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Fanac Preferred Names's will be listed in bold font.

Un-hyphenated multi word surnames will be displayed in orange font.

Note that un-hyphenated multi-word surnames that start with Van, Von, De, La, etc., with or without capitals, will be handled by the program and do not need enties in this list.

This index is generated in part by the same programs that are used to maintain the Names Cross Reference at the Fanac Fan History Project website. For that reason it is not practical for this index to be updated on-line using the usual WikiDot procedure. You can do it but your changes will be overwritten at the next update. Addiitions or correction need to be sent to me so that they can be applied to the appropriate support file.

gro.canaf|wkcaj#)teR( retsambeW canaF ,revaeW kcaJ


Ackerman, Forrest J; F. J. Ackerman, Forest Ackerman, Forest J. Ackerman, Forrest Ackerman, Forrest Ackermann, Forrest J. Ackerman, Forrest J. Ackermann, Forrey Ackerman, Forrie Ackerman, Forry Ackerman, J. Ackerman

Adams, Roe R.; Roe Adams

Addams, Charles; Chales Addams

Aldiss, Brian W.; Brian Aldiss

Allen, Roger MacBride; Roger Allen, Roger Macbride Allen, Roger McBride Allen

Ananayo-Rawlik, Shirlene; Shirlene Ananayo, Shirlene Ananayo Rawlik, Shirlene Annanayo, Shirlene Rawlik

Anderson, Kevin J.; Kevin Anderson

Andrushack, Harry; Andrushack Perzines

Ashley, Michael; Mike Ashley

Asimov, Isaac; I. Asimov, Issac Asimov

Askan, Colin H.; Colin Askan


Balazs, Frank; Franf Balazs

Baltadonis, John V.; John Baltadonis

Barker, Peter (Mal); Mal Barker, Peter Barker

Barlow, Robert; R. H. Barlow

Barnes, Steven; Steve Barnes

Barnes, Steve; S. Barnes

Baxter, Steven; Steve Baxter

Bayley, Barrington; Barry Bayley

Bemis, Judy; Judi Bemis, Judy Beamis

Benford, Gregory; Greg Benford

Birkhead, Sheryl L.; Sheryl Birkhead

Bloch, Robert; Bob Bloch

Bok, Hannes; Hannes V. Bok

Bond, Nelson S.; Nelson Bond

Boston Baden, Chaz; Chaz Boston Baden

Bradbury, Ray; Ray D. Bradbury

Bradley, Lee; Lee B. Inselberg, Lee Bradley Inselberg, Lee Iselberg

Bradley, Marion Zimmer; Marion Bradley, Marion Z. Bradley

Brandon, Carl Joshua; Carl Brandon, Carl J. Brandon

Breidbart, Seth; Seth Briedbart

Bridges, David E.; Dave Bridges, David Bridges, David Superfan Bridges

Broadman, Perdita; Perdita Lilly, Perdita Lilly Boardman

Brooks, Ned; Cuyler Brooks, Cuyler W. Brooks

Brown, Charles N.; Charles Brown, Charlie Brown

Brown, Doug; D. J. Brown

brown, rich; Rich Brown, Richard Brown

Bulmer, Kenneth H.; H. Ken Bulmer, Ken ? Bulmer, Ken Bulmer, Ken Bulrmer

Bulmer, Pamela; Pam Bulmer

Burke, John F.; John Burke


Calkins, Gregg; Greg Calkins

Cameron, Richard Graeme; R. Graeme Cameron

Cameron, Todd J.; J. Cameron Todd

Campbell, (John) Ramsey; John Ramsey Campbell

Campbell, H. J. (Bert); Bert Cambpell, H. J. Bert Campbell, H. J. Campbell

Campbell, John W.; J. W. Campbell, John Campbell, John W. Campbell Jr.

