Hotel of Usher

A one-shot, dittoed fanzine published in 1968 by Lee Klingstein for Baycon. It cannot possible be true that the title has anything to do with the difficulties Baycon had with its hotel…

It was a one-shot that seems to have been produced and collated at a party at the convention. Contributions were not generally bylined, but there was a page where the contributors signed (see below). Some of the signatures are hard to decode, but they include: Lee Klingstein, Sanford J. Cohen, David Clark, Mary J. Ensley, Drew Sanders, "Grape", Bruce Newrock, Scott G. Shaw, Mike Zaharakis, Robert McNish, Richard A Brooks, Ron Bounds, Jack Chalker, Vonda N. McIntyre and "Nathan the Black Sorcerer and Sister" (Nathan Tobol and Frances Tobol). Other contributors we know of include M. Rankin, Kathleen Sky, Ed Baker, "? Simpson", Rick Cook, Bill Warren, "Tina H?", Cyrano Jones, Dorothy Monatam, and Sherna Burley.

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