Icon (disambiguation)

(1) A Convention in Israel

ICon is an annual science fiction and fantasy convention held in Tel Aviv, Israel during the Sukkot holiday.

(2) A Convention in Iowa

Icon (Iowa) is an annual science fiction convention held in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area of Iowa under the auspices of the Mindbridge Foundation.

(3) A Convention in Australia

Swancon 24, also known as SwanICon, held April 1-5 1999 in Perth, Western Australia.

(4) A Convention in New Zealand

New Zealand NatCon 26 held March 25-28 2005 in Wellington at the West Plaza Hotel was called iCon. The GoHs were Orson Scott Card and (fan) Bill Geradts.

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(5) A Convention on Long Island

I-CON (LI) is an annual convention held in Stony Brook, NY and run by ICON Science Fiction, Inc..

(6) A Club on Long Island

ICON Science Fiction Inc. is the Long Island organization that hosts I-CON.

(7) A Convention in British Columbia

I-Con is a series of conventions in BC. See I-Con (Canada) for details.

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