In Search of Wonder

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In Search of Wonder, first published by Advent in 1956, collects Damon Knight's seminal reviews of SF. Introduction by Anthony Boucher. Contents:

  1. Critics
  2. The Classics
  3. Chuckleheads
  4. Campbell and His Decade
  5. Cosmic Jerrybuilder: A. E. van Vogt
  6. Half-Bad Writers
  7. One Sane Man: Robert A. Heinlein
  8. Asimov and Empire
  9. More Chuckleheads
  10. When I Was in Kneepants: Ray Bradbury
  11. The Vorpal Pen: Theodore Sturgeon
  12. Anthologies
  13. Genius to Order: Kuttner and Moore
  14. Kornbluth and the Silver Lexicon
  15. The Jagged Blade: James Blish
  16. Overalls on Parnassus: Fletcher Pratt
  17. Microcosmic Moskowitz
  18. New Stars
  19. Curiosa
  20. The Giants
  21. Pitfalls and Dead Ends
  22. What next?

The second edition (Advent 1967) adds several more chapters:

  1. Half Loaves
  2. Amphibians
  3. B-R-R-R!
  4. Decadents
  5. Britons
  6. Symbolism

In Search of Wonder, along with James Blish's two volumes The Issue at Hand and More Issues at Hand represent the earliest systematic, high-quality criticism of the SF field.

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