A convention run since 1985 by the RSFA, the Rensselaer Science Fiction Association. It has become primarily an Anime convention. The website has a very impressive complete set of programme books to download.

Convention Dates GoHs
Genericon I 1985 Hal Clement, Phil Foglio, Jan Howard Finder
Genericon II 1986 Samuel Delany, Hal Clement, Mark Rogers, Marty Gear, Jack Dann, Chuck Rothman
Genericon III 1987 Joan Vinge, Dawn Wilson, Jack Dann, Bruce Evry
Genericon IV 1988 Pamela Sargent, George Zebrowski, Charles Pellegrino, Hal Clement, Jack Dann, Alan Meltzer
Genericon V 1989 Janny Wurtz, Don Maitz, David Kyle, Hal Clement, Susan Shwartz, Alan Meltzer
Genericon VI 1990 Barry B. Longyear, Pat Morrissey, Esther Friesner, Jeffery Carver, David Kyle, Chuck Rothman, Sue Rothman
Genericon VII 1991 David Kyle, Hal Clement, Janice Eisen, Chuck Rothman, Sue Rothman, Alan Meltzer, Thomas Zane
Genericon VIII Jan 24-26 1992 Craig Shaw Gardner, Dean Morrissey, Loyd Blankenship
Genericon IX March 1-3 1996 Christopher Golden
Genericon X Feb 28-March 2 1997 No guests
Genericon XI 1998 No guests
Genericon XII 1999
Genericon XIII 2000
Genericon XXIV Jan 19-21 2001
Genericon XV 2002
Genericon XVI 2003
Genericon XVII 2004
Genericon XVIII 2005
Genericon XIX 2006
Genericon XX 2007
Genericon XXI 2008
Genericon XXII 2009
Genericon XXIII 2010
Genericon XXIV 2011
Genericon XXV 2012
Genericon XXVI 2013
Genericon XXVII 2014
Genericon XXVIII March 13-15, 2015 Tristan MacAvery, Uncle Yo, Antipode
Genericon XXIX 2016
Genericon XXX 2017
Genericon XXXI 2018
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