Eastercon 44 and Eurocon 16, Helicon was a convention held on the Island of Jersey during Easter 1993 (April 9-11). The GoHs were John Brunner, George R. R. Martin, Karel Thole, and Larry van der Putte. The committee were Tim Illingworth, Steve Davies, Rob Meades, Mike Westhead, Eddie Cochrane, Chris Cooper, Martin Easterbrook, Martin Hoare, John Richards, Kathy Westhead, and Mark Young.

Smofcon 10 was held the following weekend by the same committee in the same venue.

http://ansible.uk/cons/helindex.html (IA) Copies of Heliograph, the convention newsletter

http://news.ansible.uk/a70.html#01 (IA) Ansible conrep

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dVhTlnaOaA (IA) Video conrep by Roberto Quaglia

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