

Bushyager, Linda; Linda Eyster, Linda Eyster Bushyager

Butcher, Shannon K.; Shannon Butcher

Butler, Andrew M.; Andrew Butler

Butler, Catherine; Charles Butler

Butler, Octavia E.; Octavia Butler

Byrne, Jeremy; Jeremy G. Byrne


Cake, David; Dave Cake

Campbell, John W. Jr.; Campbell, John W.; J. W. Campbell, John Campbell, John W. Campbell, John W. Campbell's

Carey, Elisabeth; Lis Carey

Carl, Lillian Stewart; Lillian Stewart

Carlberg, Stven; Steven Carlberg

Carlson, K. Martin; K. Martial Carlson

Carnell, Ted; E. J. Carnell, E. J. Ted Carnell, Edward Ted Carnell, John Carnell

Carnival, Suzanne; Suzanne Carnival Reece

Carr, Carol; Carol Stuart

Carr, Gertrude M.; G. M. Carr, Gertie Carr

Carr, Joan W.; Joan Carr

Carr, Miriam; Miri Carr, Miriam Dyches, Miriam Knight, Miriam Lloyd

Cartier, Edd; Ed Cartier

Cassidy, Brigid; A. Brigid Cassidy

Castellari, Bert F.; Bert Castellari

Causgrove, Jackie; Jackie Franke

Cazedessus, Camille Jr; Camille Caz Cazedessus, Camille Cazadessus, Camille Cazedessus, Caz Casadessus

Chancellor, Ann; Ann Layman Chancellor

Chandler, A. Bertram; Bertram Chandler

Chapdelaine, Perry A.; Perry Chapdelaine

Chapman, G. Ken; Ken Chapman

Chapman, Vera; Beladonna Took, Belladonna Took

Chauvenet, Louis Russell; L. R. Chauvenet, Russ Chauvenet, Russell Chauvenet

Cheney, Harold W. Jr; Harold W. Cheney

Cherry, David A.; David Cherry

Cheyney, Harold W. Jr; Harold W. Cheyney

Chicago, Michael Walsh; Michael R. Walsh

Christopher, John; C. S. Sam Youd, C. S. Youd, Chris Youd, Christopher Samuel Youd

Clapp, Mitchell Burnside; Mitchell Clapp

Clapp, T. J. Burnside; T. J. Burnside

Clareson, Tom; Thomas D. Clareson

Clark, Alan M.; Alan Clark

Clark, David; David W. Clark

Clark, George Gordon; George Gordon Clarke

Clark, Gina; Gina Ellis Clark

Clarke, Arthur C.; A. C. Clarke, Arthur Clarke

Clarke, Ron; Ron L. Clarke

Clarke, Susan Smith; Sue Clarke, Susan Batho, Susan Clarke

Clarke, Vince; Clarke, Arthur Vincent; A. Vincent Clarke, Arthur Vincent Clarke, Vinc Clarke

Clement, Hal; Clement, Hal (Harry Stubbs); George Richard, Hal (Harry Stubbs) Clement, Harry C. Stubbs, Harry Clement Stubbs, Harry Stubbs

Clements, Dave; David L. Clements

Coblentz, Stanton A.; Stanton Coblentz

Cobley, Michael; Mike Cobley

Coger, Dal; Coger, Dalvan; Dalvan Coger

Cogswell, Theodore R.; Ted Cogswell, Theodore Cogswell

Cohen, Chet; Chester Cohen

Cohen, Sandy; Sanford J. Cohen

Coker, John L. III; John Coker III, John L. Coker

Cole, Lester; Les Cole

Cole, Walt; Walter Cole

Coleman, Sidney; Sid Coleman

Collins, Robert A.; Bob Collins, Robert Collins

Colombo, John Robert; J. R. Columbo, John R. Colombo, John Robert Columbo

Coltrain, Darlene; Darlene P. Coltrain

Conover, Willis; Willis Conover Jr

Consolmagno, Guy; Br Guy Consolmagno, Brother Guy Consolmagno SJ, Brother Guy J. Consolmagno

Cooper, Dave; David Cooper

Coriell, Vern; Vernel Coriell, Vernell Coriell

Corrick, Jim; James A. Corrick

Coslet, Walter; Walter A. Coslet

Couch, Norbert; Norb Couch

Coulson, Buck; Rob Coulson, Robert Coulson

Coulson, Juanita; Juanita Wellons, Juanita Wellons Coulson

Cox, Anne; Myla Seidel

Cox, Ed; Edmund Cox

Craft, Kinuko Y.; Kinuko Craft

Cramer, John; John G. Cramer

Crawford, William; Bill Crawford, William L. Crawford

Crayne, Chuck; Charles Crayne

Crayne, Dian; Dian Girard, Dian Girard Crayne, Dian Girard Pelz, Dian Pelz, J. D. Crayne

Crispin, Ann C.; A. C. Crispin

Croutch, Leslie; Les Croutch, Leslie A. Croutch, Leslie Crouch

Crozier, Ian; I. J. Crozier, Ian J. Crozier

Cruttenden, Arthur; 1/2r Cruttenden, Arthur 1/2r Cruttenden

Currie, Phil; Dr Phil Currie

Cuthbert, Chester; Chester D. Cuthbert

Czerneda, Julie E.; Julie Czerneda


D'Ammassa, Sheila; Sheila D'Amassa

Daniells, Rowena Cory; Cory Daniells

Daniels, Robert Jr; Robert "J R" Daniels

Danner, Bill; William Danner, William Mccory Danner

Darrow, Jack; Clifford Kornoelje

Daugherty, Walter J.; Walt Daugherty, Walter Daugherty, Walter J. Dougherty

Davidson, Ruth R.; Ruth Davidson

Davis, Chan; Chandler Davis

Day, Don; Day, Donald B.; Donald B. Day, Donald Day

Dean, Pamela; Pamela Dyer Bennet

Decandido, Keith R. A.; Keith DeCandido

Deckinger, Michael; Mike Deckinger

Degler, Claude; Cosmic Clod, Cosmic Degler, Don Rogers, John Crisman

Deitz, Ann; Ann Ashe

Delany, Samuel R.; Samuel Delaney, Samuel Delany, Samuel R. Delaney

Dellenbeck, William; Bill Dellenbeck

Delucas, Lawrence J.; Dr Lawrence J. Delucas

del Rey, Judy Lynn; Judy Lynn, Judy Lynn Benjamin, Judy Lynn Benjamin del Rey

del Rey, Lester; Del Rey, Erik Van Lhin, Philip St John, Wade Kaempfert

Dennis, Walter; Walter L. Dennis

Devore, Howard; DeVore, Howard; Dirty Trick DeVore, Howard De Vore

De Camp, Catherine Crook; Catherine C. De Camp, Catherine Crook Decamp, Catherine de Camp