Campbell, Peter; Pete Campbell

Canty, Thomas; Tom Canty

Carey, Elisabeth; Elizabeth Carey

Carr, G. M.; Gertie Carr

Carr, Joan W.; Joan Carr

Carswell, Hugh C.; Hugh Carswell

Castro, Adam-Troy; Adam Castro, Adam Troy Castro

Chalker, Jack L.; Jack Chalker

Chamberlain, Ross; C. Ross Chamberlain

Chancellor, Ann L.; Ann Layman Chancellor

Chauvenet, Louis Russell; Louis Russel Chauvenet

Cherry, David A.; David Cherry

Cirone, Patricia B.; Patricia Cirone

Clarke, Arthur C.; A. C. Clarke, Art Clarke, Arthur Clarke

Clarke, Arthur Vincent; A. Vinc Clarke, A. Vince Clarke, A. Vincent (Vinc) Clarke, A. Vincent Clarke, A. Vin¢ Clarke, Vin Clarke, Vin¢ Clarke, Vinó Clarke

Cleator, Philip E.; P. E. Cleator

Clement, Hal (Harry Stubbs); Hal Clement, Harry C. Stubbs, Harry Clement Stubb, Harry Stubbs

Coger, Dalvan; Dal Coger, Dalvin Coger

Collins, Nancy A.; Nancy Collins

Condra, Cyrus; Cy Condra

Connell, Evan S.; Evan Connell

Coulson, Buck; Robert Coulson

Coulson, Juanita; Juanita R. Wellons, Juanita W. Coulson, Juanita Wellons

Cowan, Andrew; Andy Cowan

Crayne, Dian Girard; Dian Crayne. Dian Pelz, Dian Girard

Cunningham, John M.; John Cunningham


Daugherty, Walter J.; Walt Daugherty, Walter Daugherty

Day, Donald B.; B. Day, D. Day, Don Day

Delaney, Betsy Marks; Betsy Delaney

Delaney, Samuel R.; Samuel Delaney

Demmon, Calvin; Cal Demmon

DeVore, Howard; Howard Devore

DeVore, Sybil; Sybil Devore

de Camp, L. Sprague; L. Sprague De Camp

De Priest, Carol; Carol DePriest, Carol Hoag, Carol Hoag De Priest, Carol Hoag DePriest

Dick, Philip K.; P. K. Dick, Phil Dick

Dickson, Gordon R.; Gordon Dickson, Gordy Dickson

Dikty, T. E.; Ted Dikty

Disch, Thomas M.; Thomas Disch

Di Fate, Vincent; Vincent di Fate, Vinnie di Fate

Docherty, Vincent; Vince Docherty, Vincent J. Docherty

Dolan, Peggy Ann; Peggy Dolan

Doohan, James; Jimmy Doohan

Douglas, John R.; John Douglas

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan; Arthur Conan Doyle

Dyer-Bennet, David; David Dyer-Bennett


Edison, Laurie Gottlieb; Lori Edison

Edmonds, Leigh; Lee Edmonds, Leigh Edmond

Effinger, George Alec; George Alect Effinger

Eisen, Janice M.; Janice Eisen

Ellingsen, Herman; Herman Ellingsens

Emshwiller, Ed; Ed Emsh

Eney, Dick (Richard H.); Dick Eney, Richard Eney, Richard H. Eney

Evans, E. Everett; E. E. Evans, E. Everrett Evans

Evans, Robert J.; Robert Evans


Fanthrope, R. Lionel; R. L. Fanthorpe

Farmer, Philip José; Phil Farmer, Philip Jose Farmer, Phillip Jose Farmer, Phillip José Farmer

