A fanzine edited by Harry Warner, Jr. for 64 years (from 1939 to 2003).

Horizons began as a general fanzine in October, 1939 and produced on the DDT&T mimeo while Warner was also publishing Spaceways, but starting in mid-1940, after five issues, it became a fapazine and continued almost uninterrupted until Warner's death in 2003.

According to Robert Lichtman, in Trap Door #22: "He missed only one mailing in 1943 due to serious illness and another in the ‘90s because the parcel containing the issue went astray. There was a total of 252 issues, the final one appearing in this year’s February mailing. It’s safe to say that no one is likely to top Harry’s 64-year record of regular publication of the same title."

The very first work towards All Our Yesterdays appeared in Horizons.

Issue Date Pages Notes
27 June 1946 12 FAPA V7.4
28 September 1946 12 FAPA V8.1
29 December 1946 12
30 March 1947 12
68 Winter 1956½ 24 FAPA V18.2

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