Gerry de la Ree

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(1924 — 1993)

Gereaux (Gerry) De La Ree became a fan when he bought the November, 1938 issue of Amazing Stories. He lived in New Jersey and soon joined the Newark SFL.

With other fans he formed The Solaroid Club in 1939. Frederik Pohl, at that time editing Super Science Stories, had formed a national SF club called The Science Fictioneers. In 1940 The Solaroid Club became the 4th chapter of The Science Fictioneers. With Gerry as editor, a club organ titled Sun Spots was launched. The 29th issue of Sun Spots, published in September, 1947, to coincide with the 5th Worldcon, carried the results of the Beowulf Poll, in which fans ranked all the works of Heinlein, Kuttner, Campbell, de Camp, Doc Smith, Wells, Weinbaum, Merritt, and Lovecraft. He was part of Vulcan Publications.

Additionally, he produced The Scientifiction Scout, and Space Flight...When? in the early 40s, 3 issues of the fanzine Beowulf, Selected Fragments, and After Ten Years -- A Tribute to Stanley G. Weinbaum in the mid-1940s and two issues of Loki in the late 40s. In the 70s, he published Clark Ashton Smith -- Artist.

Later in life, while working as a newspaper journalist, he became an internationally known SF collector, small press publisher, and art collector and dealer and published Fantasy Collector's Annual. His collection of Virgil Finlay's art has never been matched, and he published numerous art books under the de la Ree imprint.

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