Farrell, Eleanor M.; Eleanor Farrell

Feder, Moshe; M. Feder

Ferman, Edward L.; Ed Ferman

Fields, George W.; Eorge W. Fields, George Fields, George W. Field

Fisher, Joyce M.; Joyce Fisher

Fletcher, Wendy; Pini, Wemdy

Flynn, John L.; John Flynn

Flynn, Michael F.; Michael Flynn

Fontenay, Charles L.; Charles Fontenay

Fortier, Joe J.; Joe Fortier

Forty, Steve; B. C. Steve Forty

Forward, Robert L.; Robert Forward

Foster, Brad W.; Brad Foster

Fowler, Karen Joy; Karen Fowler

Freas, Frank Kelly; Kelly Freas

Friesner, Esther M.; Esther Friesner

Frost, Abigail; Abi Frost


Gallacci, Steve A.; S. A. Gallacci, Steve Gallacci

Geis, Richard E.; Richard Geis

Gillings, Walter H.; Walt Gillings, Walter Gillings

Goldin, Kathleen Skye; Kathleen Sky Goldin

Goldstein, Lee Ann; Leeann Goldstein

Graham, Peter; Pete Graham

Greenberg, Martin H.; Martin Greenberg, Martin Harry Greenberg, Marty Greenberg

Grennell, Dean A.; Dean Grennell

Griffin, David; Dave Griffin

Grigg, Ramblin' Jake; Ramblin Jake Grigg

Gurney, James; Jim Gurney


Haggard, H. Rider; Rider Haggard

Haldeman, Jack C. II; Jack C. Haldeman, Jack C. Haldeman, Jack Haldeman II

Hamilton, Peter; Pete Hamilton

Hanlon, Thomas R.; Tom Hanlon

Hansen, Rob; R. Hansen

Hanson, Maurice K.; Maurice Hanson

Hardcastle, Bridget (Bridget Bradshaw); Bridget Bradshaw, Bridget Hardcastle

Harter, Richard; Dick Harter

Hartwell, David; Dave Hartwell, David G. Hartwell

Haycock, Dr. Christine; Christine Haycock, Dr Christine Haycock

Heck, Peter J.; Peter Heck

Heinlein, Robert A.; Anson MacDonald, Robert Anson MacDonald Heinllein Anson MacDonald, Robert Heinlein

Hertel, Lisa; Elisa Gilson, Elisa Hertel

Higbee, J. Moses; Moe Higbee

Higgins, Barbara; Barb Higgins, Barbara Lynn Higgins

Higgins, Bill; B. Higgins, W. Higgins, William Higgins, William S. Higgins

Hlavaty, Arthur D.; Arthur Hlavaty

Hoffman, Lee (Lee Shaw); Lee Hoffman, Lee Hoffperson, Lee Shaw

Hoffman, Stuart; Stu Hoffman

Holdstock, Robert P.; Rob Holdstock, Robert Holdstock

Hollyn, Norman; Norman Hochberg

Holman, Rachel E.; Rachel Holman

Honigsberg, Alexandra E.; A. Honigsberg

Hooper, Andy; Andrew Hooper

Hooton, David; Dave Hooton

Hopkins, Sir Anthony; Anthony Hopkins

Hornig, Charles D.; Charles Hornig

Howe, Steven D.; Steve Howe

Hubbard L. Ron; Ron Hubbard

Hyatt, Laurie; Laurie Reinecke


Insinga, Merle S.; Merle Insigna, Merle Insinga


Jaffe, Saul; Saul Jaffee

Joquel, Arthur; Arthur Louis Joquel


Kare, Mary Kay; Mary K. Kare

Katz, Joyce Worley; Joyce Katz

Kennedy, John Fitzgerald; J. F. Kennedy

Kidd, Thomas; Tom Kidd

Kipling, Rudyard; Rudyard Joseph Kipling

Koch, Graham (Graham England); Graham England, Graham Koch

Koslosky; Missy Pavlat

Kubrick, Stanley; Stan Kubrick

Kyle, Dave; David A. Kyle, David Kyle

Kyle, Ruth; Ruth Landis


Landis, Geoffrey A.; Geoffrey Landis

Laney, Francis Towner; Fran Laney, Frances Towner Laney, Francis T. Laney, Towner Lamey

Lang, Charles J.; Charles Lang

Langford, David; Dave Langford

Laskowski, George (Lan); George Laskowski, Lan Laskowski

Leeper, David G.; David Leeper

Leeper, Evelyn C.; Evelyn Leeper

Leeper, Mark R.; M. R. Leeper, Mark Leeper

Lerner, Frederick Andrew; Fred Lerner

Levy Haskell, Fred A; Fred A. Levy Haskell, Fred Haskell, Fred Levy Haskell

Lewis, Alice; Alice N. S. Lewis

Lewis, Suford; Susan Lewis

Lewis, Tony; Anthony Lewis, Ton Lewis

Le Guin, Ursula K.; Ursula K. Le Guin, Ursula K. Leguin, Ursula Le Guin

Lichtman, Robert; Bob Lichtman

Lien, Denny; Dennis Lien, Denny Lien, Deny Lien

Lillian, Guy; Guy H. Lillian

Lillian, Rose-Marie; Rose-Marie Greene, Rose-Marie Lillian III

Logan, Anne Laurie; Anne-Laurie Logan, Annie Laurie Logan

Long, Wesley Edward; Wesley Long

Longyear, Barry B.; Barry Longyear

Lowrey, Michael J. "Orange Mike"; Michael J. Lowrey, Michael Lowery, Michael Lowry, Mike Lowery, Mike Lowry, Orange Mike, Orange Mike Lowery, Orange Mike Lowry

