Gary K. Wolfe

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(1946 —)

Gary Kent Wolfe is a SF editor and critic. He is Professor of Humanities in the Evelyn T. Stone College of Professional Studies at Roosevelt University.

Wolfe was born in Sedalia, Missouri. He moved to Carrollton, Missouri, at age 12, and to Springfield, at 14, where he finished high school. He began attending Southwest Missouri State College (now University), transferred to the University of Kansas, where he earned a B.A. in English in 1968, and worked for his honors thesis under Professor James Gunn. From there, he transferred to the University of Chicago, where he earned a Ph.D. in English (1971)

He was married to Ellen Weil, a teacher, in 1996. They were married until her death in 2000. Before her death they collaborated on a book about author Harlan Ellison, and often attended the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, in Florida.

Wolfe has written extensively about SF and fantasy. He has had a monthly review column in Locus since December, 1991. He is a co-host of The Coode Street Podcast.

Among his books are Evaporating Genres: Essays on Fantastic Literature (2010) and three volumes of collected Locus reviews published by Beccon Publications - Soundings: Reviews 1992-1996 (2005); Bearings: Reviews 1997-2001 (2010) and Sightings: Reviews 2002-2006 (2011).

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