Gahan Wilson

(1930 —)

Gahan Wilson is an author, editor, cartoonist, and illustrator known for his cartoons depicting horror and fantasy situations. Since 1966, he has been married to the author Nancy Winters.

Wilson has said he was inspired by the irreverent work of various satiric cartoonists, as well as the science fiction monster films of the 1950s. His cartoons and prose fiction have appeared regularly in Playboy, Collier's, and The New Yorker for almost 50 years.

In addition to his cartoons for The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, he also wrote book and movie reviews for that publication. He has also been a movie review columnist for The Twilight Zone Magazine and a book critic for Realms of Fantasy magazine.

Books edited by Wilson include Gahan Wilson's Favorite Tales of Horror (1976) and The First World Fantasy Awards (1977).

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