de Camp, L. Sprague; De Camp, L. Sprague Decamp, Sprague de Camp

De La Hunty, Barbara; Barb De La Hunty, Barbara Delahuntey

De Lint, Charles; Charles Delint

De Priest, Carol; Carol DePriest, Carol Hoag

De Vet, Charles; Charles Devet, Charles V. De Vet

Dick, Philip K.; P. K. Dick

Dickson, Gordon R.; Gordon Dickson, Gordy Dickson

Dietz, Belle; Belle Deitz

Dietz, Frank; Frank Deitz, Frank M. Deitz, Franklin Dietz Jr, Franklin M. Deitz

Digenio, Mike; Michael Digenio

Dikty, T. E.; Ted Dikty

Dillies, Decker; Claude E. Davis Jr., Literature Science And Hobbies Club, Marvis Manning, Maurice Paul, Vincent Manning, William Sisson

Dimodica, Gene; Jeannie Dimodica

Dinucci, Dale; Dale Steranka

Disch, Thomas M.; Thomas Disch, Tom Disch

di Fate, Vincent; Di Fate, Vincent Difate

Di Filippo, Paul; Paul De Filippo, Paul Difilippo

Docherty, Vince; Docherty, Vincent; Vincent Docherty

Dockrey, Michelle Vixy; Michelle Dockrey

Dollens, Morris Scott; Morrie Dollens, Morris Dollens, Morris S. Dollens Jr.

Dominick, Margaret M.; Margaret Dominick

Donaho, Bill; William Donaho

Donaldson, Stephen R.; Stephen Donaldson

Douglas, John; Douglas, John R.; John R. Douglas

Doyle, A. Conan; Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Doyle, Debra; Malkin Grey

Droege, Kerstin; Katy Droege, Katy Droege Macdonald, Kerstin Droege Macdonald, Kerstin Droge, Kirsten Droege

Droge, Kirsten; Katy Droge

Drummond, Royal; Royal H. Drummond

Duarte, Fred; Fred Duarte Jr

Dunkelberger, Walt; Walt Dunkleberger, Walter Dunkelberger, Walter Dunkleberger


Eastlake, Donald; Don Eastlake, Donald E. Eastlake III

Eastlake, Jill; Jill Trugman

Eaton, Lloyd; J. Lloyd Eaton

Economou, Phyllis; P. H. Economou, Phyllis Aitch Economou

Eddore, Gharlane Of; David G. Potter

Edeiken, Yale; Yale F. Edeiken

Edwards, Les; Edward Miller

Edwards, Lillian G.; Lillian Edwards, Lillian G. Edward

Ellern, Bill; William Ellern

Ellik, Ron; Nor Kille, The Squirrel

Elliott, Kate; Alis A. Rasmussen

Ellis, Georgina; Gina Ellis

Emshwiller, Ed; Ed Emsh, Edward Emshwiller

Eney, Dick; Eney, Dick (Richard H.); Dick (Richard H.) Eney, Richard H. Eney

Enzmann, Robert; Dr Robert Enzmann

Ernsting, Walter; Clark Darlton

Eshbach, Lloyd Arthur; L. A. Eshbach, Lloyd A. Eshbach, Lloyd Arthur Eschbach, Lloyd Eshbach

Evans, Bill; Wm H. Evans

Evans, Christopher; Chris Evans

Evans, E. Everett; E. E. Evans

Evers, Earl; Earl E. Evers

Everts, Randall (Randy) Alain; Randy Everts


Fabian, Stephen; Stephen E. Fabian, Steve Fabian

Fabish, Marty Coady; Marty Coady

Fahnestalk, Steve; Steve U. Fahnestalk

Fallert, Louis; Blue Petal

Fanthorpe, R. Lionel; Lionel Fanthorpe, Robert Lionel Fanthorpe

Farland, David; Dave Wolverton

Farley, Ralph Milne; Roger Sherman Hoar

Farmer, Philip Jose; Farmer, Philip José; Phil Farmer, Phil Farmer's, Philip José Farmer, Phillip Jose Farmer

Farsaci, Larry; Larry B. Farsaci, Larry Farsace, Litterio B. Farsaci

Fawcett, Bill; William "Bill" Fawcett, William Fawcett

Feist, Raymond E.; Raymond Feist

Feldman, Suzanne; Severna Park

Fenner, Arnie; Arnold Fenner, Arnold M. Fenner

Ferman, Edward L.; E. L. Ferman, Ed Ferman

Fesselmeyer, Bill The Galactic; Bill Fesselmeyer

Finder, Jan Howard; Jan Howard "Wombat" Finder

Finlay, Virgil; /. Finlay, Virgil Finlays

Fisher, Ray; Duggie Fisher, Raymond "Duggie" Fisher, Raymond "Duggy" Fisher, Raymond D. Fisher, Raymond Fisher

Flynn, Michael F.; Michael Flynn

Foglio, Kaja; Kaja Murphy Foglio

Fontenay, Charles L.; Charles Fontenay

Ford, Don; Donald E. Ford

Fortenay, Charles L.; Charles Fortenay

Fortier, Joseph J.; Joe Fortier, Joe J. Fortier

Forward, Robert L.; Dr Robert Forward

Foster, Alan Dean; Allan Dean Foster

Foster, Brad; Foster, Brad W.; Brad W. Foster

Fox, George R.; George Fox

Foyster, John; John Ossian, K. U. F. Widdershins

Franke, Herbert W.; Herbert Franke

Franklin, Ellen; Ellen F. Franklin, Ellen Mae Franklin

Franson, Donald; Don Franson, Donald W. Franson

Fratz, D. Douglas; Doug Fratz

Freas, Frank Kelly; Kelly Freas

Freas, Laura Brodian; Laura Freas

Freeman, Keith H.; Keith Freeman

Freitag, Lisa; Lisa C. Freitag

Frierson, Meade; Meade Frierson III

Friesner, Esther; Friesner, Esther M.; Esther M. Friesner

Frost, Abigale; Abi Frost


Galouye, Daniel F.; Dan Galouye

Garcia, Christopher J.; Chris Garcia, Christopher Garcia

Gardner, Thomas S.; Thomas Gardner Ph.D.

