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IF (also known as Worlds of If) was a digest-sized prozine launched in 1952 by Quinn Publications.

Years Publisher Editor(s)
1952 - 1952 Quinn Publications Paul W. Fairman
1952 - 1953 Quinn Publications James L. Quinn
1953 - 1954 Quinn Publications James L. Quinn and Larry T. Shaw
1954 - 1958 Quinn Publications James L. Quinn
1958 - 1958 Quinn Publications Damon Knight
1959 - 1961 Galaxy Publishing H. L. Gold
1961 - 1969 Galaxy Publishing Fred Pohl
1969 - 1974 UPD Ejler Jakobsson
1974 UPD Jim Baen

Awards and Honors

IF was merged into Galaxy in 1974. A single issue of a semi-professional revival of IF edited by Clifford Hong was published in 1986.

IF was one of the most successful SF magazines of all time, though it never quite made the front rank. It published many award-winning stories and published Larry Niven's first story, "The Coldest Place".

Awards and Honors

https://archive.org/details/ifmagazine (IA) Copies at Internet Archive

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