Greg Ketter

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Greg Ketter is a Minneapolis SF Bookstore owner, huckster, and con-running fan. He is a member of MN-Stf. He's worked on numerous regionals and Worldcons. He chaired Minicon 40, Minicon 41, 1993 World Fantasy Convention, and 2002 World Fantasy Convention. He was the founder of SerCon (the convention).

He has run the DreamHaven SF bookstore for around thirty years as well as its associated DreamHaven Press. He was also at one time a partner in The Stars Our Destination. He published the Dreamhaven Fortieth Anniversary Scrapbook in 2017.

He was GoH at DucKon 17 in 2007 and has written for Rune and has been a member of MINNEAPA. He is married to fellow fan Lisa Freitag.

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