Garrett, Randall; Darryl T. Langart, Randy Garrett

Garrity, Shaenon K.; Shaenon Garrity

Gay, Anne; Anne Nicholls

Geis, Richard E.; Dick Geis, Richard Geis

Gergen, John L.; John Gergen

Gernsback, Hugo; Hugo Gernsbacks

Gibson, Robbie; Roberta Collins

Gibson, William; Bill Gibson

Gilbert, Joe; Joseph Gilbert

Gilbert, Michael; Mike Gilbert

Gillespie, Bruce; Bruce Gillispie

Gilliland, Doll; Dolly Gilliland

Gillings, Walter; Gillings, Walter H.; Wally Gillings, Walter H. Gillings

Gilman, Greer; Greer Ilene Gilman

Gilmore, Anthony; Who Is Anthony Gilmore?

Glicksohn, Mike; Michael Glicksohn

Glover, Don; Don Glover (the Elder), Don Glover (the Younger)

Glut, Donald F.; Don Glut

Glyer, Diana Pavlac; Diana Glyer, Diana Pavlac

Glyer, Mike; Mike Glyer's

Gold, Barry; Barry D. Gold

Gold, Evelyn Paige; Evelyn Gold

Gold, H. L.; Horace Gold, Horace L. Gold

Gold, Lee; Lee Klingstein

Goldstone, Lou; Lou Goldstone Jr

Goodwin, Joy; Joy Clarke, Joy Sanderson

Gotlieb, Phyllis; Phyllis Gottlieb

Gottesman, Samuel D.; S. D. Gottesman

Gould, Steven; Steve Gould

Grady, D. Gary; Gary Grady

Graham, Daniel Jr; Daniel Graham

Graham, Peter; Pete Graham

Graham, Ronald E.; Ron E. Graham, Ron Graham, Ronald Graham

Grant, Charles L.; C. L. Grant, Charles Grant

Grant, Gavin; Gavin J. Grant

Gray, Anne; Anne K. G. Murphy, Anne Kg Murphy, Anne Murphy

Green, Joe; Joseph Green

Greenberg, Martin H.; Martin Harry Greenberg

Greenberg, Martin M.; Dr Martin M. Greenberg

Gregor, John; John Devern

Gresh, Lois; Lois H. Gresh

Griffith, Annie; Anne Walker, Annie Walker

Grigg, David; David R. Grigg

Guidry, John; John H. Guidry

Gunn, James; James E. Gunn, Jim Gunn

Gunn, Karen Pender; Karen Pender, KRin Pender Gunn


Hadley, Thomas P.; Thomas G. Hadley, Tom Hadley

Haggard, H. Rider; H. R. Haggard

Haldeman, Jack C. II; Jack C. Haldeman, Jack Haldeman, Jack Haldeman II, Jay Haldeman, Jay Haldeman II

Hall, Desmond; Desmond W. Hall

Hall, Hal; Hal W. Hall

Hamilton, Edmond; Ed Hamilton, Edmond Hamilton's

Hamilton, Laurell K.; Laurel K. Hamilton

Hamilton, Todd Cameron; Todd C. Hamilton

Hamling, William L.; Bill William Lawrence Hamling, W. Lawrence Hamling, William Hamling

Hammond, Asenath; Asenath Hammond Sternbach

Hammond, Wayne G.; Wayne Hammond

Hannifen, Owen M.; Owen Hannifen

Hansen, Charles F.; Charles Ford "Chuck" Hansen, Charles Ford Hanson

Hansen, Charles Ford; Chuck Hansen

Hanson, Donna Maree; Donna Hanson

Hanson, Erle Barr; Earl Barr Hansen, Earl Barr Hanson

Harding, Lee; Leo Harding, Leo J. Harding

Hardy, David A.; David Hardy

Harmon, Barbara; Barbara Gratz Harmon

Harmon, Jim; Judson Grey

Harness, Jack; Scribe Jh

Harper, Tara K.; Tara Harper

Harris, Chuck; Chuch Harris

Harris, Narrelle; Narrelle M. Harris

Hartmann, William Kenneth; Bill Hartmann, William K. Hartmann

Hartwell, David G.; Hartwell, David; David G. Hartwell, David Hartwell

Harvia, Teddy; David Thayer

Haskell, Fred A. Levy; Levy Haskell, Fred A; Fred Haskell, Fred Levy Haskell

Hawke, Simon; Nicholas Yermakov

Haycock, Dr. Christine; Chris Moskowitz

Hayden, Patrick Nielsen; Nielsen Hayden, Patrick; Patrick Hayden

Hayden, Teresa Nielsen; Nielsen Hayden, Teresa; Teresa Nielsen

Heap, George; George R. Heap

Hearn, Lian; Gillian Rubinstein

Heath, David; David Heath Jr

Heinlein, Robert A.; Bob Heinlein, Robert Heinlein

Heinlein, Virginia; Ginny Heinlein

Hellinger, Stu; Stewart C. Hellinger, Stuart C. Hellinger

Hemingway, Amanda; Jan Siegel

Hemming, Norma; Norma K. Hemming

Henderson, C. J.; Cj Henderson

Henry, Emm Mair; Emma Henry

Hensley, Joe; Honest Joe Hensley, Joe L. Hensley, Joseph Hensley, Joseph Louis Hensley, Louis J. A. Adams

Herman, Jack; Jack R. Herman

Hetherington, Norman; Norm Hetherington

Hevelin, Rusty; James Hevelin, James L. Hevelin, James Leroy Hevelin, James Rusty Hevelin, Rust E. Barron, Rusty Barron Hevelin

Hickey, Rosemary; Mrs Richard Hickey

Hickman, Stephen; Steve Hickman

Higgins, Bill; Beam Jockey

Hill, Alma; OguH Award

Hilton, Rye Town; Escher Hilton, Hilton Westchester

Hlavaty, Arthur D.; Arthur Hlavaty

Hodder, Mark; Mark Hodde

Hodgell, P. C.; Patricia C. Hodgell

Hoffman, Lee; Hoffman, Lee (Lee Shaw); J. Youngfan III, Lee (Lee Shaw) Hoffman, Lee H. Shaw, Lee Hoffman Shaw, Lee Shaw, LeeH Shaw

Hoffman, Nina Kiriki; Nina Kiriki Hoffmann

Hoffman, Stuart S.; Stuart Hoffman

Hogan, James P.; James Hogan

Holdstock, Robert; Holdstock, Robert P.; Rob Holdstock, Robert P. Holdstock

Holland, Ralph M.; Ralph Holland, Ralph Merridette Holland

Holmberg, John Henri; Carl Brandon Jr.

