Highmore in '76

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The Highmore in '76 bid lost to the KC in '76 bid for the right to run the Central Zone 1976 Worldcon. It would have been known as Dakotacon 3 if it had won.

(Fannish legend says that, like King Arthur, after its defeat Highmore in '76 was carried away to timeless Avalon and will return at the hour of fandom's greatest need.)

It is possible that the Highmore bid may not have been entirely serious inasmuch as it was bidding for Highmore, South Dakota, population 800, the ancestral home of Boston fan Richard Harter. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highmore,_South_Dakota

Highmore is a ranching area, primarily and the local convention facilities included a ten-room motel. Some of the bid's advertising riffed on this. For example, the bid's logo was a cartoon by Karel Thole of a sheep in a high-tech helmet: The Space Merino.

Members of the Bid Committee included Harter (co-chairman (he was the only co-chairman) and Tony Lewis. It was supported by the Fannish Frisian Freedom Front.

Its opposition was KC in '76 (the winner), New Orleans in '76, and Columbus in 1976. See 1976 Site Selection results for details.


The Highmore membership cards were interesting…
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Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to http://fancyclopedia.org