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(Did you mean Forry's Imagination!) or a Jabin fanzine?)

Madge was a "minor prozine of modern times" (as Fancyclopedia 2 (see below) described it in 1959), Imagination ran for 63 issues from 1950 to 1958. Its first two issues were edited by Raymond A. Palmer and thereafter with William L. Hamling. Its full title was initially Imagination: Stories of Science and Fantasy and starting in late 1955 it became Imagination Science Fiction.

Imagination was similar in content to Amazing Stories featuring mostly space opera, and never really established its own identity — one critic describes it as "more of the same". Writers who often contributed to Imagination included Daniel F. Galouye, Kris Neville, Milton Lesser, Edmond Hamilton, and Dwight V. Swain.

A history and critical review of "Madge" by Jon D. Swartz appeared in the September, 2016 issue of The National Fantasy Fan (Volume 75, Number 9).

from Fancyclopedia 2 ca. 1959
Not the minor prozine of modern times, but Ackermanese for the collectivity of all fans; the Imagi-nation is what they're citizens of, even as territorially defined states like Timbuktu, Patagonia, Slobbovia, and like that.

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