Honisch, Juliane; Ju Honisch

Hooper, Andy; Andrew Hooper, Andrew P. Hooper

Hormats, Gail; Gail F. Hormats

Hornig, Charles; Hornig, Charles D.; Charles D. Hornig, Charlie Hornig

Hotel, Sheraton Park; Marriott Wardman Park

Howard, Robert E.; R. E. Howard, Robert Howard

Huizer, Kees; Uncle Kees

Hulan, David; Dave Hulan

Hunnewell, Sumner Gary; Gary Hunnewell, Hildifons Took, S. Gary Hunnewell

Hunt, Roy V.; Roy Hunt


Illingworth, Marcia Kelly; Marcia Illingworth, Marcia McCoy


Jackson, Charles Lee; Charles Lee Jackson II

Jackson, Steve; Stephen Jackson

Janisch, Pam; Pam Janish

Janke, Curtis; Curtis D. Janke

Jason, Ben; Ben P. Jason

Jencevice, Michael; Mike Jencevice

Jenkins, Harry Jr; Harry Jenkins

Jennings, Robert; Bob Jennings

Jenssen, Dick; Dick "Ditmar" Jenssen, Ditmar "Dick" Jenssen

Johnson, George Clayton; George C. Johnson

Johnson, Marijane; Janey Johnson

Johnson, Seth A.; Seth Johnson

Johnstone, Ted; David Mcdaniel

Jones, Eddie; S. Fantoni

Jones, Jeff; Jeffrey Jones

Jones, Marsha; Marsha Brown, Marsha Elkin

Jones, Stephen; Steve Jones

Joquel, Arthur Louis II; A. L. Joquel, Art Joquel, Arthur Louis Joquel

Jordan, Robert; James Rigney

Jumper, Joyce Potter McDaniel; Joyce McDaniel


Kagan, Janet; Janet Megson

Kaluta, Michael; Mike Kaluta

Kare, Jordin; Jordin T. Kare

Kare, Mary Kay; Mary Kay Jackson

Katz, Arnie; Arnold Katz

Katz, Joyce; Katz, Joyce Worley; Joyce Fisher, Joyce M. Fisher, Joyce Worley Katz

Keasler, Max; W. Max Keasler

Keesan, Morris M.; Morris Keesan

Keifer, Margaret Ford; Margaret Ford Kiefer, Margaret Kiefer

Keller, Dr David H.; David H. Keller, David H. Keller M. D., David Keller, Doc Keller, Dr David Keller

Keller, Mark; Mark M. Keller

Kennedy, Joe; X. J. Kennedy

Kent, Linda; Linda Ann Kent

Kepner, James; Jimmy Kepner

Kerkhof, Frank; Franklin Kerkhof

Kettle, Leroy; Roy Kettle

Kidd, Virginia; V. K. Emden, Virginia Blish, Virginia Emden, Virginia K. E. Blish, Virginia K. Emden, Virginia Kidd Emden

Kiernan, Caitlin R.; Caitlin Kiernan

Kilby, Clyde S.; C. S. Kilby, Clyde Kilby

Kilworth, Garry; Gary Kilworth

Klein, Jay Kay; J. K. Klein, Jay K. Klein

Knight, Damon; Damon Knight's, Donald Laverty, Ritter Conway, Stuart Fleming

Kobee, Sally; Sally Kobee Ludwig

Koch, Irv; Irvin Koch

Kondo, Yoji; Eric Kotani

Konig, H. C.; H. Konig, Hc Konig

Konkin, Samuel Edward III; Sam Konkin, Samuel Konkin III

Koontz, Dean R.; Dean Koontz

Kornbluth, C. M.; Cecil Corwin, Cy Kornbluth, Cyril Kornbluth

Korshak, Erle; Earle Korshak, Erle M. Korshak, Erle Melvin Korshak, Mel Korshak

Kramer, Ed; Edward Kramer

Krasnostein, Alisa; Alisa Karsnostein

Krenkel, Roy G.; Roy Krenkel

Krueger, Ken; Ken Kreuger, Kenneth J. Krueger

Kubilius, Walter; J. S. Klimaris, Walt Kubilus, Walter Kubilis

Kuhn, Dick; Richard J. Kuhn

Kummer, Frederick Arnold Jr; Fredk A. Kummer Jr

Kuslan, Trudy; Gertrude Kuslan

Kyle, David A.; Kyle, Dave; Dave Kyle, David Kyle

Kyle, Ruth; Ruth Landis


L'Engle, Madeleine; Madeline L'Engle

Labowitz, Gary; Gary H. Labowitz

Lackey, Mercedes; Mercedes Misty Lackey

Lake, David; David J. Lake

Lambeck, Robert; Robert N. Lambeck

Landeesse, Ju; Ju Transcendancing

Landis, Geoffrey A.; Geoff Landis, Geoffrey Landis

Lane, Timothy; Tim Lane

Laney, F. Towner; Fran Laney, Francis T. Laney, Francis Towner Laney

Langford, Dave; Langford, David; David Langford

Lansdale, Joe; Joe R. Lansdale

Larson, Randall D.; Randall Larson

Laskowski, George Lan; George Laskowski

Latham, Philip; R. S. Richardson, Robert S. Richardson

Lavender, Deedee; Dede Lavender

Lawhead, Stephen R.; Stephen Lawhead

Lee, Teri V.; Teri Lee

Leeper, Evelyn; Leeper, Evelyn C.; Evelyn C. Leeper

Leiber, Fritz; Fritz Leiber Jr, Fritz Lieber

Leinster, Murray; Will F. Jenkins, Will Jenkins, William F. Jenkins

Levantman, Herbert; Herman Leventman

Levin, Barry R.; Barry Levin

Levine, David; Dave Levine, David D. Levine

Levy, Michael M.; Michael Levy

Lewis, Alan J.; Alan Lewis

Lewis, Albert J.; Albert Lewis

Lewis, Al; Allen Lewis

Lewis, Anthony R.; Tony Lewis

Lewis, Suford; Sue Lewis

le Guin, Ursula K.; Le Guin, Ursula K. Leguin, Ursula Le Guin

Lichtman, Robert; Bob Lichtman

Liebscher, Walt; Walt Leibscher

Lillian, Guy; Guy H. Lillian III

Lillian, Rose Marie; Rosy Lillian

Lindahn, Val Lakey; Val Lindahn

Lindholm, Megan; Robin Hobb

Lindskoog, Kathryn; Katherine Lindskoog

Lingen, Marissa; Marissa K. Lingen

Lippincott, Gary; Gary A. Lippincott

Litt, Elan; Elan Jane Litt

Logan, Anne Laurie; Annlaurie Logan

Long, Frank Belknap; Frank B. Long Jr, Frank Belknap Long Jr

Longcor, Michael; Michael "Moonwulf" Longcor

Longo, Dana Adams; Dana Adams

Longyear, Barry B.; Barry Longyear

Lovecraft, H. P.; Howard P. Lovecraft, Hp Lovecraft

Low, Professor A. M.; A. M. Low

Lowndes, Doc; Bob Lowndes, R. W. "Doc" Lowndes, Robert A. Lowndes, Robert A. W. (Doc) Lowndes, Robert A. W. Lowndes, Robert Doc Lowndes, Robert Lowndes, Robert W. Lowndes

