Hal Clement Science Speaker

Hal Clement (Harry Stubbs) was a fixture on the Boskone Program from Boskone 1 until his death in 2003 — forty consecutive conventions (and that doesn't count the Boskones he attended in the 1940s). He combined a deep knowledge of science blended with wonder and he combined joy in the learning of it with joy in the teaching of it.

After his death, NESFA decided to honor him by establishing the Hal Clement Science Speaker as a memorial in 2005. Each year it brings someone who shares his wide interest in science combined with a love of science fiction to speak at Boskone. It is not a Guest of Honor position, but more of an invited speaker.

Boskone Year Hal Clement Science Speaker
Boskone 41 2004 John Cramer
Boskone 42 2005 Alastair Reynolds
Boskone 43 2006 William K. Hartmann
Boskone 44 2007 Richard Binzel
Boskone 46 2009 Geoffrey A. Landis
Boskone 46 2009 Geoffrey A. Landis
Boskone 47 2010 Vernor Vinge
Boskone 48 2011 Joan Slonczewski
Boskone 49 2012 Jordin Kare
Boskone 50 2013 Bruce Schneier
Boskone 51 2014 Bill Higgins
Boskone 52 2015 David L. Clements
Boskone 54 2017 Milton Davis
Boskone 56 2019 Vandana Singh