Lucky, Robert; Bob Lucky

Lupoff, Richard A.; Dick Lupoff, Richard Allen Lupoff, Richard Lupoff

Lynch, Keith; Keith Lynch (Current)

Lynch, Richard W.; Dick Lynch, Richard Lynch


MacDonald, John D.; J. D. Macdonald, J. D. MacDonald

MacGregor, Loren J.; Loren MacGregor

MacKenzie, Stuart; Mackenzie Stuart, Stu MacKenzie, Stuart Mackenzie

MacSkasy, Frank; Frank Macskasy

Madle, Robert A.; Bob Madle, Robert Madle

Malzberg, Barry N.; Barry Malzberg

Mangus, John L.; John Lawrence, Mangus

Mann, James; Jim Mann

Mann, Laurie D. T.; Laurie D. Mann, Laurie Mann, V. Laurie Mann

Mansfield, John; J. Mansfield

Mansfield, Peter; Pete Mansfield

Marcus, Daniel L.; Daniel Marcus

Martin, George R. R.; R. R. Martin

Marzi, Juergen; Jrgen G. Marzi

Matheson, Richard; Logan, Swanson

Mattingly, David B.; David Mattingly

Mayer, Douglas W. F.; Doug Mayer

Mayhew, Joseph T.; Joe Mayhew

McCaffrey, Anne; Anne MacCaffrey, Anne Mcaffrey, Anne McCaffery

Meier, Wilma; Wilma Fisher

Merkel, John Henry; J. Merkel, John H. Merkel, John Merkel

Meskys, Edmund R.; Ed Meskys

Metcalf, Norm; Norm Metcalfe

Michel, John B.; John Michel

Mohapel, Charles; Charles C. Mohapel Jr.

Mosleigh, Bill; William L. Mosleigh

Mullen, Francine; Fran Mullen


Neill, John R.; R. Neill

Nielsen Hayden, Patrick; P. Nielsen Hayden, Partick Nielsen Hayden, Patrick Hayden, Patrick Neilsen Haden, Patrick Neilsen Hayden, Patrick Neilson-Hayden, Patrick Nielsen Haden, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Patrick Nielsen-Hayden