Ludwig, Edward; Edward W. Ludwig

Lundwall, Sam; Sam J. Lundwall

Lupoff, Richard; Lupoff, Richard A.; Dick Lupoff, Richard A. Dick Lupoff, Richard A. Lupoff

Luttrell, Lesleigh; Lesleigh Couch, Lesleigh Couch Luttrell

Lynch, Hal; Harold Lynch

Lynch, Nicki; Nikki Lynch

Lynch, Rich; Dick Lynch, Richard Lynch

Lynn, Elizabeth; Lizzy Lynn

Lyons, P. Howard; Howard Lyons, Howard P. Lyons


Macdonald, James; James D. Macdonald, Jim Macdonald, Yog Sysop

Macgregor, Loren; Loren J. Macgregor

MacInnes, Pam; Mrs D. A. Macinnes

MacLeod, Ian; Ian R. MacLeod

Macskasy, Frank; MacSkasy, Frank; Frank Macskasy Jnr

Madden, J. R. Mad Dog; James Madden

Madden, J. R.; J. R. "Mad Dog" Madden

Maddern, Pip; Philippa C. Maddern, Philippa Maddern, Phillippa Maddern

Madle, Bob; Madle, Robert A.; Robert A. Madle, Robert Madle

Magnus, John; John L. Magnus Jr.

Mair, Emm; Emm Henry

Malme, Chris; Chris "Minstrel" Malme

Malzberg, Barry N.; Barry Malzberg

Manchess, Gregory; Greg Manchess

Marconette, Walter E.; W. E. Marconette, Wally Marconette, Walter Marconette

Margulies, Leo; Leo Marguiles

Marion, Tim; Tim C. Marion

Maroney, Kevin J.; Kevin Maroney

Masamitsu, Lyne; Lyne Marie Masamitsu

Masson, David; David I. Masson

Masters, Norman; Norman E. Masters

Masterson, Graham; Graham Masterton

Mattingly, David; Mattingly, David B.; David B. Mattingly

May, Julian; J. C. (Julian) May, Judy May, Julian C. May

Mayhew, Joe; Mayhew, Joseph T.; Joseph T. Mayhew

McAuley, Paul J.; Paul McAuley

Mccain, Vernon; Vernon L. Mccain

Mccomas, J. Francis; Jessie F. McComas

Mcdowell, Michael P. Kube; Michael Kube Mcdowell

Mcguire, Christian; Christian B. Mcguire

McGuire, Seanan; Mira Grant

McHugh, Maureen F.; Maureen Mchugh

Mcintyre, Vonda N.; Vonda Mcintyre, Vonda Neil Mcintyre

Mckenna, Juliet E.; Juliet McKenna

McKeown, Ned; Ed McKeown

McKillip, Patricia; Patricia A. Mckillip

McNamara, Peter; Peter Trevor McNamara

McPhail, Dan; Dan MacPhail, Daniel McPhail

Meisinger, Ginny; Virginia Meisinger

Mercer, Beryl; Beryl Henley, Beryl Henley Mercer

Meredith, Scott; Scott Feldman

Merril, Judith; Judith Merril Pohl, Judith Merrill, Judy Zissman

Merritt, A.; Abraham Merritt

Merritt, Scott; Scott M. Merritt

Merwin, Sam; Sam Merwin Jr

Meskys, Ed; Meskys, Edmund R.; Edmund R. Meskys

Metcalf, Norman C.; Norm Metcalf, Norman Metcalf

Meyer, Richard I.; Richard Meyer

Michel, John B.; Hugh Raymond, John B. Mitchel, John Michel, Johnny Michel

Mike, Orange; Lowrey, Michael J. "Orange Mike"; Michael J. "Orange Mike" Lowrey, Michael J. Lowrey, Michael James Lowrey, Mike Lowrey

Milan, Victor; Vic Milan

Miller, Don; Donald Miller

Miller, P. Schuyler; Peter Schuyler Miller

Miller, Walter M. Jr; Walter M. Miller

Miranda, Vince; Vincent Miranda

Miske, Jack Chapman; J. Chapman Miske

Mixon, Laura J.; Laura Mixon

Modesitt, L. E. Jr; L. E. Modesitt

Moffatt, Anna Sinclare; Anna Moffatt, Anna S. Moffatt, Anna Sinclaire Moffatt

Moffatt, June; June Konigsberg, June Konigsberg Moffatt, June M. Moffatt

Moffatt, Len; Len Moffat, Leonard J. Moffatt, Leonard Moffatt

Molesworth, Vol; Voltaire Molesworth

Molloy, Pat; G. Patrick Molloy

Monahan, Jacqueline; Jacq Monahan

Monteleone, Thomas F.; Thomas Monteleone, Tom Monteleone

Moorcock, Michael; Mike Moorcock

Moore, C. L.; Catherine Moore

Moore, Harry B.; Harry Moore

Moore, Janice; Janice L. Moore

Moore, Ken; Khen Moore

Morgan, Richard; Richard K. Morgan

Morley, Lewis; Lewis Morley Jr, Lewis P. Morley

Morman, Mary; Mem Morman

Morris, Harry O.; Harry O. Morris Jr.

