George Turner

(1916 - 8 June 1997)

An Australian fan, sf critic and author. He loved sf as a child, but his writing career began in non-SF. In the late 60s he became acquainted with John Bangsund who persuaded him to write reviews for ASFR. He also wrote for Bruce Gillispie's SF Commentary and developed a reputation as a top-flight critic of sf by the early 70s. By that time his fiction output had become entirely sf. Towards the end of his life he pulled back from criticism to write only fiction.

He was Guest of Honour at Aussiecon 3 (though he died prior to the convention). He was nominated for the 1985 Best Non Fiction Book Hugo for In the Heart or in the Head: An Essay in Time Travel.

He won the Arthur C. Clarke Award in 1988, was GoH at Eurekacon, the 1984 Australian Natcon. Winner of the William Atheling Award in 1977 and the A. Bertram Chandler Award in 1994. He ran for FFANZ in 1986.

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