Nielsen Hayden, Teresa; Mrs. Patrick Hayden, Mrs. Patrick Nielsen Hayden, P&TNH (with Patrick Nielsen Hayden), Patricia Hayden, Patricia N. Hayden, Patricia Neilsen Hayden, Patricia Neilsen Hayden, Patricia Neilsen-Hayden, Patricia Neilsen-Hayden, Patricia Neilson Hayden, Patricia Neilson Hayden, Patricia Neilson-Hayden, Patricia Neilson-Hayden, Patricia Nelson Hayden, Patricia Nelson Hayden, Patricia Nelson-Hayden, Patricia Nelson-Hayden, Patricia Nielsen Hayden, Patricia Nielsen Hayden, Patricia Nielsen-Hayden, Patricia Nielsen-Hayden, Patricia Nielson Hayden, Patricia Nielson Hayden, Patricia Nielson-Hayden, Patricia Nielson-Hayden, Patricia Nilson Hayden, Patricia Nilson Hayden, Patricia Nilson-Hayden, Patricia Nilson-Hayden, Patricia Nilssen Hayden, Patricia Nilssen Hayden, Patricia Nilssen-Hayden, Patricia Nilssen-Hayden, Sophronia, Teresa B. Nielsen Hayden, Teresa Hayden, Teresa N. Hayden, Teresa Neilsen Hayden, Teresa Neilsen-Hayden, Teresa Neilson Hayden, Teresa Neilson-Hayden, Teresa Nelson Hayden, Teresa Nelson-Hayden, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Teresa Nielsen-Hayden, Teresa Nielson Hayden, Teresa Nielson-Hayden, Teresa Nilson Hayden, Teresa Nilson-Hayden, Teresa Nilssen Hayden, Teresa Nilssen-Hayden, Terry Hayden, Terry N. Hayden, Terry Neilsen Hayden, Terry Neilsen-Hayden, Terry Neilsen-Hayden, Terry Neilson Hayden, Terry Neilson-Hayden, Terry Neilson-Hayden, Terry Nelson Hayden, Terry Nelson-Hayden, Terry Nelson-Hayden, Terry Nielsen Hayden, Terry Nielsen-Hayden, Terry Nielsen-Hayden, Terry Nielson Hayden, Terry Nielson-Hayden, Terry Nielson-Hayden, Terry Nilson Hayden, Terry Nilson-Hayden, Terry Nilson-Hayden, Terry Nilssen Hayden, Terry Nilssen-Hayden, Terry Nilssen-Hayden, Theresa Hayden, Theresa N. Hayden, Theresa Neilsen Hayden, Theresa Neilsen-Hayden, Theresa Neilson Hayden, Theresa Neilson-Hayden, Theresa Nelson Hayden, Theresa Nelson-Hayden, Theresa Nielsen Hayden, Theresa Nielsen-Hayden, Theresa Nielson Hayden, Theresa Nielson-Hayden, Theresa Nilson Hayden, Theresa Nilson-Hayden, Theresa Nilssen Hayden, Theresa Nilssen-Hayden, TNH, tnh

Nolan, Bill; William Nolan


O'Brien, Ulrika A.; Ulrika A. O'Briend, Ulrika O'Brien

Oakes, Ron; Roland Oakes, Ron Oaks, Ronald B. Oakes, Ronald Oakes

Oliver, J. T.; Jay Oliver, Jay T. Oliver

Olson, Mark; Mark L Olson. Mark L. Olson, Mark Olson


Parr, Julian F.; Julian Parr

Partington, Charles; Chuck Partington

Passingham, W. J.; Bill Passingham

Pavlac, Ross; Russ Pavlac

Pavlat, Peggy Rae; Peggy Rae Mcknight, Peggy Rae McKnight, Peggy Rae Pavlat Sapienza, Peggy Rae Sapienza

