Gordon Eklund

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(1945 —)

Gordon Eklund is an award-winning SF author whose works include the “Lord Tedric” series and two of the earliest original novels based on the 1960s “Star Trek” television series. He has occasionally used the pseudonym of Wendell Stewart.

As a teenager Eklund was a member of a Seattle SF club, The Nameless Ones.

Eklund's first SF story, “Dear Aunt Annie,” was published in the April, 1970, issue of Fantastic and was nominated for a Nebula Award. He won the Nebula (Best Novelette) for his 1974 story “If the Stars Are Gods,” co-written with Gregory Benford. A series of stories with Benford were revised and published as a novel with the same name in 1977.

His other SF novels include The Eclipse of Dawn (1971), All Times Possible (1974), Serving in Time (1975), The Garden of Winter (1980), and A Thunder on Neptune (1989).

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