Greg Pickersgill

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(1951 —)

Greg Pickersgill is a UK fan active since 1967, first in Haverfordwest (Wales) 1967-mid '71, then London 1971-mid '90, then Haverfordwest again since 1990. Active in fanzine production, fanwriting, and con-running.

He was Fan GoH at Interaction, the 2005 Worldcon.

He joined the BSFA early in 1967 through an ad in New Worlds, too late to attend that year's Eastercon. He was one of the founders of Friends in Space. He did some writing for the BSFA, then wrote for Peter Roberts' Mor-Farch and attended Thirdmancon in 1968. He served on a number of convention committees: Eastercon '77 (fan room), Mexicon 1, Mexicon 2, Conspiracy (fan room), Novacon 18, Mexicon 3, Intersection (fan room).

His biggest project is the Memory Hole, an archive of over 10,000 issues of nearly 2,000 fanzines.

His own fanzines include: Fouler, Ritblat/Grim News, Stop Breaking Down, Rastus Johnson's Cakewalk.
One-offs include: Letters We Have Not Received, the Little-Read Stool Book, and Can't Get Off the Island.
Apazines: B24 Liberator for Frank's APA, and Staggerlee for APA SF&F.

He was formerly married to fellow fan Linda Krawecke and is currently married to Catherine Pickersgill.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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