General Technics

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General Technics (GT) is a loose organization of science fiction fans who are interested in do-it-yourself technology. GT was founded in 1975 and still thrives through such activities as convention parties, annual Berserker weekend gatherings, a very active electronic mailing list, an APA, APA-Tech, and a fanzine, PyroTechnics.

Originally discussed by Tullio Proni, Steve Johnson, and Jeff Duntemann, they made specific plans at Windycon 2 and were organized by the end of the year. Early members included Gus Flassig, George M. Ewing, Jim Fuerstenberg, and Mike O’Brien. GT is named for the huge corporation in the novel Stand on Zanzibar by John Brunner, who gave Johnson permission to use the name.

Membership, while loose, quickly became national, meeting at MidAmericon in 1976. Beginning the following year at ConFusion, the club had an influx of Michigan Tech students and alumni who had been part of the Permanent Floating Riot Club, and the groups have continued to overlap.

The now international but still largely Midwestern club typically sponsors a suite that members and friends use as a hangout during Worldcons and other conventions. Some women members participate in a private Facebook group, "The Cranky Women of GT."

Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to