Pelz, Bruce E.; Bruce Pelz

Peyton, Roger; Rog Peyton

Plourde, Capucine; Capucine R. Plourde

Poe, Edgar Allan; E. A. Poe

Pohl, Frederik; Fred Pohl, Frederick Pohl

Porter, Andrew I.; Andrew Porter, Andy Porter

Powers, Tim; Tim Psowers

Presford, Peter; Pete Presford

Priest, Christopher; Chris Priest

Provenzano, Lenny J.; Lenny Provenzano

Purcell, John; John A. Purcell



Rapkin, Joni; Joni Markwood

Ratti, David; Dave Ratti

Rein, Chuck; Chuck Reins

Reinhardt; Julius Henry (Hank); Julius Henry

Rhodes, Mickey; M. Rhodes

Rosenblum, Mary H.; Mary Rosenblum

Rosenblum, Michael J.; Michel Rosenblum, Mike Rosenblum

Rothman, Milton A.; Milton Rothman

Rotsler, William; Bill Rotsler, Wm Rotsler, Wm. Rotsler

Rusch, Kristine Kathryn; Kristine Kathyrn Rusch

Russell, Eric Frank; Eric Frank Ruasell, Eric Frank Russel


Sagara, Michelle M.; Michelle Sagara

Sanders, Kathy; Kathy Bushman, Kathy Bushman-Sanders

Schaubelt, Karen; Karen Schaubelt-Turner

Schaumburger, Joseph Z.; Joe Schaumberger, Joe Schaumburger

Schluck, Thomas; Tom Schluck

Schmidt, Stanley; Stan Schmidt

Schmitz, James H.; James Schmitz

Searles, A. Langley; Langley Searles

Shaver, Richard S.; Dick Shaver

Shaw, Bob; Bob C. Shaw

Shelby, Marie; A. M. Shelby, Ann Shelby

Shorrock, Norman; Norm Shorrock

Siclari, Dan; Daniel Siclari

Siclari, Joe; Joe D. Siclari, Joe Sicliari, Joseph Siclari

Silver, Steven H; Steven H. Silver, Steven Silver

Silverberg, Robert; Bob Silverberg

Simicich, Nick; Nicholas Simicich, Nicolas Simicich

Singer, David; D. Singer

Skinner, June; Rohan O'Grady

Slater, Ken; Kenneth F. Slater

Smith, E. E.; Doc Smith, Northwest Smith, Skylark Smith

Smith, Leah; Leah Smith, Leah Zeldes, Leah Zeldes Smith

Smith, Randy; Randal F. Smith

Smith-Graham, Roxanne; Roxane Graham-Smith

Speer, Jack; F. Speer, Jack F. Speer, John A. Bristol, John Bristol, John Bristol Speer, John Speer

Stanton, L. Jerome; Jay Stanton

Stein, Diana Harlan; Diana Stein

Stern, Edie; Edie Siclari

Stevens, Paul J.; Paul Stevens

Stokes, Derek 'Bram'; Derek Bram Stokes

Strauss, Irwin "Filthy Pierre";

Strelkov, Mae; Beulah Mae Surtees Strelkov

Sykora, William S.; Will Sykora


Tarr, Judith; Judy Tarr

Tavares, Chris D.; C. D. Tavares, Chris Tavares

Taylor, John; John D. Taylor

Taylor, Pat; Patricia L. Taylor, Patricia Wantland

Taylor, Peter; Pete Taylor

Temple, William F.; William Temple

Tepper, Shari S.; Sheri Tepper, Sherri S. Tepper

Theiss, William Ware; Bill Theiss

Thompson, Arthur (ATom); Arthur Ehompson, Arthur Thompson, Arthur Thomson

Tolkien, J. R. R.; J. R. R. Tolkein

Toomey, Bob; Robert E. Toomey

Train, Oswald; Ozzie Train. Ossie Train

Trautman, Susan; Sue Trautm

Trembley, Anne E.; Anne Sattler

Trend, Gregg; Gregg T. Trend

Tripp, Galen; Galen A. Tripp

Tucker, Wilson; B. Wilson Tucker, Bob Tucker

Tutihasi, R-Laurraine; L. Tutihasi, Laurraine Tutihasi



Van, Eric M.; Eric Van

van Vogt, A. E.; A. E. Van Vogt, Alfred E. van Vogt

Vinge, Joan D.; Joan Vinge


Wainwright, James; Jim Wainwright

Walsh, Michael J.; Mike Walsh

Warner, Harry Jr.; Harry Warner Jr

Warnes, Herbert; Bert Warnes

Wayne, Taral; Taral Wayne Macdonald, Taral Wayne MacDonald

Webster, Douglas; Doug Webster

Weinstein, Elst; Elliot Weinstein, Elsie Weinstein

Weir, Arthur Rose (Doc)'; Arthur Rose

Weisskopf, Toni; Toni Weiskopf, Toni Weisskoff

Wellman, Manly Wade; Wade Wellman

Weston, Peter; Pete Weaton, Pete Weston

Whelan, Michael; Micheal Whelan, Mike Whelan

Williams, David B.; David Williams

Willis, Madeleine; Madelaine Willis

Willis, Walter A.; Walt Willis, Walter A Willis, Walter Alexander Willis, Walter Willis

Wilson, Anne; Anne Wilson Davis

Wilson, Robert Charles; Bob Wilson

Wixon, David; Dave Wixon

Wolfthal, Amy; Amy Brownstein

Wollheim, Donald A.; Don Wollheim, Don Wollhiem, Donald A. Woolheim, Donald Wolheim, Donald Wollheim

Wollheim, Elsie Balter; Elsie Wollheim

Wood, Ed; Edward Wood

Wood, Susan; Susan Glicksohn

Wu, Diana Gallagher; Diana Gallagher Whu



Youngstrum, Ginny; Virginia Youngstrum


Zetterberg, Julie; Julie Zetterberg Sardo

Ziesing, Mark V.; Mark Ziesing

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