Morrow, James K.; James Morrow

Moscoe, Mike Shepherd; Mike Moscoe, Mike Shepherd

Mosher, Orville K.; Orville Mosher

Mullen, Stanley; Stan Mullen


Nagey, Ro Lutz; Ro Lutz Nagy, Ro Nagey

Nelson, Ray; Radell Nelson, Ray Faraday Nelson, Ray Nelson's

Nicoll, James; James Davis Nicoll

Niven, Marilyn; Fuzzy Pink Niven, Marilyn J. Niven

Nolan, William F.; William Nolan

Norton, Andre; Alice Mary Norton

Notkin, Debbie; Deb Notkin

Novitski, Paul; Paul Novitsky

Null, Bob; Merlin R. Null

Nyrond, Zander; Jonathan Waite


O'Meara, James; Jim O'Meara

OBrien, Christopher M.; Christopher M. O'Brien

Offutt, Andrew J.; A. J. Offutt, Andrew Offutt, Andy Offutt, Andy Offutt's

Olander, Tom; Tom Oelander

Olson, Erik; Erik V. Olson

Olson, Mark; Olson, Mark; Mark L. Olson, Mark Olson

Olson, Priscilla; Priscilla Pollner

Orrok, Timothy; G. Timothy Orrok

Ortlieb, Marc; Marc A. Ortlieb, Marc Ortleib

Oshinsky, Abraham; Abe Oshinsky

Osman, Robert; Ozzie Osman

Oz, Danny; Daniel Heap, Danny Heap


Page, Gerald W.; Gerald Page, Gerry Page, Jerry Page

Palencar, John Jude; John Palencar

Palmer, Raymond A.; R. A. Palmer, Ray Palmer, Raymond Palmer

Panshin, Alexei; Alexi Panshin

Panshin, Cory; Cory Seidman, Cory Seidman Panshin

Paper, Occasional; Twa Corbies

Passovoy, Anne; Ann Passavoy, Ann Passovoy

Passovoy, Bob; Bob Doc Passovoy, Bob Passavoy

Patterson, William H.; Bill Patterson, William H. Patterson Jr

Paul, Frank R.; Frank Paul

Payne, Phil Stephensen; Phil Stephenson Payne

Peacey, Tony; Anthony Peacey

Pelz, Bruce; Pelz, Bruce E.; Bruce E. Pelz, Bruce Pelz's, The Elephant

Pelz, Elayne; Elayne F. Pelz

Perdue, Elmer; Elmer Purdue

Persons, Kelly; Kelly S. Persons

Peterson, Bob; Robert C. Peterson, Robert Peterson

Peterson, Polly Jo; Polly Peterson

Petrey, Susan; Susan C. Petrey

Pettit, Billy; Billy H. Pettit

Peyton, Roger; Rog Peyton, Roger G. Peyton

Phillips, Alexander; Alex Phillips, Alexander M. Phillips

Phillips, Evan; Evan G. Phillips

Phillips, Ralph Rayburn; Ralph Rayburn, Ralph Rayburn Philips

Phillips, Rog; John Wiley, Rog Philips, Roger P. Graham, Roger Phillips Graham

Pickersgill, Greg; Gregory Pickersgill

Pickersgill, Linda; Linda Krawecke

Pierce, Alexandra; Alex Pierce

Pierre, Filthy; Erwin Filthy Pierre Strauss, Erwin S. Filthy Pierre Strauss, Erwin S. Strauss, Erwin Strauss

Pini, Wendy; Wendy Fletcher

Plotz, Dick; Richard Plotz

Pohl, Frederik; Edson McCann, Fred Pohl, Frederick Pohl, Frederik G. Pohl

Polack, Gillian; Gillian Pollack, Gillian Pollock

Pomeroy, John H.; John Pomeroy

Porter, Andy; Porter, Andrew I.; Andrew I. Porter, Andrew Porter

Pournelle, Jerry; J. E. Pournelle

Powers, Richard; Richard M. Powers

Poyser, Kennedy; Kennedy "Kippy" Poyser

Poyser, Victoria; Victoria Lisi

Pratchett, Terry; Terry R. R. Pratchett

Price, George W.; George Price

Price, Pat; Patrick Lucien Price

Priest, Christopher; Chris Priest, Colin Wedgelock, John Luther Novak

Prieto, Frank R. Jr; Frank Prieto Jr

Prieto, Frank R.; Frank Prieto, Frank Prieto Jr

Prince, Sarah; Sarah S. Prince

Pugmire, Wilum; Bill Pugmire

Purvis, Harry G.; Harrington Greyfield Purvis Jr.


Quinn, James L.; James Quinn


Racic, Mario; Mario Racic Jr

Raeburn, Boyd; Boyd Raeburn S.

Raftery, Anna; Anna Rafferty

Raftery, Gwen Knighton; Gwen Knighton, Gwen Knighton Raferty, Gwen Knighton Rafferty

Raftery, Joe; Joe Rafferty

Randall, Marta; Martha Bergstresser

Rankin, Robert; Robert Rankine

Rapp, Art; Arthur H. Rapp, R. T. Rapp

Rapp, Nancy; Nan Share, Nancy Share, Nancy Share Rapp

Raybin, George Nims; George N. Raybin, George Raybin

Reiss, Andrew Joel; Andrew Reiss

Renner, Theresa; Teresa Renner

Rhodan, Perry; Perry Rhodent, Perry Rodan, Perry Rodent

Richardson, Bob; Robert H. Richardson

Richardson, Darrell; Darrell C. Richardson

Rickhardt, William; Bill Rickhardt, William C. Rickhardt, Wm C. Rickhardt

Rico, Joe; Joseph Rico

Riddle, Lee; Charles Lee Riddle

Rimel, Duane W.; Duane Rimel

Robe, Gary; Gary R. Robe

Roberds, Sully; Clarence Williard Roberds

Robins, Jack; Jack Robinson, Jack Rubenstein, Jack Rubinson

Robinson, Frank M.; Frank Robinson

Robinson, James; Dr James Robinson, Dr Jane, Dr Jane Robinson

Roddenberry, Gene; Eugene Roddenberry, Eugene Roddenberry II

Rogers, Doreen; Doreen Parker, Doreen Rogers Parker

Rogers, Sidonie; Sid Rogers

Romm, Dave; David E. Romm

Romm, Joseph; Dr Joseph Romm

Rosenblum, J. Michael; Michael Rosenblum, Michel Rosenblum, Mike Rosenblum

Rothman, Milton A.; Milt Rothman, Milton Rothman, Milty Rothman

Rotsler, Bill; Rotsler, William; William Rotsler

Rowley, Christopher; Christopher B. Rowley

Ruppert, Conrad H.; Connie Ruppert, Conrad Ruppert

Rusch, Kristine Kathryn; Kristin Kathryn Rusch

Russell, Eric Frank; E. F. Russell

Russell, Samuel D.; Sam Russell

Ryan, Charles; Charles C. Ryan


Saari, Oliver; O. E. Saari

Sachter, Ruth; Louise Sachter, Ruth L. Sachter

Sadler, Thomas D.; Thomas Sadler

Saha, Art; Arthur W. Saha

Salmonson, Jessica Amanda; Amos Salmonson, Jessica Salmonson

Sanderson, H. P.; H. P. (Sandy) Sanderson, S&y S&erson, Sandy Sanderson

Santesson, Hans Stefan; Hans Santesson, Hans Stefan Santessen, Hans Steffan Santesson

Santos, Dan Dos; Daniel Dos Santos

Sapienza, Peggy Rae; Pavlat, Peggy Rae; Peggy Rae, Peggy Rae Mcknight, Peggy Rae Mcknight Pavlat, Peggy Rae Mcknight Pavlat Sapienza, Peggy Rae Pavlat, Peggy Rae Pavlat Sapienza

