Harry Turtledove

(b. 1949)

A pro writer who has a very strong historical sensibility in his writing, and is especially well known for his alternate histories. He has a Ph.D. in Byzantine history (which he makes heavy use of in his writing). He has used the pseudonyms Eric G. Iverson and H. N Turteltaub (the latter for historical novels).

1994 Best Novella Hugo <winner> for "Down in the Bottomlands"
2000 Best Novella Hugo

He served as the toastmaster for Chicon 2000, the 2000 Worldcon.

Other Awards, Honors and GoHships:

His website: http://www.sfsite.com/~silverag/turtledove.html
For more about his career, see: http://www.sf-encyclopedia.com/entry/turtledove_harry