Gareth Kavanagh

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Gareth Kavanagh has been involved in various parts of Irish fandom since he attended his first convention, Octocon Lite, in 1998. He is still annoyed that he did not find out about the Eurocon in Dublin in 1997 until after it happened, having missed it by two days!

While in college in Maynooth University (also known as The National University of Ireland Maynooth) he set up a Science Fiction Society that is still going strong. The society now runs its own annual event, Epic-con.

In his time involved in conventions, he was on the committee for the first three P-CONs. He has held various positions on the committee of Dominicon, the gaming convention run by the Maynooth Gaming Society, and was the Chairperson in 2004.

He was the chairperson for Octocon, The Irish National Convention, in 2011 and 2012, and continued in that role for 2013 and 2015.

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