Sapiro, Leland; Lee Sapiro

Saturn, Sergeant; Sarge Saturn

Sawyer, Robert J.; Rob Sawyer, Robert Sawyer

Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann; Elizabeth Scarborough

Schiff, Stuart David; Stuart Schiff

Schlobin, Roger C.; Roger Schlobin

Schluck, Thomas; Thomas Schlueck, Tom Schluck

Schneck, Matthew; Matt Schneck

Schoenherr, John; Jack Schoenherr

Scholz, Kirstin Tanger; Kirstin Tanger

Schultheis, Steven; Steve Schultheis

Schultz, Richard; Dick Schultz

Schumann, Philip; Phil Schumann

Schuster, Joe; Joseph Schuster

Schwartz, Arthur L.; A. L. Schwartz, Suddsy Schwartz

Schwartz, Julius; Julie Schwartz

Scithers, George; George H. Scithers

Scortia, Thomas N.; Tom Scortia

Scott, Mike; Dr. Plokta

Scrivner, Joyce; Joyce Scrivener

Searles, A. Langley; Langley Searles

Sehnert, Art; Art B. Sehnert

Serviss, Garrett P.; G. P. Serviss

Shaver, Richard; Richard S. Shaver, Shaver Mystery

Shaw, Larry; Larry T. Shaw

Shaw, Nancy Tucker; Nancy Tucker

Shaw, Noreen Falasca; Noreen Kane Falasca Shaw

Shaw, Noreen; Noreen Falasca

Sheldon, Alice B.; Alice Bradley Sheldon

Shepherd, Wilson; Wilson Shepard

Shiffman, Stu; Stu Schiffman

Shorter, Elliot; Eliot Shorter, Elliot K. Shorter, Elliot Kay Shorter

Shroyer, Frederick; Fred Shroyer

Shull, Jim; James Shull

Siclari, Joe; Joseph D. Siclari

Siegel, Jerry; Jerome Siegel

Silver, Pat; Pat Brown

Silver, Steven H.; Silver, Steven H; Steven Silver

Silverberg, Robert; Bob Silverberg

Simak, Clifford D.; Cliff Simak, Clifford Simak

Simmons, William Mark; Wm Mark Simmons

Sinkiewicz, Ray J.; Ray J. Sienkiewicz

Siros, Willie; Bill Siros

Ski, Luke; The Great Luke Ski

Skinner, Cortney; Courtney Skinner

Slater, Ian; Ian R. Slater

Slater, Ken; Ken F. Slater, Kenneth F. Slater

Sloan, Kirby Bartlett; Kirby Sloan

Sloan, Marie Bartlett; Marie Bartlett

Sloane, T. O'Conor; T. O'Connor Sloane

Slusser, George; George Edgar Slusser

Smith, Chaunticleer Michael; Michael Smith

Smith, Clark Ashton; C. A. Smith

Smith, Dick; Uncle Dick

Smith, E. E.; Doc Smith, Doc Smith's, E. E. Doc Smith, E. E. Smith Ph D., E. E. Smith's, Edward E. "Doc" Smith, Edward E. Smith, Edward E. Smith Ph D., Edward E. Smith PhD

Smith, Kevin; Kev Smith

Smith, Leah Zeldes; Smith, Leah; Leah A. Zeldes, Leah Smith, Leah Zeldes

Sneary, Rick; Richard Sneary, The Hermit Of South Gate

Snellings, Lisa; Lisa Snellings Clark

Snodgrass, Melinda; Melinda M. Snodgrass

Sorensen, Ian; Ian Sorenson

Speer, Jack; J. F. Speer, J. Speer, Jack F. Speer, Jack Speer's, John Bristol Speer

Speller, Maureen Kincaid; Maureen Speller

Spelman, Henry; Henry M. Spelman, Henry M. Spelman III

Stableford, Brian; Brian M. Stableford

Stackpole, Michael; Michael A. Stackpole, Mike Stackpole

Stanley, Norman F.; N. F. Stanley, Norm Stanley, Norman Stanley

Stapledon, Olaf; W. Olaf Stapledon

Stark, J. Ben; Ben Stark

Steele, Allen M.; Allen Steele

Stein, Diana Harlan; Diana Stein

Stern, Edie; Edith Stern

Stevens, Milt; Milton Stevens

Stevens, Paul J.; Paul Stevens

Steward, Gerald A.; Ger Steward, Gerald Steward

Stewart, Bhob; Bob M. Stewart, Robert Bhob Stewart

Stewart, Boob; Bob "Boob" Stewart

Stine, G. Harry; Harry Stine, Lee Correy

Stinson, Janine; Janine G. Stinson

Stockman, Joseph; Uncle Vlad

Stone, Graham; Graham B. Stone

Stopa, Joni; Joni Cornell, Joni Doyle, Kitty Doyle

Stross, Charles; Charlie Stross

Studebaker, Don; Jon DeCles

Studley, Bob; Bob Studly

Sturgeon, Theodore; Ted Sturgeon, Ted Sturgeon's

Sucharitkul, Somtow; S. P. Somtow

Sullivan, Tricia; Valery Leith

Susan, Donald; Don Susan

Sween, Roger; Roger D. Sween

Sweet, Darrell K.; Darrell Sweet

Swisher, Frances; F. N. Swisher

Swisher, R. D.; Bob Swisher, Doc Swisher, Dr Swisher, R. D. Swisher Ph D., Robert D. Swisher, Robert Swisher

Symes, Georgine; Georgine Chacran


Tackett, Roy; Horrible Old Roy Tackett

Tall, Stephen; Compton Crook

Tanner, Charles R.; Charles Tanner

Taurasi, James V.; James V. Taurasi Sr, James V. Taurisi, Jas V

Taylor, Travis S.; Travis "Doc" Taylor, Travis Taylor

Tchaikovsky, Adrian; Adrian Czajkowski

Tem, Melanie; Melanie Kubachko

Temple, William F.; Bill Temple

Tepper, Matthew B.; Matthew Tepper

Tepper, Sheri S.; Sheri Tepper

Terwilliger, Guy; Guy E. Terwilleger, Guy Terwilleger

Thiessen, J. Grant; Grant Thiessen

Thompson, Donald B.; D. B. Thompson

Thompson, Donald C.; Don C. Thompson

Thompson, Don; Don B. Thompson

Thomsen, Brian M.; Brian M. Thompson, Brian Thomsen

Thomson, Becky; Becky Bennett

Tiptree, James Jr; Alice Sheldon, James Tiptree, Raccoona Sheldon

Tolkien, Christopher J. R.; Christopher Tolkien

Tolkien, J. R. R.; JRR Tolkien

Tompkins, Suzanne; Suzanne Suzle Tompkins, Suzanne V. Tompkins

Torgersen, Brad R.; Brad Torgersen

Toskey, Burnett; Burnett R. Toskey

Train, Ossie; Train, Oswald; Oswald Train, Ozzie Train

Tremaine, F. Orlin; Orlin Tremaine

Trimble, Bjo; Betty Jo McCarthy, Betty Jo Wells, Bjo McCarthy, Bjo Wells

Tubb, Ted; E. C. Tubb, Edward Tubb, Edwin C. Tubb

Tuck, Donald; Donald H. Tuck

Tucker, Bob; Tucker, Wilson; Arthur W. Tucker, Arthur Wilson Tucker, Bob Hoy Ping Pong Tucker, Wilson Bob Tucker, Wilson Smooth Bob Tucker, Wilson Tucker

