George Phillies

(b. 1947)

George Phillies is a SF fan, physicist, and author. He also has the largest collection of board war games in the world.

A long-time member of the N3F, he has served as a Bureau Head and on the club's Directorate; he received the club's Franson Award in 2003 and the club's Kaymar Award in 2007. He contributed a short story, "Who Slays Satan," to Geep!, The Book of the National Fantasy Fan Federation (1987), edited by Rose Secrest.

Phillies was featured in a Member Spotlight, conducted by Jon D. Swartz and Heath Row, in The National Fantasy Fan for December, 2010 (Vol. 10, Nos. 3-4).

He was elected president of N3F in 2015 and re-elected for terms in 2016 and in 2017.

He was a member of NESFA and APA-NESFA.

He is the editor of A Sea of Stars Like Diamonds, an anthology of original SF stories (2016).

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