Tucker, S. J.; S. J. "Sooj" Tucker

Turek, Leslie; Leslie J. Turek

Turner, Harry; H. E. Turner

Turtledove, Harry; Eric G. Iverson, H. N. Turteltaub

Tutihasi, R. Laurraine; Laurraine Tutihasi, R. Lauraine Tutihasi

Tymm, Marshall B.; Marshall Tymm

Tymn, Marshall B.; Marshall Tymn


Unger, Julius; Julie Unger

Utley, Steven; Steve Utley


Valente, Catherynne M.; Catherynne Valente

Vandenberg, Pat; Patricia A. Vandenberg

Vanderwerf, Dave; David A. Vanderwerf, David Vanderwerf

VanTilburg, Ray; Ray Van Tilburg

Van Arnam, Dave; Van Arnam

Van Camp, Susan; Susan Vancamp

Van Couvering, John; Van Couvering

Van Ewyck, Annemarie; Annemarie Kindt Van Ewyck, Annemarie V. Ewyck

van Gelder, Gordon; Van Gelder

van Houten, Ray; Raymond Van Houten

Van Name, Mark; Mark L. Van Name

van Vogt, A. E.; A. E. Vanvogt, Van Vogt

Vardeman, Robert; Bob Vardeman, Robert E. Vardeman

Varley, John; Herb Boehm

Venable, Bill; William Venable

Veney, Bill; William D. Veney

Vernon, Ursula; T. Kingfisher

Verrill, A. Hyatt; A. Hayatt Verril

Vick, Shelby; Tommy Lee Tracy

Vinge, Joan D.; Joan Vinge

Virzi, Pat; Pat Mueller

Vonnegut, Kurt Jr; Kurt Vonnegut

Vorzimer, Peter J.; Pete Vorzimer, Peter Vorzimer


Walsh, Michael; Mike Walsh

Ward, Mike; Michael J. Ward

Warner, Harry Jr.; Harry Warner, Harry Warner Jr's, Harry Warner's, Harry Warners

Warnock, Karen; Karen "Womble" Warnock

Warren, William R. Jr; William R. Warren, William Warren

Washington, Raym; Raymond Washington, Raymond Washington Jr

Watkins, Russ; Russell Watkins

Wayne, Taral; Taral Wayne MacDonald, Wayne Macdonald

Webb, Catherine; Claire North, Kate Griffin

Webster, Doug; Webster, Douglas; Douglas Webster

Weedal, Norman; Norm Weedal

Weinbaum, Stanley G.; Stanley Weinbaum

Weinberg, Robert; Bob Weinberg, Robert E. Weinberg

Weinstein, Elliot; Weinstein, Elst; Elliot Steven Weinstein, Elst Weinstein

Weir, Arthur Doc; Arthur Weir, Doc Weir

Weisinger, Mort; Mort Weissinger, Mortimer Weisinger

Weisskopf, Toni; T. K. F. Weisskopf, Toni Weiskopf, Toni Weisskopf Reinhardt

Wertham, Frederick; Dr Wertham

Wessely, Tehani; Tehani Croft

Weston, Peter; Pete Weston, Peter R. Weston

Wetzel, George T.; George Wetzel

Wheeler, Mari Beth; Mary Beth Wheeler

White, Ted; Ted White's

Whitehead, Henry; Henry S. Whitehead

Whitley, Eva; Eva C. Whitley

Whitmore, Steve; Stephen Whitmore

Whyte, Drew; Andrew A. Drew Whyte, Andrew Adams Whyte, Drew White

Widner, Art; Art Widner's, R. Twidner

Wiener, Robert K.; Robert Weiner, Robert Wiener

Wiggins, Olon F.; Olon Wiggins

Willett, Paul J.; Paul Willett

Williams, James; James A. Williams

Williamson, Melissa; Peregryn Wyndryder

Willis, Madeleine; Madeleine Willis

Willis, Walt; Willis, Walter A.; Walt Willis's, Walter A. Willis, Walter Bryan, Walter Willis

Wilson, Dick; Richard Wilson, Richard Wilson Jr

Wind, Clifford R.; Cliff Wind, Clifford Wind

Wolfe, Gary K.; Gary K. Wolf

Wollheim, Donald A.; D. A. Wollheim, Don Wollheim, Donald Wollheim

Wollheim, Elsie; Wollheim, Elsie Balter; Elsie Balter, Elsie Balter Wollheim

Wood, Honey; Honey Wood Graham

Wood, Russell M.; Rus Wood, Russ Wood

Wood, Susan; Susan Glicksohn, Susan Wood Glicksohn

Wood, Wally; Wallace Wood

Woodman, Russ; Russell H. Woodman

Woods, Delphyne Joan; Delphyne Woods, Joan Hanke Woods

Wrede, Patricia C.; Pat Wrede, Patricia Collins Wrede, Patricia Wrede

Wright, Mary M.; Lilith Lorraine

Wright, Rosco E.; Rosco Wright, Roscoe E. Wright

Wrzos, Joe; Joseph Ross, Joseph Wrzos

Wu, Brianna; Brianna Spacekat Wu

Wu, Diana Gallagher; Diana G. Gallagher, Diana Gallagher

Wyman, Vicky; Vicky M. Wyman

Wyndham, John; John Beynon Harris



Yerke, Bruce; Carlton J. Fassbinder

Yerke, T. Bruce; Carlton J. Fassbeinder

Young, Andy; Andrew T. Young, Dr Andrew T. Young

Young, George H.; George Young

Young, Peter; Pete Young


Zahorski, Kenneth; Kenneth J. Zahorski

Zellich, Michelle; Michelle Tenney Zellich

Zellich, Rich; Richard Zellich

Zettel, Sarah; C. L. Anderson

Zeve, Steven Joel; Stephen Joel Zeve

Zicree, Marc Scott; Marc Zicree

Zimmer, Paul Edwin; Paul Zimmer

Zitzow, Harold; Harold P. Zitzow

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